Helping you Gear Up for The New World Ahead.

A $10,000/Month Contract …

 To write and Consult (remotely) for a Software Company in 


“A $5,000/Month Contract…

To write About 2 Products!

“A $3,000/month Contract, 

To Write About Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies!”

$1750 to Write Advertisement,

 For a 7-figure B2B Company!

“$1,300 to write a Letter 

About Trading Stocks and Options

$1,000 to write a Letter on…

How to Lose Weight

$800.00 to write 10 Emails …”

Can I… like these Regular Folks… 

Earn as Much as…

$10,000… $5,000, $3,000, $1,750… $1,300… $1000… $800.. or More, per project…? 

Writing from Anywhere about…

  • S*x, 
  • Second passports, 
  • New Software, 
  • U.S Stocks, 
  • Cryptocurrencies, 
  • Ecommerce, 
  • Women
  • Dating … 
  • And Dozens of Exciting Topics… ???

If you’re like most people (who want to make a lot of money without working for it)

My answer is NO

And this Letter is NOT for YOU

Granted, the kind of writing I’m about to introduce you to is…

The simplest and most lucrative form of writing there is..

But it is NOT easy money.

So if you’re not prepared to commit to roughly 3 times more effort than you’re expecting, 

I’m not your guy.

And I don’t want to help you.

It’s important you understand what I’m telling you.

I can help you, I just won’t.


Because if you’re not fully invested and committed to this in the long term

It means you’re not a serious person

Look, earning as much as $2,000… $5,000… $10,000 or more a month in writing fees is HARD WORK. 

Yes, when your clients are paying you all that money,

It can be just like you imagined: 

Lots of money doing what you enjoy

But making thousands of dollars in writing fees takes HARD WORK. 

And if you can’t understand that

I don’t want to have anything to do with you

Still Here? 

Now, let me run you through…

  • The kind of writing I do
  • Why it’s very lucrative…
  • How you can land paying Clients every month

And very importantly…

The kind of life you could be living… 

Doing exactly what I do.

I’m a writer

But not the type of writer you’re probably thinking of

I don’t write for blogs or magazines. 

I’m not hunting for work on Fiverr or Upwork

And I’m not a journalist either. 

It’s too hard to be that kind of writer.

The kind of writing I do is much simpler and…

As you’ll see in the math below,

It pays you more than any kind of writing you can possibly think of.

Best part?

The actual writing is only 10% of the work.

90% of the time,

  • You’re either watching a video on YouTube
  • Or reading an interesting blog post
  • Or looking at what people are saying about a new product on AMAZON
  • Or reading comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … etc

That’s you doing a bit of research on the topic your clients are paying you to write about (this is not SEO… It’s as simple as typing something into Google)


From an income perspective….

The money is pretty good.

Take me for example:

My fee for writing the kind of letter you’re reading right now is…

$3,000 per Project!

And if, like me…

You live in Nigeria…

And you convert $3,000 to Naira,

Using the current exchange rate ($1 = N490 at the time of writing this)

That gives you around N1.4Million Naira

So if you look at it from the angle of financial success…

N1.4Million (Or $3,000) per project or per month, categorizes you as a pretty successful writer.

And you know…

The average high-income earner in Nigeria takes home an average of N500,000 Naira every month

So N1.4Million per Month in writing fees … 

Makes you a Top 1% Income Earner

Remember, that’s one project.

Depending on your income goals,

And your work ethic

You can choose to take on 2 Clients a month

So at $3,000 per project for each Client,

You’re looking at $6,000 a month.

And with that kind of money…

You can easily create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family


You won’t have to worry about money for rent and bills or

be caught off guard by emergency situations

 that require money.

But it’s not just your big earning capacity,

You’ll have something that makes you the envy of most people,

Absolute control of your time.

Here’s why…

This kind of writing is location independent…

You Don’t Have to Leave your House, You Can do your thing from anywhere

All you need is a Laptop (or Smartphone) with Internet Connection

And if you ever need to have any quick-meeting with your clients…(So you go over the details of a new project together)

Your Clients Will Send you a LINK for a Virtual meeting on Zoom or Skype…

And you can join them from wherever you are!

Just get your earphones (or earpods)

Grab a note, a pen and maybe a soft drink or a bottle of water

Then find a quiet place where there’s no distractions

Mostly, these meetings don’t last more than 1-hour

Sometimes it’s more, or less….

But 99% of your meetings with your clients (won’t exceed 1-hour)

Now, I know you’re probably wondering….

What kind of writing will I be doing?

And why do I get paid so much?

