Making $10k/month as a Copywriter

There's a short list of 5 things that helped me reach my $10k/month Copywriting income goal back when I set it...

And I'll get right into it:

  • Skill
  • Work ethic
  • Right ecosystem(s)
  • Singular focus
  • Patience

There's probably a few other things in the mix

But from my experience... (and the recurring pattern I've seen from my students who have crossed the $10k mark...)

I can 100% say if you have all 5 boxes ticked,

You're guaranteed to reach your income goal:

Whether it's $1k/month... $10k/month ...

Or just something else... in-between (or above)

Let's take a moment and look at each item on our list:

[Perhaps, you'll see why some people calling themselves Copywriters will probably never reach that $10k/month goal]

One: skill

Very few Copywriters dedicate quality (I'm not fucking around) time to becoming wickedly good at writing copy 

And here's the thing:

Good Copywriters are (and will always be) in high demand

Note, I didn't say "Copywriters"

I said "Good" Copywriters

And as you might guess... The difference between the good and ordinary... is in the skill level

Has little to do with how long you've been a Copywriter...

But more with how "good you actually are"... 

And how good you are comes down to how dedicated you are to improving your skill on a day-to-day basis

I've seen dozens of beginners who are 10,000 miles ahead of folks who've been writing for over a decade..


Obsession and devotion.

And as I mentioned earlier..

There are many "Copywriters out there" 

But the good ones are hard to find

And it's mostly because a lot of people who call themselves Copywriters simply don't put in enough work — on a daily basis — to become "very good at what they do..."

Good enough to command the kind of fees, or attract the kind of opportunities that get you beyond $10k/month 


Two: Work Ethic

Many Copywriters are lazy and lack discipline

And it's probably because a lot of them came in with this bullshit mindset that, as a Copywriter...

You're living the dream life... you'll be writing from a beach... and living the passive income lifestyle, working from anywhere in the world you choose, whenever you choose

True... all of that is possible

But then....

You still gotta put in the work to get to that level

Or else, you're not going to make any serious money.

Three: Right Ecosystem(s)

Who you hang out with (and where you hang out) matters

You can be great at what you do

But if you're not hanging out with people who know the ins and outs of your industry...

People who can link you with the right opportunities (and in a lot of cases... link you to the right contacts...)

It might take you a little longer to achieve your goals

Many Copywriters try to figure out every thing on their own,

Thinking they don't need anyone's help...

Or that they don't need to be part of any community

All of which is fine...

But what I've learned is:

This thing about your network sometimes having a direct impact on your networth is kinda true.

And even if you can't afford paid memberships for now

Free Facebook groups are a good place to start

Eg: Justin and Stefan Talk Copy

And you probably don't have to force yourself into saying or posting anything (if you have nothing of value to say...)

Sometimes, all you gotta do is observe...

Then make the right moves accordingly...

And in time, you'd be surprised how much you've achieved by just planting yourself in the right ecosystem.


Four: Singular Focus

I've seen many copywriters jumping from tree to tree

And mostly...

The reason is not far fetched:

You hear this person is killing it with affiliate marketing...

Or that so and so person is doing X number of millions monthly ....with a certain kind of Y business model

Then you start to feel like you're missing out

And the next thing is you try to get into that lucrative business model almost everyone seems to be talking about

Then you get in (finally) — and as expected...

You soon come to the harsh realization that it wasn't as easy as the marketing evangelists painted it

Where as...

If you had channeled that energy into improving your copy skills and building your network day-by-day...

All that effort would have translated into compounding growth for your Copywriting career over time.

I choose to use the word compounding because that's how growth really works... (daily consistent effort compounds over time to create what some people see as overnight success)


Five: Patience

This ties in perfectly with the last point

A lot has been said about how making money online is easy

But anybody with half a brain knows that anything good requires patience and daily, consistent effort...

Even when it seems like nothing is happening.

This is why I hardly ever reply people who ask me how soon they can start making money with Copywriting

Because if you're asking that question...

It means you probably don't have the patience to trust the process until you start seeing results...

In which case, it's only a matter of time before you get distracted by the latest make money online biz op

Which is what happens with lots of Copywriters.


There's probably a few other things to note

But if you look through all 5 points again...

You'll probably to see where some Copywriters are lacking

And why...

Even though copywriting is easily the most lucrative, most wonderful money-making skill known to man

Most Copywriters still tend to struggle for years upon years

And of course, I'm not saying ticking all 5 boxes means anything will happen miraculously...

But keeping these things in mind gives you a certain level of confidence that you're on the right track...

And that sooner than later...

You start reaping the rewards of your labour.

Stay frosty


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