She Came Against The Odds

Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride

And admit that you're not man enough,

At least, in those few minutes when you've lost confidence in yourself.


I don't know if you read my email on Tuesday Morning

The one I talked about developing a serious injury in my waist,

While I was using the BodyCraft Fusion Leg Press...

I could barely walk

I was in excrutiating pain

And you know what I did when I "miraculously" got home...?

I took my phone and I called my very good friend.

You may or may not know her

I told her what happened (I was in so much pain, tear drops flowed down my right eye...) 

And how I needed help,

Someone around the house "until I recovered"

You know what she said?

Can you guess?

Of course not, you weren't there, so I'll tell you...

But first,

Here's a Sunday Morning Copywriting Lesson...

"Keep your writing very interesting. People only read what interests them. Sometimes... that's an ad... but most times... it's a story.. hot gist...  gossip... breaking news... all of which you can use when you're writing to sell...."

Make of that what you will

Print it..

Frame it

Do whatever the hell you want with it

But you know what I hope you do above all things?

It's that you open your head,

And tattoo those words where they can't wash away.

Whatever, like I was saying....

After telling Benahili (she's the one I called) what happened to yours truly...

She said:

"Oh no... Sure...I'll be with you shortly..."

And she came.

Despite the fact that the last time we really talked...

"It was one helluva conversation" (to put it mildly)

But damn it!

None of that mattered

She was there for me...

She took me to a private hospital

Supported me out of the car,

Encouraged me to lean on her shoulder as we walked into the reception

There, she found a seat and wouldn't let go until I sat down

Long story short:

I Had an X-ray to check my Sphincter (Something like that, that's what I remember the guy from the Radiology unit saying sha...)

They found nothing.

But the next day, in the morning...

Something funny happened...

I woke up and I told Bena I wanted to take a walk (I just didn't like the idea of just sitting in one place and not moving around as usual...)

She said...

"But Andyyyyyyyyy.... Don't you think you should be resting? Maybe this is your body asking you to take a break from working out and stuff? ...."

I insisted...

"I know, but I need to walk... stretch my legs a little... I think it would help"

And she joked...

"That's how you men are... Always stubborn... Now I'm beginning to sound like a nagging wife.... Anyways I'm coming with you so you don't fall on the way..."

We laughed it off and took a 35-minute walk outside my close..

Through the gates of my Estate.

I won't lie

It wasn't easy taking that walk...

But with Bena's help...

I managed.

At every turn she kept saying...

"Sorry.... Take it easy...."

And in fact...

I don't know if she did it subconsciously or not...

But throughout our 35-minute walk on Wednesday morning...

Bena had a lot to tell me (to bring me up to speed on progress being made on what she was working on.... plus a few digressions in between)

And I was so carried away with our talk...

I didn't even know when we reached Domino's Pizza

Anyway, we turned and walked back home

Freshened up

I read a book (Skin in The Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb)

And Bena wrote a little... (She writes too)

Then, at past 10;00am....

She drove me to the Gym... (Not to work out)

They have a Spa there,

I spoke with the masseuse,

And she gave me a 45-minute deep tissue massage that really helped

By Thursday afternoon...

I was almost back to my usual self

And we agreed it was okay for Bena to go back to her house.

So what?

What has any of this back story got to do with how you're going to make a ton of money in 2021 without bringing 2 or 3 people under you?


It seems to me that I'm trying to make a point here..

Which is:

When I needed help...

Bena was there for me in a heartbeat.

And of course...

I didn't have to write about this...

But I choose to write about it because...


Just maybe....

If you' don't share the same DNA with those thieves in Aso Rock

You'll probably learn something here about,,,

Being there for your friends when they need you.

Even if it means putting off your own stuff temporarily

Now, speaking of making money in 2021...

I say unto ye...

Contrary to what you've been told...

Or what you think

Facebook's business platform remains a Goldmine

And the few who know how to run ads profitably on that app are making a fortune

For themselves.. their clients... and their partners...

And whether you're just hearing about Facebook Ads for the first time

Or you've tried it before and you didn't get results

Or you're already getting results but you wanna do better...

There's a lot you can learn from Benahili's One Ad Workshop

Which is now available on Nairaroad for Public viewing

After watching the workshop...

You'll get a personal invitation from Bena,

To join a small group of entrepreneurs we'll be working with in the next 12-months... 

You don't have to accept the invitation

Heck, it's not even for everybody...

But the few who qualify will be making a fortune for themselves,

By simply putting to work .... Tested and proven ROAS techniques we'll be sharing with them

Anyway here's the LINK to watch the One Ad Workshop...

Watch it,

Get an inside look at how we run our ads at Nairaroad,

Then decide if you want to work with us or not.

Stay frosty



P.S: If you read the subject line of this email,

And the first thing that came to your mind is sex....

Then you and I may need to admit that you need special deliverance from Odumeje

In case you're wondering who Odumeje is...

He's the only Nigerian Pastor who's congregation really exploded in 2020

Enough reason for most Nigerian clerics to beef him.


P.P.S: Wait, what's that?

You say you didn't enjoy reading this email?

Well, like I said...

You need deliverance.

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