Bishop Oyedepo’s Copywriting Technique for Going Viral

The gods must have a sense of humor.

Bishop Oyedepo is trending on Twitter again!

And funny enough, there's a Copywriting lesson in there.

"Andy must you play with everything?!!"

I swear I'm not playing.

More on this in a minute,

But first...

I have to talk to you about...

My horrifying experience last night:

I had a terrible migraine on the right side of my head... (May you never have a migraine on the right side of your head)

And that sucker almost drove me insane (actually, it did)

But it seems to me that my ancestors must have reached out to mother nature on my behalf because ...

In a remarkable turn of events...

I woke up this morning...

Feeling superbly fine.

I took my routine morning walk (this one lasted 15-minutes).

Did 100 push ups

Had a cold bath!

And now... 

I'm writing you this silly letter about Bishop Oyedepo and...

The Copywriting technique that Got him trending on Twitter this Morning...

Here's what this is about:

The easiest way to get millions of people talking about you, your business or your message is by...

Saying something that goes against the status quo... 

Or by...

Saying something in the opposite direction of what the majority see as "common sense"

So what did the Living Faith Bishop even say that got already pissed Nigerians even more pissed?

19 words.

"How can people be allowed in markets for six hours, but cannot be allowed in church for two hours"


This has something to do with the temporary suspension of the Covid-19 lockdown in Nigeria

(People can now do almost everything except going to Churches, Mosques, Weddings, burials etc.... Basically, anything that requires Social gatherings)

What's my opinion on this?


None of my business.

But there's a Copywriting lesson in all of this that should interest you if you're looking to become a better salesman:

And here it is:

The easiest way to get attention in advertising is to say something that ....

  • Goes against the status quo
  • Has a huge potential to piss off the majority
  • Makes people question your sanity
  • Triggers them into engaging with your content


You may think this will get you the wrong kind of attention.

Not true.

Here's why:

If you're a good marketer...'ll know how to use "drama and controversy" to get favourable attention for your business.


  • "Buhari's Deadly revenge against the 5% Who Didn't Vote APC in 2015.... If you Own a Business, You Need to Protect your Assets Now..."

  • "King Solomon's Libido Practice That Will Divide The Church.."

  • "Why Good Doctors are Keeping Their Mouths Shut About A Home made beverage that ends premature ejaculation and makes sex 10x more pleasurable for couples..."

Got it?

Controversy works like crazy in advertising!

Only when you know how to use it.

Talk soon.


PS: This technique is known in Copywriting circles as "trigger marketing" or "attention marketing".... 

Maybe I'll break it down further in one of my subsequent letters to you....

Or maybe not.


I'm off.

Stay frosty.


  1. Nice Stuff Right Here man..

    Learning so much value in the past few Days from your Mails and Web.


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