Let’s start with the kind of writing you’ll be doing

The Simplest form of Writing

You’re using simple everyday words that a 9-year-old can understand

It’s simply you … 

Talking to me … 

About a situation or discovery or opportunity… 

That’s having a tremendously positive impact

…on hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives

And now…

You want to share that experience as good news with me..

No hype.

No exaggerated claims

Just you giving me the facts, 

And showing me what I need to do

It’s really that simple.

All you’re doing is having an honest conversation with me …

Only …instead of coming to my house and doing it in person, 

You’re doing it through words, 

With a simple letter like this one..

Published on a website like this, 

Where I can read your message with my laptop, phone or tablet.

Pretty straightforward, right?

This kind of writing is known as “Copywriting”

And the people who write these letters are known as “Copywriters.”

Why So Lucrative?

It all comes down to one thing:


You see…

As a copywriter….

You play an important role in the success of the company or business or entrepreneur that’s hiring you to write advertising messages for them.

The words you write serve a very specific function …

They’re meant to persuade the person reading them to take action.

That “action” could be any number of things;

  • It could be to sign up for a free report
  • It could be to attend a Live (Or virtual) event
  • It could be to watch a Webinar training
  • It could be to support a worthy cause …Like raise funds for survivors of a natural disaster, Or people with genuinely serious health challenges.
  • Or it could be to try a new product …
  • Or check out something that could help them achieve their goals

And once you know what to say,

And how to say it…

To make your prospects take action, 

You’re going to be making a lot of money for yourself and your Clients 

Enough to provide a better (more comfortable lifestyle) for your loved ones 

And live just the kind of life you choose.

And you see…

Once word gets around that you’re a good Copywriter, 

You Become a Person of Interest…

For Multi Millionaire Entrepreneurs!


Well, Copywriting is the stuff that really brings in the money

And it’s not a coincidence that ….Many successful entrepreneurs credit their success to Copywriters

"This past year alone, my company paid out over $7 million in writing fees & royalties to a handful of COPYWRITERS. And I’m happy to do it because a good letter is the ‘engine’ of my business."

Bill Boner




"Copywriting is what made me rich, It has more impact on how much money you make with your Company than anything else."

Russell Brunson



"There’s no greater skill in Business, than being able to assemble a compelling sales argument in writing or on Camera. If you’re Good at Copywriting, You’re going to do a lot better than if you weren’t good at Copywriting. It’s the shortest path to Financial Freedom."

Frank Kern



"Copywriting is the number #1 reason why people buy something. Nothing happens in business without great Copywriting. If I had to choose one skill, It would be Copywriting."

Emmanuel Johnson


That’s how important you are.

Now, if you’re just hearing about Copywriting for the first time…

You may be wondering….

How much Can I Charge My Clients for a Start?

I’ll give you the breakdown in a minute,

But first,

Let’s look at some of the niches you can write for:

Top 28 Well-Paying Niches You Can Write For

These are Gold mines where the highest paid Copywriters on earth ply their trade…

  1. Financial (Stocks, Crypto, Investment)
  2. Health
  3. Alternative medicine
  4. Weight loss
  5. Self-improvement
  6. Information Publishing
  7. Ecommerce
  8. International living (Travel, immigration, vacations etc)
  9. Personal Sovereignty (Second passports, Offshore banking etc..)
  10. Education (Academic programs and scholarships)
  11. Men’s health (Yea, this is a niche on it’s own)
  12. Sex
  13. Beauty
  14. Fashion Trends
  15. Dating & Relationships
  16. Self defense
  17. Golf
  18. Automobile…
  19. Pets
  20. Multi-level Marketing…
  21. Retirement
  22. Real Estate
  23. Political Advertising
  24. Religious Advertising…
  25. Gaming
  26. Betting
  27. Software
  28. Technology…
  29. Etc

So you see…

You can actually choose to write about anything

And whatever niche you choose (depending on where your interest lies)

You’ll always find Clients happy to pay you well to write for them.

And on that basis..

Let’s look at how much you can charge for different projects…  (if you’re just getting started >)

12+ Well-Paying Copywriting Projects….

You Can Specialize On… Or Choose From

  1. Sales Letter ($700 – $5,000)
  2. Video Sales Letter ($1,000 – $25,000)
  3. Webinar Script ($1,000 – $5,000)
  4. 10 Emails ($800 – $1,200)
  5. Website Copy ($1,000- $3,000+)
  6. Landing Page Copy ($2,000 or more )
  7. E-Newsletters ($500 – $1,200)
  8. Case Studies ($1,000 – $2,000)
  9. Special Reports ($500 – $1,000)
  10. Ebooks ($700 – $5,000)
  11. Sponsored posts on Facebook or Instagram ($100 – $500)
  12. Sales Funnels ($1,500 – $15,000): For context, A sales funnel is a project where you’re paid to write: A sponsored post, Landing page copy, A sales letter, 5+ emails, …. and maybe one article.

