A tale of 2 Clients.

There are many kinds of Clients you'll work with in your lifetime...

But for the sake of being on the same page

Let's narrow it down to 2 kinds of Clients you can work with:

Case study #1: Type A.

A prospective Client is doing $200k a month

And you charge them $10k for a quarterly retainer

(3-months of helping them generate higher quality leads for a high-ticket offer they're selling for say.... $15k per lead) 

And you show them – clearly and simply:

How you'll help them scale and get better results — no fluff, no hype, just you showing them how you can help them

— by actually giving them ultra-specific actionable info they can use immediately or make sense of right away.

Info so good...

They can't wait to see you implement this stuff for them in their biz.

OUTCOME: Most likely, They'd happily ask you for an invoice.

The money you're asking for is only a small fraction of their current turn-over

And they don't see it as a cost,

But as an investment with serious ROI potential.

They're not just thinking like business owners,

They're thinking like investors who are ready to pay premium if it gets them the results / outcome they seek in their biz.


Case study #2: Type B

A prospective Client is doing $10k per month

Depending on their mentality, you'd have a hard time getting them to fork over $10k for a monthly or even quarterly retainer

Only very few Clients in this category will see the potential in...

Investing $10k to work with a seasoned strategist (advertising, marketing, sales) that can help them move the needle in their biz and get them to the level they've always wanted to be at...

If you're good with NLP, preframing and closing,

You might be able to get them to spend $1k - $5k or even $10k

But the odds are really not in your favour

Most Clients only feel comfortable parting with their money when they "feel" whatever they're investing is a fraction of what they currently have

Or a fraction of the potential ROI of hiring you to work with them on their biz.

It's all about the spending power.

Maybe it's the law of nature, or something else...

But from my experience

I've learned that most big clients are attracted to folks who charge premium

For some reason, they seem to equate premium fees with competence

They just feel that if you're charging a premium,

You must be very good at what you're doing.

And on the other hand...

If they think you're charging too little,

They find it hard to believe you can help them.

I was in a Clubhouse room with Parris Lampropoulous, David Deutsh, Michael Millman, Heather and co.. and this Ecom entrepreneur said he needed a Copywriter and was ready to pay $10k or more as long as the Copywriter was really good at what they did...

He's already decided in his head that a Good Copywriter capable of getting him his desired results was worth that much and more...

Imagine telling this guy that your fee is $1,000

Sure enough, If he's sold after you've demonstrated you really got the chops, and that you can help him hit new revenue highs in his biz...

He 'd consider it a no-brainer and probably offer you more money to work with him long term...

But then again...

Imagine he meets someone just as good as you

Who's charging $10k for same thing you've proposed...

Who do you think he'll go for?

Remember — in his head, he's already sold on the idea that $10k is a no-brainer investment for a Copywriter worth their salt

It's all in the head buddy...

Ponder on this

And decide what works best for you

Stay frosty.



P.S: I should have pointed this out...

If you really want to start charging premium

You should have at least 80% of your clients paying you in Dollars

This means, work with more foreign Clients.

I'm not saying don't work with Clients here

There's a small pool of Nigerian Clients who can pay you premium

I've worked (and I'm still working) with a few

But that's a small pool...

The spending power in this country is very low

The same thing you charge N150k for here

Is same thing a Client in Canada will happily pay you $5k for

Look at the current exchange rate and do the meth...

The numbers are NOT even close.

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