How to sell in a bad Economy

I find it very funny when marketers (who want to get Likes and Shares and go on Dick-measuring contests) come on Social Media preaching...

"Don't sell this period, The economy is a mess, people are hurting"


They should be cooked for dinner

Are you aware that online spending increased this period?



As I'm talking to you now,

Thousands of people are buying stuff via ...







So IF your prospects are willing to spend money,

Why should you stop selling?

You see, the question you should be asking is:

How do I sell in a bad economy?

How can I get people to buy from me when  almost everyone is complaining that there's no money anywhere?

The answer is very simple:

Whether you're a business owner, coach, consultant, freelancer or just something in-between...

Your first step is to find out:


What are people buying now?

What problems are they complaining of now?

What's their buying motive NOW?


Then, figure out:

How to tie your message in with the current state of the economy PLUS the current social mood of your resident country or the world in general 

That may sound like GREEK

But it's very simple when you know how to sell with BIG Ideas

(Maybe I'll write you an email on how this works...)


Next step is to avoid high-pressure sales tactics.

Many people don't buy from overly desperate salesmen (even in a good economy)

Act like your customer needs you more than you need their money



Make sure whatever you're offering your prospects is NOT on GOOGLE's radar

If people can easily find what you're offering them via a simple Google search,

Good luck convincing them to buy.

There's more to selling in a bad economy

But with these few tips,

I'm sure you can start getting good results for your business


If you want more information on how to enrich yourself and your clients selling what people want in a bad economy...

Go here

Stay frosty!


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