And please understand:

Contrary to what you may have heard

As a Copywriter…

You’re Not Scamming …Or Manipulating Anybody

The letters you write are written to give people quality information on

  • A product they want to buy
  • An opportunity they’re interested in
  • Or how they can achieve a goal that’s important to them.

For example,

Your clients could pay you to write the words that show people how they join a program that helps them…

  • Get a foreign scholarship
  • Become better investors
  • Become healthier …
  • Speak a foreign language
  • Own a second passport
  • And so on… (even valuable information on how a new product works… so they can try it out and see for themselves if they like the product…)

All you’re doing……is giving your readers valuable information they’re already looking for…

Especially for something they’re willing to pay for.

So you don’t even need to use hype or make any exaggerated claims.

None of that is necessary.

Hope you understand?

You say you do?



Please understand:

The above rates mentioned are beginner rates,

The better you get…

The Higher your fees

And the more money you can charge per project.

A good example of this is when word spreads that you’re good at getting results…

And as such, 

You’re now getting more clients than you can handle…

Here, you can easily raise your fees from say… 

$1,500 per project to $3,000 per project

And Clients are happy to pay because your work speaks for itself.

Now… I know you’re probably wondering…

But I don’t know how to write…

And I’ve not been paid thousands of dollars to write before..

Do I Really Have What it Takes…

To become a well-paid Copywriter?

Here’s the thing…

I’ve been writing for multi-millionaire Clients since 2016..

And I can tell you for sure…

To become a well-paid Copywriter, 

  • You don’t need any special writing skills
  • You don’t need to be a born writer
  • You don’t need to be the next Ernest Heminway or Chimamanda Adichie
  • You don’t need a BSC in English or Journalism or any degree for that matter
  • And you don’t need any previous experience writing…

And the truth is…

Your Clients Don’t Care Whether you’re a Graduate, A Dropout, Or Whatever…

The only thing they care about is that:

You can help them increase sales and revenue,

Using your powerful Copywriting skills.

Nothing more.

Once you know how to get results, 

You’ll be hired and paid very well to get the jone done satisfactorily.

In fact… 

The Only qualification you need to become a well-paid Copywriter, 

Can easily be summed up into….

3 Qualities You Already Have

  • Desire to make a lot of money
  • Curiosity to learn about new things
  • More determination and commitment than the average person

And I think you’ll agree…

If you’ve read this letter up until this point

You can already see you have what it takes.


Before I say anything else,

Let me answer a question you’re probably asking yourself

How do I know I’m Doing It Right?

It’s true that Copywriting is a very lucrative high-income skill

But to become a well-paid Copywriter,

Working with Big brands and small businesses alike…

You gotta know what you’re doing


  • How to write copy that makes people eager to buy on the spot
  • How to stand out and land paying Clients in your preferred niche…
  • How to set your fees (so you’ don’t undercharge)
  • How to close deals after discovery calls/sessions with your Clients
  • And so on.

You need to understand how the Copywriting business works

Sure, you can actually figure things out on your own

But just think…

How much easier it will be when you have useful, practical guidance every step of the way.

In a minute, I’ll tell you how I can help you (that’s if you want my help)

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself,

Just enough for you to decide if I’m a good fit for you or not.

My Name is Andy Nduka Mukolo

And I have the privilege of being referred to as…

One of the best Copywriters of my time.

"You’re Getting Great Results with your Copy, Andy!  You should consider moving to Baltimore or Delray Beach to work in-house with Stansberry or Legacy."

Brian Mansfield



"I looked up your website. Great Stuff Andy!"

Dan Marzullo

"Andy Mukolo is a Copywriting Teacher who’s Emails I always Open."

Audra Williams

"I love your email, Andy. You have a gift for words. I would love your thoughts on how we could make the “Operation Palu” project better, to encourage more people to Give."

Phil Geraghty

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Andy. Not only is he very knowledgeable, but he’s an excellent communicator, due to his responsiveness and deliverance. Every adjustment was made with a logical explanation. Nothing slowed us down or stopped us from creating the best possible product. If anyone ever needs a solid copywriter, I’m going to recommend Andy Mukolo."

