[Top Secret] : Raw Evidence

Here's something to chew on (and you better chew the hell out of it)


You can have a compelling big idea (check)

A solid lead (check),

And a bloody good story that glues your reader to your page (triple check).

But (and I want you to pay close attention here)

When it comes to writing killer copy,

There's a very important piece of the puzzle that very often (single handedly) determines how many sales you get at the end of the day...

If it ain't there,

Or if it ain't properly fitted into your copy (for maximum impact)

You're going to lose a lot of sales.

Or you just won't be making a lot of money from whatever it is you'r selling.

What's this piece?

Well, for one, it's NOT your offer

And it's not your pitch... or the benefits of what you're selling.

It's called Evidence, raw undeniable evidence.

And it has 2 sub-components (I hope you're paying attention?)

Testimonials and Credibility pointers..


Oh wow, these folks were once like you, and now, see how their lives have changed because of .... X... You see what they're saying???? The same is possible for you... if you're willing to give X a trial..

Credibility pointers

Here's raw evidence on why I'm qualified to speak on this subject, I have skin in the game... I'm talking from experience, I've made mistakes... Mistakes you can avoid if you use what I show you ...

Both are very important.

The underlying objection is UN-WAVERING BELIEF :

And it's two things:

Unwavering Belief that:

1. This thing could work for me because it's worked for people once in my shoes. 

And Unwavering Belief that..

2. Hmmm.... okay.... this guy has skin in the game, He strikes me as someone who's worth his salt, I should buy this stuff... I should give him the benefit of the doubt

Bottomline: No unwavering belief, No sales.

But wait,

What if you don't have testimonials?

What if you're just starting out with NO experience

You don't yet have SKIN in the game,

And you don't think you've earned the right to preach?

OR what if, 

You have all these testimonials and cred,

But you don't know the best way to use these elements to multiply the selling power of my sales message?

The answers to these questions are just a few of the many Copywriting secrets I share in The Influential Communication System

If you want a copy (with some honest-to-god icing on the cake)

Go here

Stay frosty


P.S: Once I was checking my notifications on Twitter when I saw a Tweet where this guy (never met or spoken with him before) said...

"One day... we will look back and realize that... Andy Mukolo raised better Copywriters in Nigeria... Than anyone else before him"

Small evidence that I must be doing something right.

Which means:

If you get your hands on any of my Copywriting materials (Like a  Free Copy of the influential communication system),

Study it seriously and implement the hell out of what you learn

Money will be the least of your worries.


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