How do you Charge YOUR Clients?

Now this is awkward;

But I'll ask anyway...

"How do you Charge your Clients?"

I'll go first.

My clients pay me an average of $3,000 per project.

That's before I write a single word.

But here's a valuable lesson:

Back when I started out as a Freelance Copywriter, 

I was willing to get paid per hour.

It sucks.

Don't do it!

And here's something else....

In my experience and opinion,

It is better to charge a flat fee per project,

Than to charge hourly.

More on this later.

For now, here's an analogy...

One of the most amazing things you'll hear as a Freelancer or coach or consultant is....

When you've closed a Client 80% and they say...

"I love this. So how much do you charge? .... And how can we get started?"

This is where most Freelancers lose control of the process.

Sadly, this is the most important part of Client acquisition and . . .

If you don't negotiate right,

You'll end up earning wayyyy less than what you deserve.

Truth is, when it's time to talk money,

Most freelancers give the Client power by saying something like:

  • "Whats your budget for this?"
  • "How much are you willing to pay?"
  • "I normally charge x, but because of you.... "

Very Very Naive.

These are not bad questions,

Just the wrong questions at the wrong time.

Here's what to do instead:

"For projects like these, I charge a flat fee of $5000"


Nail to the head.

Then watch the Client's reaction and do everything in your power to . . .

Justify your rates.

By painting a realistic picture of the Client's desired outcome. (More leads, more clients, more sales, profits multiplied etc)

And the truth is...

You're probably going to hear stuff like...

"You're good at what you do, and it's not like I'm trying to underpay you, but can I get a discount? And this is NOT  a one-off, We're going to carry out a lot more projects after this one"


Sell me the Third-mainland Bridge.

Listen, at this point,

The Client wants to know if you'll budge or NOT.

You can, if you want to.

But It is usually better to hold your ground. . .

While consistently hammering on . . .

How helping the client get her desired results will be worth . . .

10x their investment at the end of the day.

And remember,

You're not selling a service

You're selling the desired outcome.

The very thing your client cannot wait to have or experience.

And your service is the vehicle that will make that possible.

  • *Sell the sizzle (Outcome)
  • *Then the process (How you'll get them results),
  • *Then the steak (The logic of why you're worth $$)

Sizzle. Process. Steak.

Sizzle. Process. Steak.

Sizzle. Process. Steak.

Got it?

Hope this helps.

Stay frosty.


P.S: And here's a powerful negotiation tip:

"Be willing to walk away if you don't like what the other party is proposing"

The other party being Clients who want to work with YOU.

Bottom-line: Your Clients need you more than you need their money.

This is how your Client should feel when they're paying your fees.

P.P.S: And in case you were wondering...

99% of your worries are bullshit.

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