Unorthodox way to find 
(and frequently monetize)...

1,000 Shopaholics

...who don't just pay, stay and refer with excitement, But make it easier for you to take care of increasing bills, be there for your loved ones, enjoy a few mini-vacations... and possibly retire much earlier than you hoped without faking anything.

From Andy Mukolo

I'm a dTC Copywriter And the woman beside me is my partner. 

Sure, it’s okay to have 1,000 subscribers 

Or 1,000 followers 

Or even 1,000 orders and sales 

But what about:

"1,000 insatiable shopaholics" continuously eager to pay (again, and again, and again) for varieties of a rare substance you alone can supply?

With some of your offers ranging from:

$5, $49… $97.. $497… $997, $2,799 … $5,000 or more?

For 3-6 hours of your time daily?

Best part?

They don't just buy from you (at least 2x or more)

But they rave and refer too, freely...

Lots of free word-of-mouth marketing

Like loyal "foot soldiers" happily taking your message to different corners of the internet,

And routinely mentioning your name in same sentences and paragraphs as some of the big names you already admire and look up to...


And why?

Because you're putting on an unscripted show the likes of which:

They've never seen before.

In a minute, we’ll get to the specifics...

But first, 

Let’s take a moment and look at the meaning of the word "shopaholics..."

(I know you probably already know but for the sake of being on the same page...)

And here it is:

Shopaholics = "people addicted to buying" 

Note it doesn’t read “people who buy”

But “people addicted to buying” 

The difference lies in the drug-like addiction

And if you' really want to monetize your story, your past, the uniqueness of your personality and lessons learned every step of your journey on planet earth

There’s no better group of people you can cater to,

Other than people addicted to buying from you.

Now, imagine having “1,000 of your own shopaholics (addicted buyers) 

Who pay, stay, rave and refer...

With some of your "paid stuff" ranging from:

$5, $49… $97.. $497… $997, $2,799 … $5,000 or more 

And for something no one else on earth can supply but you 

And what could that be?

It’s basically you sharing your past mistakes and life lessons 

But with a blend of your own unique personality traits

And in a way that benefits upwards of 1,000 people (or more)

People whose lives can be impacted positively through your unscripted content

Unscripted because you don't have to fake anything

And I think you'll agree

That when it comes to telling your own stories — in your own voice...

None else on earth can do this as superbly well as you do it


And this begs the question:

Is it possible that there’s at least 1,000 people online who’ll be addicted to buying from you because of how unique "your story" (unscripted content) is?


I can almost hear you whispering a firm “Yes”

But perhaps, you’re wondering:

“Okay fine, maybe it’s possible... but I’m not even sure how to go about it or where to find these 1,000 shopaholics you’ve been talking about in the last 5,467 seconds

Don’t worry. 

I’ll show how it works 

All of it 

And you pay nothing 

No, seriously, you don't pay a dime for this

Details in a minute

But for now, 

Let’s look at the secondary benefits of having 1,000 of your own shopaholics, 1,000 People Addicted to Buying from You!

So we've already looked at the primary benefit

Being that you've got a ton of people addicted to buying from you, 

But it doesn’t end there 

Because just like how you see a great TV series and rave about it to your friends

And they all become lifelong addicts to that series

Same way your 1,000 shopaholics will also happily spread word about you... to their friends, colleagues and acquaintances... 

Many of whom end up paying to join your tribe of shopaholics 

And better yet? 

Even when you choose to take some time off 

To Create fun memories with your loved ones, 

Or go on mini-vacations to recharge... 

Or take health breaks, 

Or just something in between 

Your 1,000+ shopaholics remain loyal to you

And from my experience:

They’ll literally beg to have you and your content back…

All of this — and more …

Because of something you’re probably already doing for free

So why not get paid for it?

Said differently:

Why not get paid by thousands who are already "hungry and ready to pay" for a rare supply of your very own unscripted stories?

Stories, experiences, and your life’s lessons unique to you alone ? 

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you none of this is easy 

There’s some hard work involved 

And to make this work,

You gotta be ready to commit a few hours a day to using what I’ll show you 

But it’s more than worth it 

Not just because of the money (Which will be much more than what you expect if you put it a minimum of 3-hours a day.... )

But because of the kind of peace of mind and freedom this sort of thing affords you 

And after doing this type of thing for myself and dozens of others in the last 5years

I’ve gotten pretty good at simplifying it for anyone who wants to enjoy a more comfortable life void of needless money worries..

And with something as simple as..

One lousy email a day.

Or one random IG post a day 

Or one laid-back tweet a day 

Or one spontaneous Tiktok video a day.

Used as mediums to stay in touch with your shopaholics 

And I promise you...

