Who’s The Best Copywriter in Nigeria?

Do you know what I do when people ask me who the best Copywriter in Nigeria is?

It's simple...

I give them a list of people I consider Top copywriters in Nigeria

Ronald Nzimora:

Cocky capitalist.

Last person on earth you expect to give a fuck about what you think of him.

At least 3 times a day, he tells Buhari to fuck off.

Toyin Omotoso:

Probably the only person who can reconcile God and Satan.

Using words, only words.

Tony Fotizo:

He's the serpent that deceived Eve to eat that apple.

Now, he roams the earth as a seven-figure Copywriter operating out of Nigeria.

Waju Abraham:

Controversial 40-year-old Lunatic who escaped Yaba left (they're still looking for him), fled Nigeria and has since refused to shave his dreads

(Also wants to take a second wife...)

You may have your reservations about the man, and that's fine.

Nonso Nnamani:

A surviving descendant of Julius Caesar

He's now making so much money,

He has publicly declared (without shame...) that he'll be running for a seat in the Nigerian senate pretty soon etc...


And then, when I'm done giving these names...

I tell them to study these guys and learn from the person they consider the best of the best...

Plain and simple.

BUT wait:

Shouldn't I include my name?

Quite frankly, I don't care.

If you think I'm a good Copywriter and you want to learn from me

Be my guest

If not, feel free to learn from someone else who's teaching style appeals to you

The most important thing is to implement what you learn.

Moving on:

Yesterday, I started a 4-part email series on:

4 ways you can make good money with Copywriting

I already covered part 1 in yesterday's email

Part one was simply about:

The #1 Way to Make  Six or Seven Figures as a Copywriter.

Tomorrow, I will address part 2.

Look out for it.

Or don't

It's your life.

Stay frosty.


P.S: If you're trying to sell your services as a Copywriter and you're not getting clients or you're struggling to get clients who pay well...

Get some help here: How to Get Foreign Clients

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