Matt Stephens, CNS


"Hey Andy! How are you? I wanted to quickly ask if you’d be up for doing an expert interview for my freelance writing community, Peak Freelance. I put a tweet out asking for the best copywriters and you were mentioned. I’d love to chat with you for ~30 mins or so about the copywriting formula you have pinned to your profile, plus some other bits like finding clients, building a reputation as a great copywriter, etc. We can point members towards your paid newsletter too  Lemme know if you’re up for it and I can send some more info via email!"

Elise Dopson

"Hi, Andy! It’s always great seeing your name pop up on my feed and happy to see your content. Your Ideas make a lot of sense. I could use them when I run ads."

Terry Schilling



"So many people claim to be Copywriters but Andy Mukolo stands out and is worth the tag. He’s the best of the new generation Copywriters from Nigeria."

Abdul-Qawiyy Hammed

"I didn’t even know who Andy was until he wrote me on Twitter. I’ve since hired him to create advertising for my business and I’m paying him Millions for his work. He’s that good!"

Ronald Nzimora

"Throughout my 15-year Internet Marketing Career, I’ve only ever paid 3 Copywriters to write for me. Andy Mukolo is one of them, He’s brilliant at what he does."

Toyin Omotoso


I’ve introduced thousands of aspiring writers to copywriting …

Many who today are earning a healthy six-figure income in writing fees alone,

Writing from the comfort of their homes… 

Today, their lives have been transformed.

They’re no longer financially dependent on someone else. They set their own working hours, And they have absolute control of their time!

"Andy is one of my go-to copywriting guys. When I started out, I was just absorbing his free content and picking his brain for copy knowledge. I was learning so much from that, that I decided I should try his paid content. 

Having already studied a couple of copywriting books and covering a few courses, I felt I still got a TON of value from his paid content. 

Knowledge I didn’t find elsewhere. 

And that wasn’t even the best part…  He helped me in choosing a niche, Gave me extra resources to study, Gave me pointers on getting my first client, And was available to answer any questions I had on acquiring clients.  

Andy is a top copywriter, and a great guy to top it off. If you get the chance to learn from or work with Andy in any way,  You’d be a fool to not take it."

Dean Jackson

"March 29, after the immediate lockdown of major cities I knew I had to do something… And I was lucky because Andy launched his Foreign Copywriting Initiative Course that week. I didn’t doubt his credibility for a second since I read his emails and tweets daily…

So I figured if the best trains me I’d attain my desired outcome quicker. Learning this skill from Andy is my best decision this year. My favorite moment was closing a foreign client using the simple strategies in his FCI course… A client I still work with till date.

Andy isn’t only the most sought-after copywriter in Nigeria, he’s the best teacher and that’s why his students produce results.

There’s a ton of fantastic things to write… But I’m grateful my path crossed with Andy’s."

Mohamed A. Jimoh
"I started trading my Copywriting skills towards the end of 2018. And I got great help from Andy. Within 6 months, I made my first N1million writing Amazon Product copy for a Florida based marketing agency. Since then, it’s been an amazing journey for me. The advantage of earning in dollars is enormous. I encourage you to work with foreign clients …. And Andy can show you how to do that."
Eben Chidike
“Confused, clueless, and without direction… I discovered Andy Mukolo at a very low point in my life. But the insane value I got from his tweets, emails and courses pointed me towards a lucrative path.
And through Andy’s help, I went from confused and clueless to landing my first paying client of over N100,000 in less than 100 days after I started learning Copywriting.I can think of no better guide in your path to financial freedom than Andy Mukolo. He’s a mental giant and a selfless teacher.”

Rachel Austin

"I was finally able to get 2 clients that paid me $1500 each. All this was because I refined my processes and applied all I learned FROM YOU.

Thank you very much, Andy, I’m grateful."
Tomiwa Maseyi
“I make at least $2,000 every month writing and that’s thanks to Andy, Andy Mukolo is not just a very good copywriter, he’s the best and if there’s anybody to teach copywriting and how to make money with it, it’s Andy. Don’t think twice when it’s Andy, just do it.”
Djeje Bright
"Andy helped me make my first $2000 off twitter alone as a Copywriter…. And I’ve NOT looked back since then… Lord Andy (as I fondly call him) not only gave me wonderful PDFs to digest & make money from my bed… He did two things which are beyond that:

1. He gave me a listening ear any time I had one issue or the other especially with paying clients
2. He gave me a community. From that community, I met people with who I grew in the copywriting industry. 