If you’ll be serious enough to commit at least 3hours a day to using what I’ll show you 

It won’t be as hard as you expect 

And you’ll be able to (with guidance and support from me) — get your first or next 1,000 shopaholics who’ll pay, stay and refer thousands more to you 

Consider this arithmethic:

So the simple math is:

1,000 people first pay $5 = $5,000 (This is not where the money is)

Then say 300/1000 pay another $49 = $14,700 (Also not where the real dough is)

Then 50/300 go on and pay $5,000 or more = $25,000 (This is where it starts — and it can be a monthly thing if you work frigging hard using what I can show you)

The numbers could be much higher,

But I've only used this for illustrative purposes to show you what's possible

And I deliberately toned the numbers down — so you don't start thinking it's not possible for you.

Okay okay, enough romantic gesturing 

Does any of this sounds like something you'd love to explore?

If yes, then here's the rest of it:

I’d love to invite you to my “1,000 shopaholics workshop” 

Which isn't necessarily limited to content creators, course creators, coaches and or consultants...

But for anyone ready to tell the world their unique story 

And in the process... 

Have a little fun while earning a consistent stream of passive income for the same stuff you’re probably already giving out for free

This workshop runs for 3 days 

Just 1-2 hours a day 

And at 10:00am daily 

So that adds up to roughly 3-6hours of your time 

And here's a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

Day 1:

The secret behind my funny “1,000 shopaholics” framework

Day 2:  

Simple "90-day or less" actionable plan you can use to acquire your first or next  “1,000 shopaholics” 

Even if you don't have thousands of followers or email subscribers right now.

Day 3:  

Steal my zero-cost "NET Profits Product Template" — and use em' to generate consistent cashflow from your tribe of "1,000 shopaholics" 


  • The only kind of email you need to be sending to your tribe of shopaholics 

  • Why you don't need to send more than 1 a day

  • What time of the day you should send them

  • And crystal clear proof on why:

  • You’ll be making 3x more money with these lousy “non-salesly” emails

    Than most are making with those blatant email pitches almost everyone keeps using and teaching — yet, nobody likes nor responds to anymore.


Each workshop day has a “Q & A” session 

So you’ll be able to "torment and abuse me" with your questions 

And no,

No question is too silly

Just ask for clarifications where you’re confused or unclear 

And you 'll get practical answers live,

...with proper “step by step” guidance on how to implement right away where necessary

And more and more and more 

But the only way you’ll know if any of this is as exciting as I say it is,

... is when you show up right?

And on that basis

If you’d like to be part of this 3-day workshop where I’ll show you my evil ways..

Simply fill the form below,

And once you’ve filled and submitted your form (it is easy to fill and you’ll be done in like 3minutes or less)

You get a brief email from me

With details on how the 3-day workshop unfolds.

And that … my good friend...

..is just the beginning of a transformational experience that will:

Open your eyes to a lucrative world of freedom and passive income you never imagined possible for yourself.

Talk soon


P.S: "So why are you doing this for free again?"

Because the way I conduct my business is:

"If you show people you can help them, by actually helping them with a lot of value upfront... without asking for any money upfront.... Then perhaps, they'll come to their own conclusions that they'd love to try your paid stuff"

And I swear ....

This is not one of those funny webinars where they promise to teach you something and end up annoying you with a long winded 2-hour sales pitch 😟

This 3-day workshop is everything I say it is and more

And at some point

...you’re probably going to wonder if I’ve lost my mind giving away my entire process for free

But I don't mind it at all

And if after the workshop,

You feel like you want to work with me privately

Well, then…

Who am I to say No to you?

But if not?

Then good and fine

I’ll be happy you’d have learned enough from me to be confident enough that

You can achieve your personal income goals independent of external help

And whatever you decide,

I hope you one day find the kind of happiness and freedom your heart desires.

Brian Mansfield 


You’re Getting Great Results with your Copy, Andy!  You should consider moving to Baltimore or Delray Beach to work in-house with Stansberry or Legacy.

Audra Williams


Andy Mukolo is a Copywriting Teacher who’s Emails I always Open”

Phil Geraghty 


I love your email, Andy. You have a gift for words. I would love your thoughts on how we could make the “Operation Palu” project better, to encourage more people to Give.

Elise Dopson


I put a tweet out asking for the best copywriters and you were mentioned. I’d love to chat with you for ~30 mins or so about the copywriting formula you have pinned to your profile, plus some other bits like finding clients, building a reputation as a great copywriter, etc. We can point members towards your paid newsletter too  Lemme know if you’re up for it and I can send some more info via email!

