Since no One will Say it, Here’s Something you Should Know About Women If you Own a Business

Sometimes I wonder about myself,

I am now going to say two words which, a few years ago, I never would have written nor let out of my mouth for any reason whatsoever, even at gunpoint.

If you own a business, if you sell a product or a service, then you and I may need to admit that you need to....

“Study women”

Can you believe that?

I am the guy who, just a few years ago, topped the charts as a nigga much interest in women... as Politicians have in delivering on Campaign Promises 

And here I am, without shame, asking you to spend quality time understanding....

Why women act the way they do.

Here’s what this is about:

As you probably already know…..

Women primary markets dominate the world of E-commerce.

Health and
Interior decor
Phone Accessories etc….

Go to Alibaba or AliExpress Or Amazon and check trending products….

80% of them are stuff that women buy.

And there’s something instructive here…..If women control 80% of the spending in E-commerce…..That implies that women control 80% of the spending in the world,

But wait...

Don’t get excited yet.

Read on and see the point I am attempting to make.

You know people buy based on emotions right?

And that women spend more than all the other genders put together right? And that women are emotionally sensitive right? (no offense)

So if you have a business and you want to learn how to sell more effectively…..

Does it not make sense to study and master...

The anatomy of  feminine behavior?

Hark unto me.

Write this down or screenshot it…… 

If you learn how to sell effectively to women, you’ll become a genius at attracting the perfect customers/clients for your business…..

And the natural result is that.....

....your bank account will swell beyond your GREED! 

I see your greed glands are awake now…… and that’s good. Because its a sign from the Lord that you’re beginning to get my point. 


Enough rambling.

Here's what you can do to understand how selling to women can help you sell your products or services more profitably

Start reading female blogs.... (GOOGLE Top female blogs)
Read romance fiction....
Have conversations with women... (Keep quiet) let them do the talking....

Ask them personal questions, Or simply listen anytime women are discussing close-by....  ....and pay attention to the things they complain about. 

You will get great ideas on how to create or get a product that addresses an overwhelming desire or pressing pain-point.

For in truth.....

Almost everything a woman complains about is a Hot money-making opportunity. 

  • Weight problems,
    Financial security,
    A Cheating husband,
    A cheating partner,
    Spots, skin-tone,
    Children's welfare,
    Marriage (Pastors make a fortune from this, don't ask me how)
    More sex....

Okay let's not turn this into....

A Digital Sex Orgy!

But you get the point right?

A little digression….

When you meet a woman for the first time….

And you get her attention…
And you two get talking…..
And you ask her out on a date……

Here’s what she’s going to do:

She’ll ask you a Bunch Of Questions

What’s going on?

Is she trying to know more about you?

Not quite.

She’s looking for a good reason to say NO! 

She may like you……but that doesn't mean she wants to be an easy catch.

It is in her best interest to play tough.....So she’ll most likely find a reason to make you try again.

FACT: Robert Kiyosaki’s wife rejected him for six-months ---- I mean, this woman already knew she liked Robert…… yet, she delayed the gratification a man gets when a woman says YES to his date proposal


Does this have anything to do with marketing as human beings know it? 

You bet!

In marketing…… and especially, direct response marketing……

When you get a customers attention with your ad/sales copy….and they start reading your message……..

They make like what you’re offering…..

But they’ll find every possible reason to say NO so....

They don’t have to part with their money.

People generally feel a sense of superiority when they say NO to you ---especially when you’re trying to sell them something.

What’s instructive here?

It’s simple.

Before you publish your ad or sales copy…… 

Give it to someone to read....Not just anybody, but an avatar of your ideal customer.

Here’s what I mean:

  • If you’re selling to young women, give it to a young woman to read…..
  • If you’re selling to aging women, give it to an older woman to read…..
    If you’re selling to bankers, give it to a banker to read…

You get the point.

But don’t ask them what they think about your writing, TELL them to read and tell you what they don't like.....

Ask if they have any questions or if they have any doubts about the product being offered (DO THIS AFTER THEY'VE READ IT) 

Mostly, the feedback you get will prove valuable.


Go through it, read it out loud to yourself…….eliminate anything that looks like a red flag... Anything that could give the prospect a reason to say

"No, you're full of shit and on that basis...

“I’m Not Buying”

Is there a statement that, although true, may sound unbelievable to your prospect?


You used Blockchain technology to make N9million in one week….. And you’re selling a course to teach people how you did it in 5 simple steps.

Now, a lot of people would be interested…… but if you’re targeting Nigerian graduates between 19-36 years of age…..

Your ad will sound much more believable if you say they can make N300,000 a week as against telling them out-rightly that they could make...

N9million in Just One week.

Remember…… It’s all in the head…..People have mental barriers

There are millions of people who don’t believe they’ll ever be able to go above a certain financial level or monthly income

That’s why a millionaire has no problems taking advantage of a great opportunity that will make him N50Million Naira richer……


Someone making N150,000/Month may find it difficult to believe a certain investment opportunity can make him N20Million richer.

There are exceptions, but……

That’s the cold reality of the world we live in.

One more thing……

Remember, you become what you think about…..

If you think you’ll never be able to make more than N500,000/month….

Nothing else you do will matter. 

But if you have a no-bullshit belief that with a little zeal and some smart-work, you’ll soon be making 10X what you’re currently making….Then the Universe will conspire to make your dreams a reality.

The choice is up to you.

Finish something today that takes you a step closer to your goals.

Stay frosty.


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