This is really invaluable."
Golibe Ilechukwu
“I made over a million naira within 5 months simply by writing words that Andy taught me to write. Not having to be a born writer got me qualified as a candidate for his program. Andy said if I can write a simple sentence like this one, then I had what I needed to earn money on my own terms. I’ll be forever grateful to Andy for showing me this path.”
Joel Obafemi


{Men’s Health and Financial}

And now, it’s your turn, 

But before I tell you how I can help you….

I want you to Understand Exactly What you’re Getting into

Sure, it’s true that as a well-paid Copywriter….

You’ll be making more money than most NNPC workers in Nigeria.

Some of my students are doing $5,000 a month

Some $3,000, some $2,000….

And a few are currently on track to staeady $10k months

In writing fees alone.

But the truth is… 

Like I said earlier:

Becoming a well-paid, sought-after Copywriter,

With a fat bank account,

And an enviable lifestyle freedom,

….is NOT a walk in the park.

It takes serious effort, ambition, discipline, and patience.

You will need more determination  

…than the average person.

You can’t come in expecting overnight success.

And you have to be ready to take Copywriting very seriously

If you can’t understand that,

Do yourself a favour,

Stop reading right here.

Because no matter how valuable people say my program is,

You’ll never make the kind of money my students are making unless you’re serious and consistent.

Still with me?


Now, if you need guidance becoming a well-paid Copywriter,

I’d like to personally invite you to join….

The Foreign Copywriting Initiative, Class of 2021

To help you decide if it’s right for you

Here’s a glimpse of what waiting for you inside the program


FCI 110: The Hooman Matrix, The Emotional Brain… Behavioral Patterns, Tested Emotional Triggers, The Gambler’s Mentality . . . And More! 

The first step to becoming a well-paid Copywriter,

… is understanding the raw truth about human behavior

What makes people tick?

What moves them to spend money?

Why do some of the smartest people fall for some of the most obvious scams out there??

Inside this section, I’ll show you some eye-opening truths about human beings…

Like . . .

  • How people are neurologically “hard-wired” to be persuaded. (This info has been used to generate huge amounts of money by everyone from vicious propaganda machines, to worldwide peaceful religions
  • The one thing people care about above all else (2 real-life examples)
  • The “secret language” that speaks directly to the decision-making center of your customer’s brain.
    “Every decision” is made in this part of the brain. 
    And once you understand what to say, and how to say it… to appeal to this part of the human brain…A world of unlimited potential could open to you.
  • Flipping the script: A proven way to get your readers to think your idea is their own.
  • Erasing doubt… establishing trust…. and engineering Belief (Just use any or all of these 4 powerful PROOF elements)
  • A proven way to win your reader’s trust when you have no testimonials or track record (very few Copywriters understand this, so you’ll be learning something that gives you incredible edge)
  • 12 E-Factors (Emotional Triggers…): The more you hit, the better your response..
  • And more…

FCI 111: A Done-for-You Guide on How to Do Market Research (The right way) . . . so you don’t waste time on misleading information that Could ruin your Work & reputation!

Before you write anything,

You need to understand the market you’re selling to

And your prospect’s language patterns, so you see exactly…

  • How they think
  • How they feel
  • How they talk…
  • What appeals to them
  • And what turns them off.

If you know how to “profile” your customers… 

So you know everything you need to know about them… psychologically, emotionally, and even physically…

You Can Make Many Sales for your Clients and Yourself… Regardless Of How Good Your “Writing” Is!

Because you’ll know exactly what they want.

Exactly what to say to them.

And, exactly how to deliver your message in the most “sales friendly” way.

But that’s not all…

You see, finding the customer’s pain points,

And figuring out the best solution to address these pain points….. 

…is necessary,

But if that’s the only thing you focus on….

You’ll be overlooking some very important factors

A professional goes much deeper…..

And in this section…

I’ll show you how to do high-level research like a pro 

And gather fitting “raw materials” from which you can build…

The most powerful sales message possible for any product, in any market.

FCI 112: The Copy Process!

(A Draft-by-Draft Copywriting Walkthrough on The Real Art Of Crafting A Compelling Sales Message… without Using Hype or Exaggerated Claims)

  • How to get attention without looking like you’re trying to get attention

  • 6 Different ways to open your sales messages so you slip right past your reader’s natural, built-in sales defenses.

  • The #1 reason people don’t buy – even when the writing is flawless (And how to address this objection in the first paragraph of your copy)

  • 13-secrets (with real-life examples) to writing headlines that can get people eagerly reading your sales letters.

