A Black Friday Lesson.

I can't understand the fuss

You see, in the last 2-weeks,

I had quite a number of business owners in my circle reach out to me asking for advise on how best to structure enticing offers for Black Friday

First thing I always pointed out was...

Have you done the math?

Yes, if you give this kind of discount, along with these bonuses,

You'll have an enticing offer that generates a ton of Black Friday Sales and new paying customers for your business....

But when you do the math, are you breaking even?

And if you're makig a profit, what's your profit margin??

Is it good enough?

Is it worth the hassle?

And are you doing this just to make black friday sales?

Or to acquire customers on the front-end and then sell them something more expensive on the back end???

In which case, it's okay if you're losing money to acquire customers because you know you'll make it back 10x thru back-end sales??

Obviously, 90% of them hadn't even done the math.

And therein lies the problem with many business owners

If you're going to make any marketing decision in business.....

You have to back it up with realitsic, unemotional math (leave your emotions at the door)

And that math has to make sense before you even think about rolling out that plan

If the numbers don't add up,

Kill the plan.

Because if you force it,

You'll only be throwing money in the gutter,

And that may very well be the beginning of the end for your business.

I was on the phone with my girl Joy Kaduru and she told me there was no way in hell she was doing a Black Friday sale if the math didn't work in her favour.

That's an unemotional business decision.

Yes, the whole Black Friday thing is cool but if it aint helping me move the needle,

I might as well not do it.

So the question is.....

Why do a Big Black Friday Sale when the numbers don't work in your favor???

Two words:  Tribal instincts.

People very often just do things because everyone else is doing them, without seeing the need to think objectively about the results of their actions.

You know you can make a lot of sales and still lose money right???

Remember, the goal isn't just to make sales,

It's to make sales and be profitable.


If you'll do a Black Friday sale or any Holiday sale,

It helps to do the math first,

Do the math first

Do the math first

Do the math first

Look at the numbers,

Long and hard!

And be sure that the math adds up.

Because if it doesn't,

What's the point???

Stay frosty.



P.S: I was at Friend's Mom's birthday in Surulere last Saturday,

So I decided to stroll with my friend into Rovingheights and pick up a few interesting books for my December-January Reading List... 

  • Decoded, Jay Z
  • Mindf*ck, Christopher Wylie
  • An American Marriage, Tayari Jones
  • Hippie, Paulo Coelho
  • Killer Instinct, James Patterson
  • Traffic Secrets, Russel Brunson

I wanted a Copy of Oren Klaff's "Flip The Script" but they didn't have it

So I placed a request for that and a few others like...

Extreme Ownership, by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.

You should try spending money on physical books once in a while,

Physical books hit differently.

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