Dean Jackson

Freelance Copywriter, Republic Of Ireland

Andy is one of my go-to copywriting guys. When I started out,I was just absorbing his free content and picking his brain for copy knowledge. I was learning so much from that, that I decided I should try his paid content. 

Having already studied a couple of copywriting books and covering a few courses, I felt I still got a TON of value from his paid content. 

Knowledge I didn’t find elsewhere. 

And that wasn’t even the best part…  He helped me in choosing a niche, Gave me extra resources to study, Gave me pointers on getting my first client, And was available to answer any questions I had on acquiring clients.  

Andy is a top copywriter, and a great guy to top it off. If you get the chance to learn from, or work with Andy in any way,  You’d be a fool to not take it

Matt Stephens, CNS

Pro Fitness Trainer and Diet Coach

It was an absolute pleasure working with Andy. I'll have to admit, he showed a great amount of patience in working with me! Not only is he very knowledgeable, but he's an excellent communicator, due to his responsiveness and deliverance. Every adjustment was made with a logical explanation. Nothing slowed us down or stopped us from creating the best possible product. If anyone ever needs a solid copywriter, I'm going to recommend working with Andy Mukolo.

Ikenna Ronald Nzimora

CEO, Digital Nexus

I'm paying him Millions For His Work. He's that Good!

Toyin Omotoso

CEO, 7Starsystems

Andy Mukolo is very brilliant at what he Does! Throughtout my 15-year Internet Marketing Career,  He's one of only 3 Copywriters I've Paid to write for me"

Eben Chidike

Freelance Copywriter

I started trading my Copywriting skills towards the end of 2018. And I got great help from Andy. Within 6 months, I made my first N1million writing Amazon Product copy for a Florida based marketing agency. Since then, it's been an amazing journey for me. The advantage of earning in dollars is enormous. I encourage you to work with foreign clients .... And Andy can show you how to do that.

Joel Obafemi

Freelance Copywriter (Men's Health & Finacial) 

I made over a million naira within 5 months simply by writing words that Andy taught me to write. Not having to be a born writer got me qualified as a candidate for his program. Andy said if I can write a simple sentence like this one, then I had what I needed to earn money on my own terms. I’ll be forever grateful to Andy for showing me this path.

Djeje Bright

Freelance Copywriter

I make at least $2,000 every month writing and that's thanks to Andy, 

Andy Mukolo is not just a very good copywriter, he's the best and if there's anybody to teach copywriting and how to make money with it, it's Andy. Don't think twice when it's Andy, just do it.

Etomi Okene

Ice Clothings and Classic Watches

He is Just Too Good!

Andy is so good, his copy made a customer wait for a week to receive the product and the customer called me numerous times to make sure he gets it! That's how convincing his copy was! He is just too good!

Serah Kassim

CEO and Founder, SerahKassim Fashion.]

We had a Successful Launch in The Afrocentric Market and I'm Grateful to Andy For his Guidance!"

I remember just like yesterday I reached out to Andy about having a few questions to ask him concerning launching a new brand for serahkassimng, and what advice and strategies he had for me to launch successfully

And tbh I wasn’t expecting all the replies he gave me.

I went back to the board and did eveything he asked , it opened up a new perspective on launching and what the expectations for the ideal clients were, and mehnnn we had a successful launch.

Today, I can say I’m thankful and grateful that Andy was a part of that. He didn’t have to do anything but he did, and I am super grateful🙏.

Christopher Nwankwo


Sold 10 Aquariums with a Few Tweets! 

The Least for N40,000 and The Highest for N300,000!

Before now,  I used to surf through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter looking for people with profiles that match my ideal customer.  But what Andy showed me was my game changer.
He helped me make the shift from being the guy who had to go in search for his clients to becoming the magnet who just attracts them.
In the last 2 months, I sold over 10 aquariums from my tweets alone.

The Least for N40,000 and the highest for N300,000!
And this is because Andy has taught me how to trigger emotions in people, to get them to buy FROM YOU. Andy is an awesome awesome human being.

Samuel Segun

Freelance Copywriter (Financial Publishing & Biz Opp) 

I didn’t know Copywriting was this valuable, Until I purchased Andy Mukolo’s FCI course. The truth is, I was skeptical at first…And that’s because I had no previous experience on Copywriting or salesmanship. But as I copied and pasted every template Andy gave us in the programme, Within my first month, I landed my first two clients ( in the coaching niche)…Then another, and another… And now, the rest is history.

If you’re very serious about mastering Copywriting and making a great living with this skill, While enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, And getting heavily paid to do it… Andy Mukolo is your plug.