    You’ll see how I write my own headlines and you’ll be able to apply the same psychology to your headlines to get high readership and response
  • The best kind of headline to use if you’re not sure what to write…
  • The sales-destroying mistake copywriters make when writing sales Letters (and how to avoid this mistake by following a simple principle of influential communication)

  • One Thing YOU must  do, ONE LIST you must make, BEFORE you write even one word of copy… This guarantees better results and speeds up the task!

  • GREAT LEADS: Your Lead is the first 350-800 words of your message, and if you don’t get it right, nothing else you do will matter….

    I’ll show you 7 different lead-types (with examples) you can use,

    When to use them, and how to use them, To ensure you do a brilliant job with your sales message.

  • HOOKED: Keeping the reader reading and Viewers Viewing, Without using the usual marketing hype or exaggerated claims that turn people off…
  • TRANSITIONING – A simple way you can use to take your reader from point A to B to C … through every section of your letter, without losing their attention or excitement >

  • A simple checklist that tells you when you’ve written great copy.

  • 5 major sections of a great sales message: All sales messages (ad, sales letter, email etc..) have basically the same structure and template… And once you understand this…

    You’ll be in a better position to write a great sales letter for any product in any market…. once you’ve completed your research.

  • 3 formulas that speed up copywriting. No matter how skilled or unskilled you are. How quick or slow, how experienced or inexperienced, You’ll get great copy done much quicker with these formulas

  • NOBODY wants to Read your Sh*t

    Why that is….. And how you can “write differently”… So your ideal prospects embrace your message and read your copy LONG enough to see your offer and buy what you’re selling

  • HOW to know when you’ve written Solid Copy… And make your already Good Copy even Better
  • The Close: A “Grown-up” way to Get the Sale without using amateurish scare tactics and guilt-tripping strategies

    (The better you are at closing, the better your results will be… and the more money you’ll be making as a Copywriter)

  • *KNOWING WHEN TO STOP: How to recognize when further work on your copy is counterproductive.
  • And much more


Writing Engaging Ad Copy That Converts On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…. Plus Fascinating Scripts for VSLs & Webinars!

First, I want you to understand….

Writing ad copy that converts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc 

…is not as complicated as many Marketers and Copywriters make it seem.

There’s a simple way to write ads that blend in with the native algorithm of these platforms so well… they don’t even look like ads…

(And for this reason, they get unusually high engagement and conversions)

And once you learn what I have to show you in this section…

You should never again have to struggle with writing ads that engage and convert (either for yourself or for a client)

That’s the first thing.


Videos and webinars are very profitable when you done correctly,

And that’s why…

Most business owners in Financial, health, Real Estate etc . . . routinely pay Copywriters between…

$1,000 – $25,000+ To Write a Video Script

If you’re taking on Clients here in Nigeria, 

You can earn between N150,000 to N500,000 or more to write a script for a video sales letter or a webinar.

This is very common in the financial, health, Ecommerce, and real estate niches.

So if you choose to focus on writing really good scripts for video ads, video sales letters and webinars,

You’ll be making really good money for yourself.

In this section…

I’ll show you how to write great scripts for videos and webinars that engage and convert >>>

FCI 114: The Complete 4-part Masterclass on Client Acquisition (A 68-page Client Acquisition Guide, Plus… 3 Videos )

This is where many Copywriters struggle
But landing clients is not complicated at all (when you know what to do)
Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this section… 

  • 3 responsive client acquisition channels well-paid Copywriters (beginner, pro and intermediate) are using… to land high-paying Clients no matter how bad the economy is

  • Charging $800… $1,000… $1,500… $3,000…. $5,000 or more per project (and getting Clients to See it as a WIN-WIN for both parties…)

  • PITCH ANY CLIENT: Tried, Tested, and Proven PITCHING TEMPLATES for Crafting Simple Messages / Content (Emails… DMS…. Threads… Posts… ) That Make(s) Clients eager and excited to Work with YOU!

  • Coming up with Enticing offers that make Clients say yes to your proposal

  • Doing The Math for the Client, to Close The Deal.
    When it comes to closing Clients, 90% of Copywriters tend to screw things up…  (and end up losing the client).

    In this part of the program… I’ll show you a simple way to close clients without sounding needy or looking like an amateur.

  • Receiving Payments from Foreign Clients: Receive payments from any client, from anywhere in the world.. Even if you don’t have a Paypal Account or a U.S Bank Account

  • And more

This may very well be the most important section for you.

Freelancing as a Copywriter can give you the most awesome life possible,

Only when you have a steady flow of paying clients

In this section…

I’ll show you how to get a steady flow of amazing clients,

Without begging or losing your dignity.

