Mass Manipulation and Mind Control

Today's sermon will come in 2 parts.

Both are very important.

Part ONE:

The greatest form of control is when you think you're free,

But you're being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to.

The world is suffering from mass manipulation and mind control.

The chasm between what you're told is happening,

And what's actually going on, is bigger than 100 football fields combined.

This is why you must Question everything.

And trust me:

You're better off listening to the so-called conspiracy theorists than you are, believing any of the crap that comes out of mainstream media

If you want to understand how the world really works:

I recommend these books by former British footballer, David Icke:


The Biggest Secret

Children of the Matrix

And the truth shall set you FREE


He has over 10 books,

Most of them are bestsellers, but start with these 3.

You don't have to agree with anything he says.

 Just keep an open mind.

 End of part one.



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