How to 10x Your Webinar Sales!

If you use webinars to sell your products or services, then chances are, you’re leaving money on the table

As you'll soon see, it is... 

As much as 75% of your potential sales in fact.

There are a number of reasons you're not getting massive results with your webinars

The first, of course, is the fact that..... 

75% of your audience lose interest before the webinar even starts properly... and once this happens

They Leave!

There's a reason for this... And I'll explain why shortly.

But what you should know is this:

There's a simple way to keep a large percentage of your audience glued to your webinar screen until you make your pitch.

And it all begins with making a few simple tweaks to your Webinar script.

So the first thing you need to keep in mind is that the first 3-minutes of your webinar is..... 

More important than the remaining 55-minutes.

Here's why:

Isn't it abundantly obvious?

If a sizable number of your viewers don't get a strong enough reason to keep watching after the first 2 minutes.... Then forget it, your Webinar won't work!

It's pretty simple:

Your webinar will only stand a real chance of bringing in money if people stay long enough to hear your sales pitch at the end.

This is where the webinar money is.

And realistically...

The percentage of your audience that will buy or even consider taking up your offer is anything between 10-50% of those who hear your sales pitch towards the end of your webinar....

The remaining probably won't buy.

And that's fine.

What we're aiming for is a good enough response to nail a strong ROI on our Webinar.

So first things first, we focus on holding the attention of our viewer long enough to make our pitch

There's a simple way to go about this.

It's a classic marketing trick that still works like crazy.

At the beginning of your webinar, you have on your screen, the title of your webinar:

"How to 10X Webinar Sales Without Increasing Ad Costs"

So you welcome your viewers and tell them what they'll learn in your webinar:

"Hi, welcome to this webinar, hope you're doing great.... bla bla bla... My goal is to show you how to increase your webinar sales up to 10 times what you're currently generating with your webinars"

Now, Use a hook.

"In a sec, I'll show you 3 secret ways to 10x your webinar sales, but first... I need to tell you something very important before we proceed"

Now, you give them a strong reason to keep watching by telling them you'll give them x number of bonuses at the end of your webinar so they have everything they need to...

Publish sales exploding webinars without increasing costs

Let's say your actual offer has 6 bonuses. What you should do, is highlight only 4..... and save the biggest 2 for the last... When it's time to pitch the product you're selling in your webinar.

Now, you have a sizable number of people to talk to.

If you get your webinar script right, I figure at least, 75% of your target audience will still be watching at this point.



Good enough? Absolutely!

Now, you've made a promise, you have their attention.... and they're willing to listen.... But in their head, they don't trust you at all....

Thus, this is where you introduce and Qualify yourself.

Tell them who you are. Show them your track-record of success in your field. Show screenshots. Show testimonials. Show third-party quotes about your work and your personality.

You get the point right?

Give them a reason to believe in your ability to show them..... A vehicle that takes them from Where they are, to.... 

Where They Want to Be

Now, the actual webinar starts.

This is the part your audience have been waiting for.

But we're not here to really teach right?

We're here to hold their attention long enough to sell them something and get their money, right?

So That's Exactly What We're Going to Do.

We make our viewers believe we're teaching by sharing surface knowledge of the actual thing we're selling.

  • Don't teach, tell stories.

  • Show the what, not the how.

  • Don't reveal too much, Don't reveal too little, just enough to keep them engaged and hungry for guidance .... (your guidance)

  • More stories, or case studies

Now, at this point.... you start showing testimonials again... testimonials of how your crazy 3-step method works for even small business owners with a low ad budget...

And then, you proceed to tell them you can't teach u everything about X in a 1-hour webinar. Of course, they can try to figure it out themselves...

Or they can just take a proven road-map and do it the simple way while others not privy to their secrets continue to struggle!

You sure wish you had someone guiding you when you first started, you made a lot of mistakes, lost a lot of money ...

....And that's why you've gone ahead to create a complete online program that shows them from A-Z, how to do X in Y time without going through hell like you did.


Now, we're getting into killer salesmanship territory and... this is where you throw in your offer

Russell Brunson calls this The Stack.

First, tell them what your online program is about.

Show them what's in it for them by making a BIG BOLD PROMISE.

Add credibility by showing testimonials.

Show them how it is unique and different from everything else out there in your space. 

Make them desire participation in the program by helping them visualize how life-transforming your program could be for them...

No more struggling to get new customers 

No more frustration with Facebook Ads that don't convert...

This and that... 

How much money they could be making in x time....

What they could do with that money...

The freedom...

The power...

Living life on their terms... 

And Doing it By their rules.... 

Now, it's time to make your offer proper.

Don't state the price of your program yet, start by listing what they'll get when they sign up for your program.

Display 80% of bonuses you're giving away (List the first four bonuses you listed at the beginning of your webinar, save biggest bonuses for the last)

Make them visualize why these bonuses are... 

So damn valuable...

Tell them how much each one costs... and lay emphasis on the fact that they're getting away with it for free.... including how much the regular price of your program is.

Now, it's time to go diabolical.

Throw in your False close;

The Total value of this program will normally cost X (EG: $100,000)

But because you're watching this webinar right now, you won't pay that much

Today, get all the bonuses and everything you need to 10x your webinar sales for only N25,000 (a full 75% discount)

Now, at this point, if you get your offer right, your viewer is beaming with joy.... 

But Don't Be Fooled... She's Still Sitting on The Fence

Maybe she's in love with your idea, maybe she's convinced you can really help her achieve massive results... and maybe she now sees a strong reason to invest in your program.... But "Maybes" never put a buck in a man's pocket...

As such, we don't want't her sitting on the fence making up her mind by herself.....

No way Betty.

We must finish the job.

We must supply the impulse.... and we must help her make up her mind quickly and effectively enough to push her over ....onto our side of the fence where she can quietly give us her money.

In very simple English,...

She has to ACT Now!

Not tomorrow, not next week, not later, but NOW.

There are a few proven ways of supplying the impulse to make our prospect take action very quickly:

And in this case, it is very simple:

We tell her our Offer is temporary (it ends at so and so time, on such and such day) Or we tell her it is only available for the first 10 persons.....

After which the price goes back up to the moon And there's Nothing Anybody Can Do About it.

Now, what we must do again, as a matter of necessity.... is to show our full offer,

Everything she gets when she signs up NOW... Including 2 BIG BONUSES when she's among the first 10 persons... or simply if she acts NOW....

Are we done?

No way!

Maybe by now, she's probably clicked the button, signed up and sent us our money... But we don't want to take chances... We want her to ACT Now.... 

So we use emotional triggers and The fear of missing out (FOMO) to push our viewer over the fence....

Show testimonials to re-emphasize credibility and authority in case she's not fully convince yet that... 

You're the real deal...

Finally, Stack the entire offer so they see all they're getting.... And explain in summary why it's an absolute bargain.... and why this opportunity may never come back like this again. 

If you structure your webinar like this.... you should make lots of sales.... But then, it's not enough to know the importance of getting the structure behind your webinar right....

You need to understand how to write killer webinar scripts... know what goes where... what words to use... what emotional triggers are more effective at getting people to open their wallets and more.

Google is a good place to start. But.... if you'd love me to handle a webinar project for you...

Send me an email lets talk (

Stay frosty.


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