You Need a Vehicle

Making money online is NOT rocket science

It is as straightforward as the corruption that bedevils Aso Rock.

Hark unto me,

To make money online, You need just 5 things.

  • A market that WANTS something
  • An irresistible offer
  • A good product
  • A bloody good sales pitch
  • A bank account or payment platform like Paystack or Flutterwave


Which one of these five things is YOUR vehicle?

Your offer.

Your offer is your vehicle for moving money from people's pockets into yours.

What do you have to offer people on Twitter? or Facebook? Or Instagram Or TikTok?

Did your paternal grandmother reveal her secret jollof rice recipe to you 10-minutes before she died? (My grandmother didn't tell me anything before she died)


Have you figured out a neat way to make your man spend on you like you're his side chick?


Do you know how to open a PayPal account that receives money from Nigeria? (There's a crazy demand for this. One of my students charges N25,000 per person)

And how can you spice up all of this to sweeten the deal for anyone interested in what you're offering?

Maybe you can offer 1-on-1 coaching

Maybe you can add a few bonuses that they can't find anywhere else... and....

Maybe there's something special you can include that makes your offer a No-brainer (there's always something special you can add)

Now, I know what's going on in that Reptilian head of yours...

"But Andy, I 'm not good at anything"

You don't know what you're talking.

Okay, fine... 

Let's assume you're empty headed and not good at anything.

But you can use the internet right?

You can read and understand abi?


Now here's what they didn't tell you before you wrote JAMB (Did you reach the cut-off mark on your first sitting? I didn't)

You can find something to offer people if you start doing mad research online.

Look {!firstname_fix},

I know a single mother who makes an average of N10,000 a day.

That's like N300,000 every month

Here's how she does it:

She visits around 5 large Facebook groups everyday,

Pays attention to the most pressing information people are dying to get...

Then off she goes to Google and YouTube to gather info on that subject.

Takes her around 48-hours or so.

Now, what she does is....

She streamlines all that practical information into easily understandable content for people in those Facebook groups.

Madam converts it to PDF and sets it aside.

Creates a WhatsApp/Telegram group.

Leaves a welcome message specifically tailored to her target audience

Then she goes back to that very post....

And leaves a comment that she has the answers and anyone interested can join a special class she's hosting on WhatsApp (Or she simply posts it on her Facebook wall)

They join...

She wows them with a few basics... (leaving out the meat of the matter)

And when they're all raving and having mental orgasms..

She drops her sales pitch with instructions for payment and her account number at the end (Most of her products are between N2,000 - N5,000)

And she makes over N10,000 on a daily basis.

Not to be sniffed at.

As you can see, she's not even an "expert" on these subjects...

She just hunts down information.

Leveraging on the power of the internet

If you don't think there's something you know that people are willing to pay for...

You can simply do what this woman is doing.

But if you have something to offer the world

You should go on social media and start sharing valuable helpful info that people can use immediately...

Don't give away all your precious info...

Do it in drips....

With tact and delicacy...

Keep em' coming back for more (Look at my Twitter timeline and you'll get some ideas on creating powerful content that leaves people salivating for more...)

After a while, you'll start getting traction....

People will start looking forward to your content

And it is at this point, that you offer them something.

Maybe a blueprint, or a guide or WhatsApp class

Teaching them how you do what you do....

Or how they can use your methods to achieve a certain goal with less stress than it normally takes.

And if you play your cards right, they'll pay YOU.

I swear they'll pay YOU.

One more thing...

You're going to face something called "impostor's syndrome"

You're going to feel like a fake.

And that's fine (We've all had to deal with that)

But don't let it stop you.

Remember all you're doing is offering information in exchange for money.

And you don't have to be an expert to do that.

Keep the 1% rule in mind:

You only have to know 1% more than the other guy to sell him information on the subject.

That's it.

Stay frosty.


PS: You are beyond all hope if you have something to offer the world and you keep it to yourself in the name of...

"I'm not good enough" or "What will people say"

Damn people, damn those negative voices within...

And damn you if you don't start taking ruthless action towards your money goals.

You want to make money abi?

Then forget everything else and make money.

Believe it or not....

There are thousands of people out there who will happily pay you as much as N20,000 to teach them something they're dying to know.

Start now 

Put yourself out there.

You may be dead by this time tomorrow.

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