Service Agreement: March 1st.

It's not a matter of if.... but when...

You 'll probably think this is unnecessary

But sooner or later, you're going to have to do it anyway

And it's to your own benefit

See, all Clients are not cut from the same cloth

Some are liberal and laid back

Some are very professional and like to follow due process

While some are just somewhere in-between..

Let's talk about the professional ones:

When they're bringing you on board, they like to document the important details like...

What each party is expected to bring to the table

Terms of service, duration of project, payment, etc

And as such,

They'll probably ask you to fill something called a service agreement, which, according to Law Depot, is....


A contract - either written or verbal - which sets out the terms and conditions for service between a Customer and a Service Provider.


A Service Agreement may sometimes be referred to as a contractor form, an independent contractor/freelance agreement.

And you know

There's really nothing wrong with having a service agreement with your Clients.... (especially the ones who ask for it..)

Don't think they're trying to rope you into wahala or anything like that

A written/signed service agreement reflects what's expected of you and your Client .... and for how long you'll be working together...

Plus terms of contract renewal or termination

Don't let scare you either

It's just to keep both parties in check, and protect y'all from being ripped off .... or taken advantage of...

This way, if there's ever any issue or misunderstanding...

You can always refer back to the agreement signed by both parties.

Now, in some rare cases...

...your Client/s will send you a service agreement to fill in your part, sign and send it back to them to read (and sign if everything checks out)....

But in most cases, 99% of the time...

They'll ask you for a service agreement...

That is, you'll fill in everything, sign and send to them to read and sign

Actually, 99% of service agreements are filled by the service provider

Because as the name suggests, you're providing a service

Your best bet is to have a template for service agreements

So when the need arises, you're not running upandan looking for templates

Here's what you can do now:

Google "Service Agreement Templates"

Then find something you can easily model or edit

There's free and paid templates

If you don't like stress, just visit and in less than 10-minutes you're done.

Less than 10-minutes because you have a to fill in a few details.

It's around N7,000 or so but it's great value for your money

And once you have that template, you can always model it for any new client you onboard

ALSO, you 'll need an app that enables you sign documents

There are plenty on Playstore / Apple App store

Download and test repeatedly so you have a clear understanding of how these tools work

And finally...

Whether you use an iPhone or a Samsung or something else..

Go on your APP STORE, look for apps for creating an invoice

Download and test (so you see how this works)

You can also look up templates online (Google "Invoice templates")

One last thing...  and you may be tempted to take it for granted

I can only hope you don't

Listen, when you're done with this small exercise

And you finally have your template for a service agreement you can use for any client

And you have an app that helps you sign documents from your phone with your fingers (that's how it works really)


You've... using the small tip I shared here....

Found and downloaded an invoicing app that helps you create an invoice effortlessly for your Clients...

What you should do next is:

Set your phone aside

Stretch a bit

Then go and your knees and say quietly...

"Almighty Father, I thank you for what you're using Andy to do in my life... Please bless him for me... and give him everything he needs to touch more lives, Amen."

If you like don't do it

Whatever you decide

Stay frosty 



P.S: "Andy it's March 1st, you didnt tell me happy new month"

You, have you told me happy new month?

Mind yourself o.

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