My letter to affiliate marketers.

You know the usual approach with affiliate marketing yea?

Run a low-cost Facebook Ad / or leverage on Free Traffic sources (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Groups etc)

Offer something free (Eg: Get people to watch a free webinar or download a free report or get free mentorship etc)

Get people on your email or WhatsApp list

Give value upfront,

Nurture your leads,

Build trust — establish credibility

Then start making offers...

Or .... like a lot of affiliates are doing it:

Just hang around big accounts on social media,

Or even the vendor's page/timeline

Look out for their most engaging content,

Then clevely drop your affiliate link as a reply to someone's question on how they can learn from the vendor (or ask them to send you a DM)

And then pray to God that someone clicks through your link, goes to the sales page, and buys .... so you can get a commission.

Then repeat.

Both approaches may sometimes be profitable

But that's not how the big money is made in affiliate marketing

And the funny thing is:

As with all business models (online or offline...)

There's usually one seemingly stupid approach everyone is overlooking

No way the top guys are making their fortunes doing something so basic

It's too simple ... can't be this straightforward...

So most people keep chasing the mysterious magic bullet that keeps eluding them — and that's sad.

Because in life ... and in affiliate marketing:

The few who are making the most money — are usually the ones focusing on the basic stuff everyone is ignoring

And in affiliate marketing, that basic stuff is SDP

A simple strategy for 10x affiliate marketing created by:

A brilliant young woman who's routinely consulted for marketing advice by top expertnaire affiliates with 8-figures in commissions...

Her first taste of financial independence came during her mid-teenage years

Back when she got her start in business earning sales commissions as a "boots on the ground" sales woman with the Nigerian breweries company...

While some of her colleagues resorted to using "female privilege" to meet their target (and in the process losing their dignity and often times, their jobs...)

This babe simply used an old direct mail strategy she later named "SDP" to meet her monthly targets and more — without letting any of those dirty male chuavinist pigs have their way with her (even though 60% of them ended up patronizing her over the others because of her lack of desperation)

This was how she supported herself financially during her Uni days

And when she was done...

She used that same strategy to start a home-service food business in UYO that was doing six figures in monthly revenue — until she decided to transition fully into direct reponse marketing for business owners...

I think she's cut from that old cloth of direct response marketers who got their start by doing a lot of face-to-face closing (considered the most difficult in selling ... if you can crack it there, you can crack it 10x better online)

 It's just like how Gary Halbert started out by selling encyclopedias as a door-to-door salesman —then used that knowlege to transition full-time into direct response

And you know the rest...

He went on to become one of the all time greats in this thing of ours.

 Or how Ronald Nzimora started by selling info-CDs at business seminars in Lagos — and went on to become arguably the finest Nigerian Copywriter to ever touch a pen...

Or how I started by selling banking packages to civil servants and...

Well... went on to become the ocassionally troublesome Copywriter you've come to know today.

 Anyway there's so much you learn selling face to face that you can't learn merely hawking stuff online... 

For example:

It's a lot harder getting the quality attention of strangers offline than online

Even much harder holding that attention, breaking objections, triggering the impulse to buy from you, and closing the sale — usually in a very short span of time and with a high tendency of humiliation if you don't get it right

Coming from the world of cold selling, I know how hard it is...

 And that's why I have a lot of respect for direct response marketers like Jacinta Ebere (she's the one I speak of) who come from a similar world

A world where knowing how to "get the sale" from strangers is the very thing that determines whether you feast, starve or struggle...

Something a lot of affiliate marketers can benefit from

No wonder when Bruno (8-figure expertnaire affiliate currently topping the charts) wanted to teach his students how to increase their affiliate earnings

He brought Jacinta onboard to do the teaching LIVE— and he didn't mind giving her 30% in royalties from the proceeds for that training (which is still being promoted — and still converting — as we speak...)


Skin in the game.

Anyway if you're up for it...

I'm confident there's at least 1 thing you can learn from Jacinta's SDP approach that can help you earn more money for yourself (no matter how much you're already making) through affiliate marketing

If you earn ... say... an extra 300k in affiliate commissions for yourself — by simply using something she shows you  — that's not bad at all is it?

And here's the remainder of this simultaneous equation:

Jacinta's 3-day virtual training for affiliate marketers is scheduled for:

June 18th, June 19th and June 20th

And on the final day (June 20th)

I'll be in attendance for an in-depth "Q and A" session where you can ask me questions and get practical answers during the live call finale

When Jacinta asked if I'll be kind enough to make a guest appearance on the last day of her SDP virtual training for affiliate marketers

I wanted to say No (as I always do)

But what the hell...

It doesn't hurt to make these guest appearances once in a while — when you genuinely believe the Teacher actually has something of real value to share

Enough romantic gesturing

If you want to attend...

Here's your invitation link to check out everything you're getting for a prudent investment of N7,500 only: 

SDP Masterclass

Stay frosty


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