How to Create a Bloody Good Offer From Scratch

After reading my email yesterday ("How to get what YOU want") ...

One of my favorite students asked what I consider the second most important question in direct response marketing....

"A, How do I create an irresistible Offer? I mean... you know this sex supplement thingy I and M are working on.... How can we create an offer that seems like a crazy bargain?"

I love it when my students go right for the jugular with very specific questions.

And my answer was simple.

7 words.

"Make him an offer he can't refuse"

Why did I say him and not them?

It's simple.... (I like questions with easy answers, not those 3^2x - 7x + 8y. Find x and tell us why Y was missing)

Look, you're selling to one person.

One human being. 

Not a crowd.

Now, of course....

I'm not going to tell you about the crazy offer we settled on for the sex supplement (And don't even think about bribing me to change my mind)

But I'll give you a really good example:

If you want to sell... lets say....

A Comprehensive Guide on how to relocate to Canada in 2021

What YOU must do, against all odds, is study your reader's situation and...

Make him an offer he couldn't refuse even in the middle of a great depression!

Start your engines,

I'm about to show you how to create a really good offer

The regular price for the Canada 2021 Guide is N40,000
But when you sign up now, you get a full 50% discount
SO you're paying only N20,000 and in addition to that...
I'll also give YOU....
A recorded Webinar that shows you 27 new ways to secure a $20,000 per month job in Canada... even if you're an immigrant from Africa.
And you'll also get a free consulting session from Mr Ronald Alabi (A top immigration consultant in Ontario. He'll answer all your questions and give you all the guidance you need)
I'll also send you (if you sign up now for Canada 2021)....
A New 5-part video series that reveals a legal way for new immigrants to get Canadian citizenship in less than 24-months
Now here's the bad news,
You can only get these complimentary bonuses if you sign up in the next 48-hours. 
And if you sign up in the next 48-hours,
I will also give you a free report that shows you how to trade Canadian dollars for Gold and Bitcoin so you can keep your money out of harm's way.

Off the top of my head.

But are YOU beginning to see that creating a well-constructed offer isn't as complicated as figuring out....

Why Nigerian women will block your number and still query YOU for not checking on them even if they made it impossible for even God to reach them?

Maybe I should give YOU another example

Or maybe you should get off your ass and study great ads and the offers there in.

I prefer the second option (Sue me)

Now, before you hire a charge and bail lawyer to discuss the details of my prosecution, here's something to keep in that twisted mind of yours;

Every single thing in YOUR Offer must be relevant to your reader's WANTS! 

Especially your bonuses. 

Every single one of them must compliment the actual thing that you're selling (read through that example again)

Got it?

And here's a crazy FACT!

Did you know that the chances of YOU being born... On the day you were born.... with the exact same DNA structure you have right now... 

Was a probability of around...

One in 400 trillion?

I swear I'm not kidding.

Google it.

Stay frosty.


PS: You should hang your head in shame if you don't use what I've shared in this email to make some MONEY for yourself before the end of the year.

My regards to your lover.

And if you're so pathetic you don't have a lover....

Maybe I should write you an email teaching you how to create a bloody good offer that will attract the exact kind of lover you want in your life right now?


Just maybe.

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