3 New Clients From LinkedIn!

 (All MONTHLY Retainers…)

Using what I Showed Him, 

He Landed a Copywriting Project with Top Financial Publishers, Banyan Hill

Every Aspiring Copywriter’s Dream: 

New Client Blown Away by his Email Pitch, Replies and Asks for His Rates >

Every Aspiring Copywriter’s Dream (2):

She Closed a New Client on her First Attempt at Client Acquisition!

Every Aspiring Copywriter’s Dream (3):

Nathaniel Lands New Client without even Reaching OUT or Sending a Cold Email!

Every Aspiring Copywriter’s Dream (4):

When a Brand New Health Supplement Company Wants You To Write For Them!

FCI 115: The Business Side of Copywriting…. 

(Go from “Freelancer for hire” to an 8-figure Copywriting Biz)

  • LEVERAGE AND SCALING: How to develop a thriving BUSINESS around your copywriting skill, Not a job,  Not a project, Not a career … A thriving BUSINESS.

  • 3 different ways to earn big bonus payments as a Copywriter (even when you’re busy working on a project for your clients)

  • Taking your Copywriting income from 5 figures…. To 6-figures… to 7-figures and beyond

  • And more…


FCI 116: Avoiding silly mistakes Copywriters make that Sabotage Their Careers…

You can make a lot of money as a Copywriter,

But you can also get screwed by the authorities, 

If you don’t understand the legal side of this thing of ours.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be scared of

Because in this section,

I’ll brief you with a few pointers on how you can protect yourself (and your clients) against wolves in sheep’s clothing.

But that’s NOT all,

As a member of The Foreign Copywriting Initiative,  

You’ll also get. . .

Guidance, Support and Practical Answers to All your Questions

Everything inside The Foreign Copywriting Initiative is easy to understand…

But I know you’ll have a few questions here and there

And you’ll want to interact with like-minded Copywriters too.

That’s why I created this group,

So as you go through the program,

If you have any questions, or you need guidance at any point…  

Just send a message to the support group 

And either me or one of my experienced students will give you a detailed answer.


Access to My Private Copywriting Live-Calls, Workshops, Question and Answer (Q & A) Sessions…. via ZOOM, or Skype, or Facebook or YouTube (Pay Nothing) 

Once or twice every month (Bi-monthly),

I’ll jump on a LIVE call via Zoom or Skype 

I’ll share some Copywriting nuggets with you 

And you’ll be able to ask me questions LIVE.

These LIVE calls will be recorded,

And you’ll be given the access LINK…. 

So you can always go back and rewatch them for reference purposes.


Given everything I’ve outlined so far in the Foreign Copywriting Initiative…

I should have just stopped here.

But I didn’t want to leave any stones unturned;

So I decided to include 5 amazing bonuses for you…

BONUS #1: (in PDF Format)

Big Ideas, Unique Mechanisms, And No-Brainer Offers Explained…(With Case Studies )

The highest-paid Copywriters in the world are masters at these 3 simple topics…

  • Big ideas
  • Unique mechanisms
  • Constructing No-Brainer Offers

And once you understand each one…

You’ll be able to charge a lot more money than most Copywriters.

That’s why I included this bonus for you.

Inside this bonus section.. 

You’ll discover what big ideas, unique mechanisms and No-brainer offers really are,

Why they’re so crucial to the success of every project you touch,

And.. How you can come up with the most effective (and most profitable) big ideas, unique mechanisms and offers ….

For the marketing campaigns you work on for yourself or your clients.

Bonus #2 : (in PDF Format)

The P.I.G Technique …. For Telling Captivating Stories That Get Quality Attention, Inspire Action, and Increase Conversions From COLD Traffic!

The world’s best Copywriters agree…

Storytelling is easily the most powerful selling technique you can use to sell anything

Especially when you’re selling to strangers who are just hearing about you for the first time…. 

Or people who’ve never heard of you… (Ie: COLD TRAFFIC)

But all stories are NOT created equal.

There’s a certain kind of storytelling technique that’s been proven in numerous tests to be more effective in making customers buy a product.

And in this brief bonus material… 

I’ll show you a high-impact storytelling model you can always use…

To write persuasive stories that put your prospects in the right emotional state to buy or take action.


Bonus #3: Internal Recording with 9-figure Copywriting Genius! (00hrs: 43mins: 59Secs)

He’s the highest paid Copywriter in Nigeria.

His name is Ronald Nzimora,  

And he’s a deca-millionaire several times over 

— Thanks to his copywriting skills and his knowledge of influence, persuasion and marketing.

