The Dark side of Copywriting

There's a bad side to every good thing'

If you've been reading my stuff for a while,

You already know how much I preach the importance, benefits (and many advantages) of learning (and mastering) the skill of Copywriting'

But I've never really talked how Copywriting can destroy you, have I?

Well, here's a glimpse of what I mean:

One of the major dark sides to Copywriting is....' 

As with most things in life,

Once you get really good at it

There's a huge possibility that you get complacent

You become stupidly relaxed

(And why won't you be??? Afterall, you have a huge earning capacity and you don't really have to work your ass off to make most people's yearly salary in one month...)

At some point,

You could even sink into the "stupid money decisions" triangle'

Here, you're blowing your money as fast as it comes in because, well...

You can make 5x of that back from one sales letter alone.

This is a dangerous place to be

There are many other dark sides to Copywriting,

Maybe I'll share some others in one of my emails this week,

But for now, keep this in mind:

While you learn and try to master Copywriting'

It helps to also learn some discipline and money-management as you go''

Trust me, you'll need it

Stay frosty'


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