God on My Death Bed

I've been thinking:

What if I were on my death bed and I had only a few minutes left?

What if God told me to use those last few minutes to tell you the single most important thing I knew?

What if it had to be the one thing... that... in my opinion, would enhance your happiness here on earth more than anything else I could ever tell you?

What would it be?

Something about...

  • Sex?
  • Love?
  • Loyalty?
  • Making money online?
  • Copywriting? 
  • Marketing?
  • Joint ventures?
  • Spirituality?
  • Exercise? 
  • Health?
  • Relationships?


Believe it or not, It wouldn't be any of that stuff.

If it could only be one thing, here is what I would teach you:

**How to live life on your terms.**

Your life is your canvas.

And by God or no God,

You should paint it how you ferking want, with whatever colors you deem fit.

Many people will try to tell you what colors to use

What kind of brush

What color patterns to start with

And even what picture they believe you should paint


But the kind of questions you should always be asking are:

  • What do I truly, honestly want?
  • Am I doing what really makes me happy?
  • Is this what I want to be doing with my life right now?
  • Should I be living my life according to whether or not people like what I do... at the expense of my own happiness...?

Look, I'll tell you something:

I used to be very scared of offending anyone.

If I thought people (family, friends, acquaintances...) weren't going to approve of my actions or decisions,

I'd give it all up and do something that'd please them instead.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I stopped caring when I was 21

Since then, I've offended a lot of people.

And If I'm convinced in my guts that I want to do something that's in my best interest, and you don't like it...

You can go straight to hell if you want.

The natural result is that I've been a happier version of myself since developing this rebellious attitude.

You see, the problem with most people is:

They're scared of what people will say, or how people will feel and as such, they abandon their dreams and settle for something that makes them unhappy...

Just to be on the good books of someone whom, once you die, will quickly move on like you never even existed.

Listen to me gadammit!!

Stop living your life according to whether or not people like what you do, and start doing the things you really really desire.


Things that make you feel alive.

Things that give you joy.

Things that make you super-excited to get up in the morning!


Of course, I'm not talking about doing stupid stuff that reduces the quality of your life...

Like smoking, drinking, having unprotected sex, unhealthy eating habits and all what not.

Sure, you can do these things if you want, as long as you're willing to embrace the consequences when they arise.

But I'm actually talking about actively pursuing the dreams you've always wanted to achieve, and going for it with gusto.

Look, life is too short to be stuck in a box ...

Holding back because you don't want to offend anybody.

Mostly, when people don't approve of your decisions, it's not because they can see the future, it's just them projecting their fears and insecurities on you.

Listen, smile and do whatever you were going to do anyway.

If they're offended, so be it.

In fact, the way I see it.... 

If you're not constantly offending people with your decisions,

You're doing it wrong.

Greatness, happiness, financial success and fulfillment all begin with the art of offending people.

I'm done ranting.

Now move away from my death bed so I can die in peace.

Stay frosty.


PS: One more thing before I join my ancestors.

I honestly believe that you should seek the wise counsel of the few people you respect (your lover, mentor, partners, closest friends etc)

Hear what they have to say about your plans,

They'll be happy to share their thoughts on how you can do it better.

Sometimes, they won't agree with your ideas.

And that's fine.

But always go with your guts, they are never wrong.

If you get great advise that's in line with what your guts are saying, perfect.

However, if the advice you get is in conflict with what your guts are saying, follow your guts.

You won't regret it.

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