Six Simple Ways to Start Any Sales Message

My ancestors are tired of me.

Have you ever been overcome by the sudden desire to hurt somebody?

I mean....

Bloody their nose, blacken their eyes, and put the fear of God in them so baaaad, they never want to set foot outside their bedroom again?

I felt that way this morning.

And by God I was really going hurt somebody.

Sadly, I looked around my estate during my routine morning walk and there was no easy target.

Practically everyone I saw looked like they were going to fight back if I tried anything stupid.... almost like they knew what motives lay in the darkest corners of my heart.

For the life of me I don't even know why I am telling you this story, But here's what I know for sure....

The way you start your sales message can make or break your marketing campaign....

And on that basis;

Here's six simple ways to start any sales message

The first, and by far the most popular and most effective is to...

Start by making a BIG promise of transformation.


Dear friend

Today, I’m going to show u how to use 2-hours of your time on LinkedIn to make at least $680,000 every year

Starting with just two things:

  • Your Twitter bio
  • The $13 Spare-time Income generator


Start by telling an interesting story


Dear reader:

The story you're about to read will make you angry.. and rightly so.

In the summer of 1941,

Adolf Hitler carried out a suspicious health experiment in a secret Nazi lab

Start by saying something that goes against the status quo or what the majority believe to be true


​Dear friend,

I wish someone had told me this 5-years ago after I lost my banking job

There’s no such thing as making money

Here's why:

Bla blah blaaaah


Start by saying something the majority of your target audience already agrees with (this breaks down resistance)


Dear reader,

We're now living under the most uncertain times in the entire history of this country

And the annoying thing is*


Start by revealing a shocking life-changing discovery, the results of which could bring massive benefits to your prospect


Dear friend,

After 19-years of silence...

A blacklisted Wall street banker has just revealed a life-changing $6 trade secret. But the mainstream media is trying to keep it from you..

Early investors could reap a $347,000 fortune starting with just a handful of pocket change

And finally:

Start by asking an intriguing question.


Dear reader,

Have you ever wondered what your woman says behind your back?

If you answered yes...

What you're about to read will truly open your eyes to a dark secret 99% of men will never discover.... and forever alter the way you think about sex, women... and loyalty.


There you have it.

Now, for context:

Please understand that how you start your sales message depends on what you’re promoting.

And whatever approach you choose, it is extremely important that you tie it in with the rest of your sales letter so it makes sense to your reader.

Every paragraph leading her on.. 


Never hurried,

Never sounding desperate or manipulative,

Leading her down a slippery slope where she keeps nodding in favorable agreement, completely hypnotized by the BIG promise of transformation in her life...

Until, eventually....

She sees your irresistible offer and embraces it like she would a long lost friend.

Got it?

Alright, two more nuggets and that’s it;


Your sales message will be 10x more powerful and profitable when at first, it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to sell anything.


A Lead is usually the first ⅓ of your sales message.

Mostly, if your sales message is over 2,000 words, your lead will be the first 300-800 words of your sales message.

It very often includes your headline, and attention-grabbing paragraphs that lead into the part of your sales message where you talk about how your product works.

Please note:

The lead is by far the most important aspect of your letter and here's why:

If it doesn’t have a strong enough emotional impact on your reader to keep her reading or listening further... 

Your sales letter won’t work.

On the other hand, if your sales letter has a great lead,

Your chances of getting the sale are a lot higher.

Now, of course...

It is not enough to have a great lead, your sales letter has to have all the other components of a great sales letter too:

I'm talking about:

  • A BIG Idea

  • A Unique mechanism

  • Emotional triggers

  • Solid, undeniable, and very interesting PROOF (Testimonials, 3rd party quotes, charts, powerful statistics etc)

  • An irresistible offer

  • A powerful close that forces the reader to act now (The less desperate you sound in your close, the higher your conversion rate will be)

That is all.

I must now return to matters of the underworld.

Stay frosty.


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