“A JANUARY 15TH CONFESSION: DIRTY Marketing Secret Comes Out of The Closet

I wrote this on the 15th of January 2020, hence the title…

A January 15th Confession.

Now… The story I’m about to tell you may seem strange and shocking
but it really did happen and I’ve since learned my lessons;

I was 15 at the time.

She was 15 too.

Her name was Sharon; Brown-skinned, crimson-red lips,
blue-eyes… well-rounded hips and rather generous breasts.

A real traffic stopper.

We knew each other, grew up together, and we talked from time to time, But there was a problem....

And in my head, it was a serious problem, a problem as serious as....

A threat to National security.

You see, dearly beloved Sharon was already taken.

His name was Bernard.

And the Bastard had a lot of money to throw around!

Rich parents, Light-skinned, baby faced and pretty much lost on
the streets.


It drained me emotionally and I just decided to give up the whole
girlfriend pursuit adventure, because, after all….

The only piece of cake I really wanted was off the market.

BUT What I failed to realize at the time (AND WHAT I would learn
over 10 years later), was that some of my female friends really
did have a deep interest in me.

All I had to do was fucking ask!

And anyone of them could have easily said yes!

But I was just too focused on “Sharon” to see that there was
another hot audience I could have tapped into.

Okay, take Vivian for example;

Light-skinned, 5”11, an hour-glass shape and an ass that could
make a lifelong Atheist say Goddamn!

Then there was Ebere, and Uche… and Michelle… all beautiful girls
in their own right…. Who were not taken at the time.

Again, all I had to do was ask!

So what?

How does any of this stupid girlfriend talk put more money
in your POCKET?

After all, you're here to learn marketing secrets you can use to suck unrighteous sums of money out of your fellow human beings right?

Okay, here's...

The QUICK and DIRTY...

Many business owners make the mistake of selling one product to
one market using one offer.

They are so obsessed with one product that they never see other
money-making opportunities in their niche or even in other

This is the FASTEST way to go out of business.

And here’s why:

Most products go out of fashion.
Most marketing campaigns get fatigued.
Mostly, after a while, the market gets tired of a particular offer.

And when you don’t have a PLAN B…. your business crumbles really fast.

It’s why….

One day, a business is thriving and the sales are going through
the roof and after a while….

Nothing seems to be working anymore.

Your ads stop converting
You stop getting enquiries
You stop getting orders
Sales drop drastically

And you can’t Understand What's Going On.

This is Where You Bring in YOUR PLAN B.

At this point, most businesses begin to panic and end up making
the great mistake of assuming it’s a war of price.

So they reduce their price in an attempt to win back the goodwill
of the market.

This is STUPID!

Never compete on price.


You only devalue your business in the eyes of your customers
when you keep reducing your price just to get more sales.

Sure, you could do discounts, but that should be…

Something you do once in a while.... and....

You're Doing This Out of...

The Goodness of Your HEART!

What I want you to understand is, price reduction is not a
sustainable strategy!

So what do you do when….

● Your ads stop converting
● You stop getting lots of orders
● You stop getting lots of enquiries
● You stop making lots of sales and
● Profits are at an all-time low?

You throw in YOUR PLAN B!

WARNING: Don’t wait until this happens before you create
a PLAN B for your marketing campaign.

Create it on time and…

For God's Sake! 

Keep it Close to your chest.

When the time comes, you’ll know and you don’t have to sit down
to think of what your PLAN B should be because….

You already have One.

And listen, having a PLAN B is not enough….

You ought to have a PLAN C, D, E, F, G.

This is important because whenever there’s a need to change
marketing strategies, you just comb through your back-up
strategies and..

QUICKLY Pick one that suits the situation best.

So how do you create alternative marketing strategies?

How do you create your PLAN B, C, D, E, F etc?

It is simple.

The first trick is CUSTOMIZATION.

Let’s say you’re selling a real estate REPORT that teaches

“How to make ₦10Million in 8-Months Selling
High-End Properties in Ikoyi, Lekki and Banana

Now this is a killer marketing angle.


The appeal for this kind of info is never ending.

With an irresistible OFFER and a killer sales letter…you can make a serious fort une for yourself doing this.

In a sec, I’ll break down this customization strategy for you.

But first,

Something Interesting has just happened;

And I think it's not a bad idea that I tell you what it is.

You see, I’m writing this from my client’s office (it’s in LEKKI, Lagos)

My friend (and protege) just walked in, saw this headline (the one
for selling high-end properties) ….

And she asked if she could execute this idea.

I said….

“Sure, you can”.

And I immediately did what I always do when I’ve figured out a real money sucker...

I did the math right there on my LAPTOP (my calculator app is
always open.

Don't judge me! 

I did it to show her the money-making potential of the real estate report;

Like I said, there’s a HOT MARKET for this kind of product.

Kind of product meaning valuable information on how to make a
lot of money selling real estate in NIGERIA;

The report could be priced at ₦15,000.

We only need 67 buyers to hit ₦1million.
₦15,000 x 67 = ₦1,005,000 

For less than 30-days work.

The report shouldn’t be more than 50 pages.

You can sell it on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp.

Best part?

