The Lies You’ve Been Fed

Hollywood has a track record of painting the rich as...








Disgusting individuals

It's why 80% of the world's population have a deep-seated conviction that the reason they're not rich is because...

The game has been rigged (be the elite) to keep the masses poor.

\8 in 10 people strongly believe that:

I wasn't born into a wealthy family,

I don't have a rich relative

I have zero connections in Government


And as such,

The odds are forever stacked against me

I'll never be rich in this lifetime

Maybe I'll get lucky in my next life.

But for now, I'm glad I'm not as evil as rich people.

If this is how you think about money

You will never have it in abundance

No matter how hard you work

No matter how much you fast and pray

No matter how many books you read...

You will always struggle financially

Until you change your views towards money

Listen up:

68% of the world's richest people grew their wealth from scratch.

Jeff Bezos

Warren Buffet

Mark Zuckerberg

Oprah Winfery

Howard Schultz

Sarah Blakely...

Yea, I know..

You're going to whip up that stupid argument that has never and will never hold any water:

"Oh c'mon, some of them got help"

Pffft, so waht??

The ones who got help earned that help by believing in themselves and going all the way inspite of the odds

These folks wake up earlier than the rest of the human population. . . 

Some of them only get to sleep 2-hours a day...

They work smarter (and harder) than 80% of the human race..

They don't spend their time on CRAP!!

They are obsessed with the process of getting shit done to keep their dreams alive...

And you?

What time do you wake up?

How hard are you pushing at your goals?

How much time do you invest into self education?

Elon Musk reads an average of 2 books a day.

Warren Buffet reads for 5-6 hours a day

Bill Gates reads around 50-books a year

But they don't just read...

They read, absorb, reflect and experinment.

They are always feeding the beast and getting shit done.

This is the kinda attitude that took them to the top

And that's what's keeping them there

Now here's the thing...

If you're truly serious about becoming rich

You need a total reset

Change your views about money

Change your habits

Change your daily routine

Change your environment

Change your friends...

Remould yourself into the kind of person money is attracted to

Be consistent

Don't look back

AND for God's sake...

Don't hesitate to cut off people who try to discourage you

I don't care if that person is your mother.

Cut them off!!!

Stay frosty.


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