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My private email list is where I share personal stories, failures, wins, and strategies that yield results for my clients and myself. I'm trying to keep my list small so I put a $5 lifetime subscription fee to discourage freebie seekers. Upon payment, you get a welcome email and nothing more. These days, I don't email a lot. Maybe 1-2x a week, or twice a month. Sometimes, it could be more or less. Also, my emails aren't necessarily "packed with value." I just share what's on my mind and hope you have a good read. It could be something on life, copywriting, marketing or anything else on my mind. There's no definitive pattern. If you reply, I try to email back. But I'm not a philanthropist and I don't want to hear your sob story. So, if you'll join my email list, only do so because you want to hear from me once in a while and keep in touch via email. Do I sell stuff in emails? Yes. When I believe I have something that will benefit my readers, I won't shut up about it until I'm convinced I've communicated all the benefits over a series of emails. Don't want to be on an email list where you get sold stuff from time to time? Don't join my list. Anything else? Yep. The $5 lifetime subscription fee is non-refundable and you can unsubscribe anytime you wish. One last thing, I prefer to say "sex" instead of "had carnal knowledge of." So don't subscribe if you're easily offended. Thanks.