Wizkid is Dead and Gone

The 19-year-old who sang "holla at your boy" in 2009 died a long time ago.

  • Dead.
  • Gone.
  • Poof.
  • He no longer exists!

Let me explain:

You see

Very early on in Wizkid's career,

Not a lot of people cared to invite him to perform at their shows.

Like everyother artiste, he went through that level of hell where there were...

  • No shows
  • No interviews
  • No radio stations playing his songs
  • No endorsement deals
  • No mass following on Social Media

I've studied the guy and here's what I learned:

Wizkid didn't get filthy rich and famous until he started doing one simple thing.

The same thing you can start doing from today that will get you dozens of quality Clients who pay you at least $1,000 per project 

Clients who are more concerned about what you can do for them

And less concerned about how many years of writing experience you have.

It's called the principle of invisible attraction.

And once Wizkid started applying this principle to his music career

  • His reputation spread like wild fire.
  • He stopped begging for shows.
  • He started playing by his own rules...

And at that point, he put away his old garment.

The old wizkid was dead and gone. 

And STAR BOY was born!


He left EME and built his own empire.

Now, here's why this invisible attraction strategy is just too damn powerful,

Even though Ayodeji Balogun (his real name) now charges an arm and a leg per show,

Event organizers still crawl over glass to have him perform at their shows over more legendary artistes who've been in the game wayyyyy longer ...

There's a reason why this happens, which very few understand

It's more about influence and less about fame...

The same kind of influence you can wield over prospective clients that makes them choose you over more experienced freelancers.

And here's the thing....

When it comes to getting Clients who pay you disturbing sums of money for your time and skill....

You don't have to be Wizkid

And you don't need any experience either to command high fees (e get why)

There's a simple way to make prospective clients label you with titles like...



"Life saver!"

Even if you're just starting out with little or no experience.

All you have to do is apply the law of invisible attraction to your Freelance writing business. . .

Takes less than 30-minutes a day (Less time than it takes to watch Big Brother)

If you start doing this one thing today,

Don't be surpirsed when you wake up in a few days to exciting DMs and (or) Emails from prospective Clients who came to you of their own accord with questions like....

  • How much do you charge?
  • Can we work on x project together?
  • Please can we schedule a phone session?

Take it from someone who knows...

Getting a steady flow of well-paying Clients isn't rocket science.

There's a simple method to the madness.

I've explained how you can use The Invisible attraction Strategy here

Stay frosty.


P.S: It took Wizkid around 3 years to go from unknown to in-demand superstar

You don't have to take that long to become a highly sought-after, outrageously paid Copywriter,

And You don't have to beg for gigs either.

You can put yourself in a position of absolute power where ...

Clients literally worship at your feet and throw money at you just to have you in their corner...

Simply because you know something  99% of freelancers will never know.

Start here: Freelance your way to $10,0000

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