Why Should I Trust You?

It's not a matter of telling me to trust you

Why should I trust you?

You've probably not thought about this long and hard,

But the reality is:

The number #1 question your prospective customer or client will ask once they see the primary promise in your copy is..

"So you're telling me you can help me move from A to B? Great!!! But why should I trust you??? And how do I know you're NOT full of crap???

To answer that question,

You need to dig through your files and come up with a very compelling case for why your customer / client can trust you enough to believe you can help them

This could be a combination of:

Your best testimonials,

Your track record in your field...

Case studies of your best work

A break down of a simple strategy you use to get results

Simplifying the complex so your prospects see how simple your solution is,

And so on.

But this question of "Why should I trust you?" is only just 1 of 12-questions your prospect will ask as she moves thru your copy

I'll take out a day to discuss some or all of them in my email

But for now....

Think of how you can answer that question:

"Why Should I Trust You?"

Stay frosty


P.S: What if you don't have testimonials?

You can offer to do something for your ideal prospects at a ridiculously low price,

So people sign up,

Experience the power of what you have to offer.... 

And give you mindblowing testimonials in return.

If you're serious (and from your first name alone, I know you're not)

You can get as much as 10 hot new testimonials within 7-14 days.

Then use that in your copy.

P.P.S: During my ZOOM session with members of my private coaching program yesterday...

Funmilayo asked me a question...

"If you don't believe in God, what then do you believe in??"

I'm going to answer that question,

Not because I have to,

But because I believe there's something you can learn from my story.

One day, I'll give you the full gist from my perspective,

But that day is not today.

P.S.#3: I hope you're at least learning a thing or 2 from some of my emails??

Because if you're not,

What's the point of writing you everyday at 10:00am???

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