Fine boy, no shishi

When I made the decision to become a Copywriter

I was in the category of folks referred to by Nigerian girls as....

Fine boy, no shishi

But I wanted money and freedom, 

And that's exactly what Copywriting offered me,

I knew I was going to be broke for a while if I went all in

But I was darned sure it was only a matter of time before I started making serious money for myself with Copywriting

Funny story:

On 3 occasions, I had 3 juicy job offers.. (Note: For some reason, I was down financially when these offers came... So I had to be stupid to say NO)

These offers were the kind most Nigerian graduates would kill for

Everyone was on my neck

The pressure was getting to me

And I was forced to ask my subconscious again and again and again:

"Should I take the job?"

Each time, the answer was a clear, unmistaken NO.

"You want freedom and financial independence. These jobs won't offer you that. Focus on your Copywriting journey" she said, "You'll look back and be glad you chose this path"

That was all I needed to hear in those moments of doubt

And because I was so obsessed with becoming rich through Copywriting,

It wasn't so difficult turning these job offers down...

The gamble paid off, but here's why I bring this up:

If you're currently trying to start a business or if you're just getting started as a Copywriter...

There'll be days when you 'll have doubts,


Is it worth it?

Will it pay off?

What the hell am I doing with my life?


Maybe if a job opportunity comes,

I'll just take the job first to calm my nerves so I know I have a steady source of income in the mean time

You'll feel that way.

And only you can decide for what's best for you

If you feel like taking a job to reduce the financial strain,

By all means do it.

And If you feel like focusing 100% on your dreams, 


The only thing I'd like to add is:

Whatever you decide, it helps to look at the big picture

5, 10, 20 years from now, will I look back and be happy with this decision?

Is this decision (even though it's the hard path) going to lead me closer to making my dreams a reality?

If I keep working hard and smart,

If I show up everyday and remain relentless on this path

Will it be worth it in the end?

Or should I just thrown in the towel and do something more secure?

Something more guaranteed?

You should weigh the implications of your decision

Then listen to your guts and act accordingly.

Stay frosty


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