Ogochukwu’s Greatest Game.

She may not know it, 

But a beautiful young woman named Ogochukwu has written a very important section of my message to you today..

What happened is;

She was one of the attendees at the recent "High-income skill" seminar conducted by I and my partner in Ikeja last month (before the Covid-19 Lockdown)...

And she got to experience firsthand:

The pure unadulterated "pleasure" of making money without having to work nearly as hard as 90% of humans do.

After using a single Twitter Thread and WhatsApp to generate over N100,000 in one night (What many lawyers make in 2 months)...  

She wrote me a heartwarming message on WhatsApp... 

And I have to tell ya..

There's nothing sweeter than receiving great news about how your teachings and coaching are adding a few zeros to the account balance of a fellow human.

This N100k in one night result was by far, her greatest game in this thing of ours, and here's the message she sent:

Hey Andy, Just want to say a big thank you for your guidance and advice thus far. I truly appreciate. You've stirred up a fire within me and I am grateful I sent that DM in January. Thank you for everything. Going through my books yesterday and April was indeed a good month! Thanks for always listening when i call with my plenty ideas.  You are a good person and everyone should have someone like you in their corner. My family says thank you!

Now, believe it or not....

I'll be the first to admit that I can't take the glory for the financial success that this woman is enjoying.

Sure, maybe I played a role here and there, and maybe I was generous with sharing my time and knowledge...

But for real, all credit to her.

This chic is a real player!

She listened, she studied, she practiced and against all odds...

She implemented the hell out of everything she learned from me.

That's the attitude to have.

And no wonder she's getting results.


If you're thinking of getting some personal coaching or mentoring from me, I'm sorry, I really am...

At this time, I ain't offering coaching or mentoring.

That's the bad news.

But the good news is, if I'm led by my ancestors, soon enough, I just might...

And when I start accepting entries into my coaching program again, you can get in, at a reasonably righteous fee.

A fee even Muslims and Christians will agree is an incredible bargain.

Of course, my coaching ain't for everyone.

And that's why I have a NO B.S Filter to weed out the sons and daughters of Jezebel who hold a Guinness world record for being the most unserious lot in the entire history of mankind.

In the mean time, keep doing what you can, by yourself.

Do not be like the "dummies" of this world who say in their heart:

"I don't have a coach in my corner, therefore I will lie on my couch and just wait until the Lord sends me one"

This is stupid.

Listen to me goddammit!!

There's a whole lot you can do on your own.

So just start.

Don't wait.

Start with what you have, from where you are.

Google stuff.

Go to YouTube.

Follow key players in your space on Social Media,

Implement the actionable stuff they teach for free,

Ask sensible questions where you don't get it.

My point, if there's any left, is this:

Just keep moving forward, and do something every day that...

Moves you 1-inch Closer to your Money Goals.

You'll be surprised with the results YOU get without even having a coach in your corner.

This way, when you finally get a coach, you know it's an icing on the cake... The No B.S mentorship that helps you multiply the results you're already getting.

So if you've been consistently doing N500,000 a month, your coach comes in, shows you a few tricks of the trade and boom!

N1million a month.

That's the advantage of having a coach who knows what he's doing.

But like I said:

"There's a lot YOU can do on your OWN"

So get to it.

And Stay frosty.


PS: Do not think you're too small or too unequipped to get results on your own.

Believe it or not, you are.

The stuff that's actually holding YOU back is hesitation and self-doubt.

You're delaying the decision to just start doing something with the FREE resources available to you.... Google, YouTube, Social Media etc. Thanks to the Internet.

Stop thinking, just start, with what you have.

I'm tired of telling people they can do it.

Maybe I should start telling them they're beyond all hope for not believing in themselves enough to take action.

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