How to Increase Sales Like SK

You've probably never heard about her before

But all of that's about to change

You see:

This babe defied the odds...

Silenced the naysayers

And proved to everyone that she had it in her to build:

One of the most amazing AFROCENTRIC Clothing brands in Nigeria right now.

Her name is Serah Kassim,

And the name of her brand is Serah Kassim.

One of her many secrets for increasing sales is enthusiastic marketing.

As in, if you're looking to shop high-quality Afrocentric dresses made in Nigeria

And you stumble on Serah's content

You'll fall in love with her brand almost immediately.

It's NOT just the fact she has amazing dresses you can't resist

It's more about how she makes you want to be part of the Serah Kassim Tribe

She's not just selling you dresses

She's selling a vibe...

A Lifestyle...

And the idea that:

You can part of an amazing tribe of black women who don't have to spend a fortune to wear high-quality, beautifully woven African dresses...

People fall in love with Serah Kassim,

Then they fall in love with her dresses.

As in, they buy the woman and her Big idea,

Before they buy her dresses.

Lesson in there.

Think about how you can apply that to your business.

And here's something:

You know what Serah does whenever she wants to launch new offers in the Local and Diasporan Market??

She talks to me.

The result?

More new sales. More new customers.

I'm proud to say, I've contributed to Serah's success.

And if you own a business and you'd love my advice on how you can increase sales

I'm happy to help.

You can join my Advisor program for business owners:

Here's what you can expect:

I'll review your current marketing strategies, including.......


The idea behind your marketing,

Your website,

Your sales funnel,

Your sales messages,

Your offer (s),

Your email strategy,

Your ads...


And so on.

I won't write anything for you,

But if we have to come up with new messages or rewrite what you have on ground,

I'll give you a template, a structure.. and you'll fill in the blanks (I'll dictate to you what you should write to get attention, engagement and sales...)

Plus, if you're rebranding or launching a new product / offer

We (you and I) will go over everything

And I'll help you map out a solid strategy that could get you your desired outcome once your thing goes live.

If you're interested in this,

Your fee is N100,000.

For 30-days.

If you see the value in what I'm offering you,

Here's how to pay:

Transfer N100,000 to...

0597115508, GTBank,


Once you've made payment, please send me proof of payment right away,

With your full name and contact details...

Once I confirm your payment,

I'll give you a call.

If there's anything you don't understand,

You can reply this email and I'll get back to you as soon as I read your reply.

Stay frosty.


P.S: Question...

"Do I really need to Pay N100,000 for this when I can figure it out myself?"

No amigo, you don't.

But ask yourself...

"How much time and money will I save... (and how much more money will I be making) when I have an A-List marketer and Copywriter showing me what to do every step of the way?"

Do what you think is best.

Choice is yours.

No pressure at all.

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