Rachel Austin

VSL Copywriter 

Confused, clueless and without direction... I discovered Andy Mukolo at a very low point in my life. But the insane value I got from his tweets, emails and courses pointed me towards a lucrative path.
And through Andy's help, I went from confused and clueless to landing my first paying client of over N100,000 in less than 100 days after I started learning Copywriting.
I can think of no better guide in your path to financial freedom than Andy Mukolo. He's a mental giant and a selfless teacher.

Tomiway Maseyi

Copywriter For Coaches And Consultants

I was finally able to get 2 clients that paid me $1500 each. All this was because I refined my processes and applied all I learnt FROM YOU.

Thank you very much Andy, I'm grateful.

Ogochukwu A.

Social Media Expert

Andy, How can I say Thank you? You've opened up a new world of possibilities for me. I'm grateful our paths crossed.

Golibe Ilechukwu

BRAND Copywriter

Andy helped me make my first $2000 off twitter alone as a Copywriter.... And I've NOT looked back since then... Lord Andy (as I fondly call him) not only gave me wonderful PDFs to digest & make money from my bed... 

He did two things which are beyond that:
1. He gave me a listening ear any time I had one issue or the other especially with paying clients
2. He gave me a community. From that community, I met people with who I grew in the copywriting industry.
This is really invaluable.

Victor Oyinbo

Realtor and Brokerage Agent

I've Been Able to Close N25Million in Real Estate Sales ... And I'm Still Selling

Before now, my adverts gets little or no response but after reading only half of the material you sent me,
I have made sale that i haven't made in 10 yrs(honest truth) and I've been able to close sales over N25Million in real estate sales and still selling. Thank you Andy

Abdul-Qawiyy Hammed

Seven-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur.

You're one deal away from Andy Mukolo turning your career into a money-spinning, clients-grabbing masterpiece

Isy Nene

Brelunds Foods, Author, AEGIS

Marketing Genius!

By reading his newsletters,consulting with him and implementing the marketing tips he shared with me, I have been able to get 3x more

 clients for my business, purely

organic. Andy is a marketing genius.

Oluwle Ogunlade

Head of Growth, Vogue PAY!

The Best Decision I Made in 2019!

Inviting Andy to work with me on one

of my projects was one of the best

decisions I made in 2019.
He is obsessed with getting buyers 

to take action by focusing his writing

 on ideas, concepts and proven 

principles of direct response marketing guaranteed to generate massive ROI.

Michael Olatunji

Top Trading Expert and Forex Coach

The level of research and attention to every detail in storytelling that would convert to sales is what attracted me to Andy in the first place. Then after a couple of meetings and collaborative engagement on a project, I realized he’s not just a Top Copywriter but also a wonderful person

Lora Ezeani


He helped me light up demand in prospects by creating a one of a kind method to get the attention of the biggest hair salons in my State and they are now begging me to sell my hair products to them. Before Andy did his magic, they never cared that I existed! My business has "turned up" big time. Before I was doing a mediocre 5 figures; Now I am firmly on track to close the year with an 8 figure income. All thanks to Andy's work. I will choose Andy again and every time. He's an all round amazing guy.

Mohamed A. Jimoh

Freelance Financial Copywriter 

March 29, after the immediate lockdown of major cities I knew I had to do something… 

And I was lucky because Andy launched his Foreign Copywriting Initiative Course that week. I didn’t doubt his credibility for a second since I read his emails and tweets daily...

So I figured if the best trains me I’d attain my desired outcome quicker. Learning this skill from Andy is my best decision this year.

My favourite moment was closing a foreign client using the simple strategies in his FCI course… A client I still work with till date. 

Andy isn’t only the most sought after copywriter in Nigeria, he’s the best teacher and that’s why his students produce results. 

There’s a ton of fantastic things to write… 

But I’m grateful my path crossed with Andy’s.

Jonathan  Melody

Founder, 10X ECOM

He Understands Human Psychology And What Truly Drives People to Open Their Wallets to BUY...

If you don't know David Ogilvy and

Gary Halbert, you might not

appreciate the power that lies in

what Andy can do for your business. 

He understands human psychology

and what truly drives people to open up their wallets to buy. 

Andy Mukolo is the man if you want

to open the flood gates of sales for

your business.

PAUL Faith

Freelance Web Developer 

I Closed 2 Deals in One Week (N350,000 and N500,000)

My highest job ever as a Web Developer is N150k.  Using What I Learned From YOU and Bena, I sharpened my negotiation skills and closed two deals last week. 

One is 350k same job I did for 100k before and the other is N500k job I used to do for 150k-200k with lots of begging.  I'm not a Copywriter yet, But even as a web-developer, your tweets are really helping me. Thank you Andy