Does Size Really Matter?

Wetin Musa no go see for gate?

Or to put it more clearly:

Wetin Andy no go see for Copywriting?


One of the disadvantages of being known as a good Copywriter is you'll be asked all sorts of nasty questions...

  • Is there some Copywriting technique I can use to quickly determine if my girlfriend is cheating on me? (jus look at)
  • I've created a product on a "shitty topic", how can I make money selling it even if nobody wants it? (These ones are beyond all hope)
  • Are you and Benahili having s*x? (people can be stupid!)

And so on.

But one question that keeps coming back (no matter how many times I answer it) is....

"Does size matter?"

"Does it matter if my sales letter is short or long?"

I've answered this question like 476 times.

And my answer hasn't changed.

Yes and No.

Here's why:

Even though long copy generally outperforms short copy,

The trick is not in the size or length of your sales copy....

The trick is in:

Giving your reader every frigging piece of important information she needs to decide whether or not she wants to try out your product.

Sometimes, the amount of info you give your prospect depends on:

What you're selling and the level of risk the prospect has to take.

Take the beauty and fashion industry for example, 

Most Instagram Vendors in the above niche sell products worth over N50,000 using very short copy.

Whereas, it's nearly impossible to do that in the health and financial niche.


Risk and expectation!

Unlike the fashion and beauty industry,

When people sign up for an investment opportunity or order a health product,

They have a lot of deep-seated worry that they're taking a risk that requires a leap of faith

As such,

If you're in a sensitive niche, The more expensive your product is, the more explaining you'll have to do

Also, if you're selling to people who already "know, like and trust you" ... (Ie: Your customers), you can get away with using short copy.

But if you're selling to strangers (cold traffic) who probably don't even know about the benefits of your product,

You'll need to give them a lot of info.

Hence, the necessity of long copy.

Stay frosty.


PS: Many women say the natural size of a man's penis doesn't matter as much as the size of his erection when it's time to fornicate.

I'm not sure why.

But what I do know is:

If you're going to sell me something, and you want me to buy it,

You had better give me all the information I need to make a buying decision that will favor you.

I don't care whether it's 20 pages or just 4 paragraphs.

I just need you to tell me the honest-to-god truth about:

  • What this product can do for me
  • How it works
  • How it will work for me
  • Why it's better than Mama Nkechi's product
  • Why I should trust you
  • How much it will cost
  • What I need to do to get the product
  • How I should use the product
  • Why I should get the product now 

Long story short.

Just put yourself in my shoes and ask:

"If I was going to buy this product, what information would I look out for?"

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