She’s having a baby

A woman I once had an affair with is pregnant

She's due in a few days....  

Which means she's going to give birth in the same month I was born.

But I'm not responsible.

She's married and I know she's going to make a great mother. 

I am happy for her.

I don't even know why I'm telling YOU all this 

But let's talk about my Copywriting ritual..

You see..

I charge unrighteous sums for my services,

And I'm terrified of writing copy that doesn't yield results. 

So I am a different beast altogether when I'm working on a project... (even my own projects...)


How I do it:

After "ransacking" my client's brain for hot info....

I start looking at as many ads or promotions that have promoted or are promoting anything remotely close to the client's product

The more recent, the better...

I look at the Big Ideas,

The Copy structure,

The story,

The Offer...  and so on. 

This could take days... or weeks.... or just a few hours.

I jot down stuff like...

A mad man.

Sometimes it's just a few words.

Or a paragraph 

Or a list of valuable facts, statistics or relevant third party quotes


I compare what the competition is saying to what the Client's product can do for my customer...

I write down a list of the benefits of the product (Benefits List) from... 

The biggest to the smallest.

The biggest benefit usually forms the core of my big idea and the primary promise I make in the sales letter...

And the secondary benefits are sprinkled all over the second half of the sales letter.

I use the first half of my copy to hammer on the primary promise.


I start thinking on how best to present my Big Idea and offer to the market.

This is where I nearly lose whatever drop of sanity is left in me.

I am very obsessed with this process.

Because whether the UNITED NATIONS likes it or not.... that's ...

The real money maker in Copywriting!

Once I have a clear direction on how to do this...

I sit down and start writing as many headlines as possible

Until I find the right one.

And once I do...

I write my lead.

The lead is the first 100 to 350 or 800 words in your copy.

Mostly, it is ...

1/3 of your copy

And sometimes... 

It includes your headline (That's a story for another day)

The lead is by far the most important part of your copy.

It is the stuff that hits your reader on an emotional level

And compels her to keep reading.... watching... or listening..

If you don't get it write (I know the correct spelling is right, I'm just looking for trouble and you can't do anything to me) ..... 

Nothing else you do will matter.

Of course, there are a few other things I do before I write copy...

But what I have just explained (I hate that word) should....

Give YOU an idea of how to think when you want to write copy..


What in the world am I hearing?

You say you want me to give you an idea about my sex life too?

You pig!

Get out of here!

Stay frosty.


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