You don’t have to post it to prove it

I hope you don't get this the wrong way

And even if you do,

I hope you see why I had to write this email

Here's the story:

On February 26th, I sent out an email titled:

"Please excuse my French"

There's so many lessons in that email,

But there's an excerpt in particular I want to draw your attention to.

And here it is:


There's a question Funmilayo (my student) asked me once:

"Andy, why don't you ever talk about your monthly earnings and personal income?" Liiiiiiiike..... you hardly ever show numbers and stuff like that... yet, you've built a solid reputation and following...."

It's just not in my nature to do stuff like that.


Now, here's what I want to point out:

You don't have to post screenshots of your earnings to prove anything to anybody...

You could use testimonials instead.

They're more powerful — and more believable.

Now, here's the thing:

You can post your earnings if you want to

If you have a solid sales message and a well contructed offer — posting your earnings can be a huge sales driver

But here's the disadvantage thereof:

If 100 people buy your stuff — just because they've seen your screenshots and they want to make as much money as you're making

99.9% will be impulse buyers

These folks never implement anything

And as far as information marketing goes

They're bad for business

Here's why:

Since they don't implement,

You don't even get the chance to receive testimonials or feedback of any sort

So it's like your stuff doesn't work

And in the long term...

This lack of testimonials will hurt your business

Especially if you'll be targeting cold traffic where the major element of conversion if proof in form of real testimonials (hint: Most people can spot a fake testimonial.)

But imagine launching a new digital product

And getting 50 customers who are not impulse buyers

They are ready to implement consistently

— with discipline, patience, ambition

And relentless drive to keep going

Even when the odds are stacked against them.

These are the best customers you could ever hope for. 

With people like this in your program,

You're going to be getting a ton of new testimonials — almost on a daily basis

Because testimonials only come when you've implemented and seen for yourself that this you paid for actually works

And that brings me to my next point:

When you're putting out a new offer (digital product)

It's okay to post screenshots of your earnings

But always make it abundantly clear in your copy that it takes hardwork, discipline, patience and consistency

And that you're not promising them similar results.

They may get better results or same or less —

Depending on how hard and smart they work.

Repeat this at least 3x across your copy

Top — middle — end.

This way...

At least 3 in 5 people who sign up after reading the copy are coming in with the right mindset and attitude — Ready to implement like crazy!

That's the kind of folks you want in your program

Not impulse buyers who won't touch a pin

Speaking of which:

The writers in my FCI program are getting results because they work very hard and smart

They're patient, consistent and very relentless

Always implementing,

Always asking questions,

Always eager to learn everyday.

And I just love how they answer each other's questions and very often help each other with ideas on how best to structure or improve a marketing campaign for their clients

Plus, they review each other's copy too

It's a fun place to be for anyone who wants to get into freelance writing

Or any writer who wants to improve their writing skills and start earning more with better paying clients...

And if you're not in this group already

But you'd like to join us:

You gotta be ready to do the work — consistently!

If not...

You won't make the kind of money members of this group are making working with foreign clients.

And to be frank, there's no point joining us

However, if you're still interested

Ad you're ready to implement what we'll be sharing with you...

Here's your Url invite:

Personal Invitation from Andy Mukolo

Be sure to read it carefully so you know exactly what it is you're getting yourself into.

Stay frosty.


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