How to connect the Dots in your Life

Back then, nothing made sense to me

I couldn't connect the dots...

I always asked

"Why me?

‚Äč"Why Now?"

"Why did this have to happen?"

"Why the rejection?"

"Why the delay?"

"Am I cursed?"


Now I look back and I can easily connect the dots

Everything happened for a reason

I'm glad I followed my guts and intuition and ignored everyone who tried to talk me out of my "unrealistic dreams"

I made a declaration

"I'm going to become a Bloody good, very-very Rich Copywriter"

And I stood by it!

I don't know what your life looks like right now...

But I want you to know...

Whatever you're going through now

Is a Dot in a series of DOTS leading to the Life of your Dreams

Maybe it doesn't make sense now

But trust me, if you stick to your ambitions and keep grinding

One day, you'll look back and see just how well the dots connect

Until then

Never stop moving forward

Never stop believing in yourself

Take chances

Don't be afraid to fail

You will fail at some point

You will embarrass yourself

But every failed experiment brings you one step closer to staggerring success

So don't give up,


Not Ever

You hang around the Barbershop long enough,

Sooner or later you're going to get your desired haircut

Don't be afraid to dream big

But remember

Dreams without RUTHLESS IMPLEMENTATION are just dreams

So follow up with ruthless implementation


One more thing:

To get something you want really bad

You have to be hungry and willing to do something you've never done

In otherwords,

You need to become a different kind of Animal

 Stay frosty


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