You don’t need to know anything about making millions in Real

Simply find someone who’s already making a lot of money selling
properties in LAGOS (Especially on the Island)

Tell them you’re a business writer carrying out research and you
would like to interview them on real estate.

Massage their ego by telling them you’re only talking to people
who have achieved a certain level of financial success with real

PLUS, tell them they can also make a lot of money doing this;

You’ll SPLIT the profits (50-50)

And at the end of the report, you can upsell your buyers on a
physical class for just 20 serious persons who will be given the
opportunity of…

A FOUR-HOUR one-on-one MEETING with a
financially successful real estate expert.

You can charge ₦50,000 or more for this.

At 20 persons, that’s ₦1million.

₦50,000 x 20 attendees = ₦1million.

But that’s not all.

You can also, after the class, sell them a 1-0n-1 mentorship package.

₦100,000 for only 10 persons.

₦100,000 x 10 = ₦1million.

And of course, you'll get...

50% of the LOOT.

Not shabby.

When you consider the FACT that you’re making this kind of money without even needing to be an expert at anything.

And what if it is a physical product?

It’s still the same strategy, you can easily create free reports
around the product you’re selling.

For example;

If you’re selling a sex enhancement product for men, and the
market seems to be getting saturated (actually, it's already saturated)....

You can get more quality traffic and more sales by creating 2 or 3 free reports that reveal some exciting news about...

Better Sex for Grown Men!

For example, to entice your reader into trying out your product, you can give away the following as bonuses...

● FREE REPORT 1: How to have sex on your first date without asking for it
● FREE REPORT 2: What women really want (but will never
come out to tell you)
● FREE REPORT 3: Have great sex like a Roman Soldier in six easy steps (even
if you’re currently struggling to last 5-minutes in bed)

Add these to your sex enhancement product and you have a killer
offer. Of course, when there's some actual fish to fry, we could do a lot better, this is just a small example.

(Maybe I’ll tell you more about this in my next letter)

But for now....

What I want to pound and pound
and pound into your memory is this:


There’s money everywhere and people are willing to give it to you
if you are witty enough to give them what they want.

Back to the salt mines.

Let’s talk about….


So let’s say you’re selling this real estate report we’ve talked
about EARLIER.

And you’re making a lot of money doing it….

Up to ₦1Million Every MONTH!

After a while, the law of diminishing returns will kick in and you won’t be getting a lot of buyers.

Sales will drop.

The market will get used to your ads, sales letters and offers and they
won’t be responding as much again.


A lot of sharp marketers will copy what you’re doing.

What to do?

It’s simple;

Target a section of your niche.

It’s called…..

The art of creating a new market

 ....Out of an already existing Market.

So instead of the original…

“How to make ₦10Million in 8-Months Selling
High-End Properties in Ikoyi, Lekki and Banana

You simply put on your thinking cap and quickly change the
appeal behind your marketing message to…

“A Top real estate
expert reveals How smart women can make
multiple-millions Selling High-End Properties to the

The same report.

We’re just targeting a different audience with a seemingly
different appeal and we’re not reducing our price.

But to make the report more about women, we simply customize the introduction and make it about a unique income upgrade opportunity for women who would rather make their own money than ...

Live their lives relying on...

A Jerk-ass of man.

Got it?

And the way this works;

● You can target the "self-made women" market.
● You can target feminists
● You can target graduates or anyone just starting out
● You can target housewives
● You can target bankers
● You can target civil servants

Simply change the appeal and idea behind your sales letter...

Then, customize the introduction and maybe, the first chapter of your report so
it resonates with your target audience.

Are you beginning to see how crazy THIS whole customization thing is?

Simply Using This TRICK, You Can make serious money selling one product Over and Over Again! 

And do it without worrying about market saturation.


Let’s talk about another way you could create another alternative
marketing strategy…. in case PLAN B doesn’t work as well as you expected or in the event that it gets fatigued earlier than you imagined.


We’re selling a real estate report on….

“How to make ₦10Million in 8-Months Selling
High-End Properties in Ikoyi, Lekki and Banana

And we’re giving away….

1. FREE REPORT; COMPLETE Case study of how {this inexperienced real estate
agent} sold a property worth N5-million in just 10 days
2. FREE REPORT; 50 proven techniques for selling real estate
to the rich
3. FREE REPORT; The wealth building power of high-end
properties in LAGOS

Now, remember we were charging N15,000 initially.

But now, because the “perceived value” of our information
product has increased in the eyes of the market….

We can confidently raise Our price to N20,000
without feeling Guilty About it.


We just increased our profit margin by N5,000 by simply adding a
few pages of ink and paper to our offer.

Listen… and...


Marketing (and especially getting the sale) is a game of persuasion and perceived value.

Your customer will willingly pay what you’re asking when they
believe they’re getting an incredible bargain.

So by all means….

Make damn sure the value of what the customer gets is (in their
eyes) worth a LOT MORE than what they’re paying.


That’s it for today.

I must now return to matters of the underworld (The drinks must be getting cold and I hate keeping my ancestors waiting.)

Stay frosty.

Andy Mukolo.

PS: If you have an offer for me, or if you'd love me to handle a marketing project for you, you can send me an email via aabstractalgebra@gmail.com or
simply send a DM on Twitter via @andy_mukolo

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