Ronald Nzimora (Part 1)

Back in early 2019 after my Father started "stabilizing" following a repeat stroke...

Both he and my mom suggested it was time I got back to earning some money for myself — after 3+ years of "taking a sabbatical" to stand in as a caregiver for my Dad — best Job ever.

So after lots of thinking...

I finally decided it was time to relocate:

From Asaba, Delta state,

Where I had spent the last 10-years of my life (and where it didn't seem like the future held anything for me)

To Lagos, Nigeria

Where I felt was the perfect place from which I could

Resume my Copywriting career full-time by networking and connecting with some of the biggest Internet marketers and Copywriters in the country...

I was at a point where I felt I needed a mentor

And that's why...

Before I relocated,

 I had been STALKING a man I found during my search for a mentor who WALKED the talk

His name?   Ikenna Ronald Nzimora

And my number #1 goal for relocating to Lagos

..was to meet with him physically.

So as soon as I got to Lagos in May,

The first thing I did was do even further research on the man

Reading his Tweets

Studying his threads

And combing through (like a mad scientist) — every single piece I could find online — that had Ronald Nzimora as it's author.

Don't blame me

I was about to write a pitch that could make or mar my ambitions

And in order to get it right

I simply had to understand the man

I had to know his story,

How he started,

What he'd done,

Who his friends were,

What he'd worked on recently

And very importantly...

What he was working on NEXT.

So I dug — and dug — and dug

And I wasn't satisfied until I reached the point where:

I couldn't find anything else about him.

And once I had "fed my brain" enough "quality info about Ronald

To make me feel like I knew him on a personal level — Well enough to write him and get the kind of "positive reply" I was hoping for...

I knew it was time to write that pitch.

But I didn't write it immediately

Lots of self doubt and second guessing

Days passed

Weeks passed

Until finally, one Sunday evening

After waking up from a power nap

And realizing I was being a pussy for not reaching out even after doing a ton of research ...

I just said fuck it.

Opened my Twitter, went to Ronald's profile

Opened the Message icon

And started typing the pitch that kick-started one of the greatest mentor-student stories of our time...

That pitch has been copied to Death by those who've seen it

But I keep telling people..

Sure, maybe it was a good pitch

But simply copying the pitch blindly won't do you any good

Because that pitch was for Ronald and Ronald alone

However, you can "model your own pitch" off the psychological framework upon which the pitch was built,

And when done correctly,'ll likely get the kind of positive response you seek from your prospects or those B2B clients you have on your "target list"

Tomorrow, in an email titled "Ronald Nzimora (Part 2)"

I'll briefly discuss the psychological framework for that pitch

And I'll throw some light on how you can model it

To write yours (Not to me, or to Ronald)

— but to clients and partners who's attention you'v been trying to get all this while (without knowing how to go about it)

And then,

Once we get the whole "pitching" thing out of the way...

I'll pull back the curtain

And start telling about my journey with the world's greatest mentor,

Ikenna Ronald Nzimora.

Stay frosty.



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