Done For You

There are 3 ways to sell your services 

  • Do it yourself using the information I share with YOU
  • Done For YOU
  • Done With YOU

The first is where you have the likes of.... 


Strategic sessions,


Seminars (Webinars)...



The 3rd is where you have a mix of 1 and 2.

 But the second  is the most popular.

 Done For YOU (DFY)

 And that's what I want to talk to you about.

 Done For You is when the Client sits back and allows you do what you have to do to get them their desired results.

If I pay you $1,000 to write me a sales letter,

You're doing it for me.

That's you profiting from the DFY model.

More on that shortly, A little digression:

I laugh when people have a small meeting with some CEO and the next thing they do is come on Twitter to say:

"I just came out of a 1-hour meeting with a Billionaire CEO. Things are happening outside Twitter o, Don't be fooled by all the noise here"


I've lost count of the number of deals many of my students have closed on/off Twitter

They never talk about it.

And neither should you. 

Take it from someone who knows:

Twitter is a Gold mine. 

Once you learn how that bird app works: 

You will have more Clients than you can possibly handle.


On That basis,

Here's how to use Twitter to grow your freelance business (Done-For-You Model)

  • Post valuable content at least twice a day (Could be a Thread or a Simple Tweet ......Just be consistent with value)
  • Keep your DMs open, don't be an idiot. People will see your stuff and want to reach out to you to work with them...
  • Keep your Content 80% relevant to your target audience (forget Big Brother, Forget the latest Box office Blockbuster... Keep it strictly business for now)
  • Look for 5 big accounts in your niche, follow them and drop only valuable comments below their most relevant Tweets
  • Avoid flattering big accounts. It is stupid and unnecessary
  • RT valuable content (But don't have so many RTs that your Timeline has more of other people's Tweets than your own stuff -- an 80:20 equation is fine)
  • If you must disagree, do it with a touch of class. Arguments are unecessary
  • Never tell people to RT your thing
  • Don't tag people unless it is absolutely necessary (99% of tags are unnecessary)

One more thing:

What I've just shared with you is only 1/4 of the puzzle.

It's one thing to have Clients reaching out to you 

It's another thing to understand how to close the deal and move the money from Client's pocket into yours . . .  

Just because Clients reach out to you doesn't mean they'll end up paying you for a project....


Also. . . 

There's a special kind of content you should put out to ensure you only attract -ready-to-pay clients who are often 90% already presold on hiring you

Plus, another important thing to note is:

Knowing how to increase the spending value of every client you close is something you should try to learn. 

So instead of having a Client pay you $1,000 for a one-off

They end up paying you $3,000 for a monthly retainer over a period of 3-months or for as long as that project keeps running... 

Huge difference in there. 

If you want to learn how all of this works, 

Go here

Stay frosty. 


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