Def Def ?

If you walk into my house on a Cold Friday Morning

And of all the questions in the world...

You choose to ask me this one:

"Can I write my way to becoming a multimillionaire?" 

My answer (depending on my mood and early morning libido) could be something like..

"Lol.. Def Def"

Which is my way of saying...

"Well... the mindset behind your question may be funny or misleading or downright delusional.... but ... what you're asking??? ... It's definitely, definitely (def def) possible..."

Yet, there's a catch..

Which is:

Your ability to become a multimillionaire using writing as a tool, 

Depends on the kind of writing you're doing'

And this begs the question:

Can you become a multi-millionaire writing fiction/non-fiction?

Oh Yes...

But the odds are like 5000/1

And for every JK Rowling who made billions publishing stories (and she went thru all 24- levels of hell to get there...)

There's tens of millions of aspiring authors who can't even make the rent

Apart from the fact that it's freaking hard to get a publisher who won't screw you

Your only real chance of making multiple millions is when you write a blockbuster, page-turning bestseller

And you can give it a shot

Who knows...

You might just beat the odds

But come to think of it

Money answers to speed right?

And you'd rather do it in 12-months, with a lot of control where you alone decide how much money you make...

As against waiting 5, 10 years to hit book-publishing gold mine?

And splitting your hard-earned profits with greedy machiavellian publishers?

If yes...

Then there's a simpler... faster... more exciting.. and much more lucrative type of writing that can put millions in your pocket... faster than any other kind of writing there

And in less than 12-months

You can make your first N50Million

It's the kind of writing I do

Which... in very simple terms...

Is simply you.. talking to me... 

About a solution you've found to my problems

Or a plug for something I desperately want to experience or achieve

All you're doing is giving me the facts

And then telling me what to do next to get started

And once I take action,

...your bank account or the bank account of the people you work with, is credited immediately

And thanks to the internet

You could be talking to thousands of people at the same time

I mean, thousands of people could be sending you money at the same time

Same hour.... same day

You could literally become a millionaire in one day.

In case you're wondering...

This kind of writing is known as Copywriting

And it is by far... the most wonderful money-making skill known to man

Best part?

You don't even need to master this skill

You don't need to be a pro or anything to make your millions every month

All you need is:

Understand the basics,

Learn from the right source

And implement like a mad man

You can start by selling the skill itself

Or simply use the darn skill to start your own business

Write your own ads to sell your products

There's simply no business that wouldn't thrive with someone who understands copywriting at the helm or in the mix

The important thing is to keep your head down and do the work consistently!

Here's something:

7 of my students currently doing over N1MM/month...

Came in with zero writing experience,

But a lot of obsession with the process of minting money with Copywriting 

They just wanted to know how

"Just tell me how this works... tell me what to do... and how to do it.."

Say no more.

And off they went...

Studying and working their asses off everyday

And today...

They're making a minimum of N1Million a month

Where am I going with this?

Well... You can give people the best mentorship, teachings and guidance

But only the hungry, obsessed and disciplined ones go on to make uncomfortable sums of money for themselves

Take it to your Village meeting

And they'll tell you it's true.


If you're considering paying me to teach you how to make money with Copywriting

Understand this:

Merely signing up for my implementation program will not put millions in your pocket

How it works:

You sign up...

You gain access to the materials

You study like crazy

You practice like crazy

You implement like crazy

You hit a road block

You ask me questions

I answer...

You take my feedback and make necessary changes

You start getting results

Sometimes, you have to come back to me again multiple times with more questions before you hit your first big pay day

But once you hit your first six, seven, eight or 9 figures

You'll look back and be glad you took this path

And now I say unto ye...

Before you spend a kobo learning from me

Understand exactly what it is you're getting into

The process ain't necessarily sexy

Nothing happens overnight

But is the payoff worth it?

Well... I just told you I have students doing over N1MM a month

Some are doing N450k a month

Some, N700k... 

Some... who own their own businesses,

Are doing over N3MM in profits every month

And so on

How's that for a pay off?

Not shabby right?

Now, if you want to join my Copywriting class

Don't sign up on blind impulse

Before you even think about making any payment, 

Make sure you've read and understood everything I said in this letter here

Afternoon / A.

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