Ronald has been a selfless mentor to some of Nigeria’s most successful copywriters ….. (including me…)

And in this video… 

He shares some deep insights and nuggets of wisdom (on life, business and marketing…) that you’ll find very valuable.

Bonus #4: Hidden Asymmetries in The Daily Life of a Well-Paid, Sought-After Copywriter…

 (A 2-part Video Series)

Great Copywriters are not born.

They are made.

And there are certain things that helped them succeed at the highest level

In this 2-part video series..

I’ll pull back the curtain and show you how… 

By following a few principles and habits…

You can speed your way up the ladder as a well-paid Copywriter.

Bonus #5: The Complete Agora Swipe File(100+ Masterpiece Sales Letters That Built a $2Billion per Year Publishing Company)

If you’ve never heard of AGORA, 

They’re a $2Billion per year publishing company that employs the best Copywriters in the world.

In this section,

You’ll find 100 of their best ever sales letters.

Great sales letters written to sell products profitably in the Top-5 Copywriting niches and markets

So whenever you want to write,

Just go through these letters so you see how to structure your own letter to get amazing results 

One more thing (and 99% of Copywriters fail to do this)

Studying, analysing, and hand-copying some of these letters will make you…

A completely different animal when it comes to Copywriting.

Also…. This Swipe File of AGORA’s masterpiece sales letters is hard to find…

And just having it in your arsenal gives you a solid advantage as a Copywriter.

I wish I could add more bonuses for you, but as it stands,

I’ve run out of ideas.

So at this point, 

The question is:

How much are you investing to join The Class of 2021  today??

I’ll tell you, 

But first…..

Let’s do a little math

If you want to go for a Masters’ Degree in Nigeria,

It will cost you around N1.5Million (or more) in expenses 

And over 18-months of studying (assuming there’s no ASUU strike).


After you’re done getting your Masters’ It would be a miracle if you get a job in Nigeria that pays you more than N250,000 a month…  with a Masters’ degree.

And let’s not even talk about how much you have to spend in Nigeria to pass through 4-years (minus ASUU strike) of hardship in the University,

For an overpriced BSC Degree, you can’t even use to make enough money to…

Live your Life Comfortably, Without Financial Stress

And here’s the funny thing…

I have guys in my program who only started learning Copywriting less than 6-months ago 

And are now doing over N1Million a month in writing fees… (That’s around $2,500 or so from one client… so you see how achievable it is)

Some of them are still students (under-graduates..)

Some of them have a 9-5 job (so they’re doing this as a side hustle..)

Some of them are graduates who do this full-time

And they didn’t need any previous experience Or some special degree or qualification

They just devoted quality time to learning this stuff and implemented what they learned consistently,

And today,

They’re making a LOT of money for themselves

Thanks to what I showed them.

And the same is possible for you,

If you’re serious enough to put in the work.

So how much should you invest in this program??

I could easily charge N100,000 for 1-year’s access to this program,

And it’d still be an amazing bargain

But your investment today is N35,000 only.

It’s a one-time (one-off) payment.

And you’ll easily make that money back 5x, 10x, 15x back, the first time you land a paying client using what you learn from me.

Let’s say the first gig you land through this program pays you $1500

At the time of writing this, $1 = N490

That gives you $1,500 x 490 = N735,000,

In one month,

From one client.

That’s a 2100% (21x) Return on your N35,000 investment.

If you’re pocketing N735,000 a month, 

I don’t think you’ll be worrying so much about money like most people do

And you should never have to take rubbish from anybody if you’re making enough money to take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

So see it as an investment that will continue to fatten your bank account for as long as you’re a freelance Copywriter.

Now, one more thing before you sign up,

Please understand that unlike my previous offers..

This new offer comes with a….


I worked really hard to put together the extremely valuable information in this program

And there’s no way in hell I’m letting anybody “check it out 

With the option of asking for a refund if you don’t feel it’s something you want to continue with.

You’re either all in,

Or there’s no point signing up.

So if after reading this….. 

A no-refunds policy is going to stop you from joining my program today…

No Problem. Don’t sign up.

But if you understand everything I’ve said so far,

And you’re ready to do what it takes to become a well-paid Copywriter,


Here’s Everything You’re Getting 

That will help You Take your Personal Income and Lifestyle freedom to the Next Level:

  • FCI 110: The Hooman Matrix – The emotional brain, History’s Greatest Conman, behavioural patterns, 12-tested Emotional Triggers, The Gambler’s Mentality and more >
  • FCI 111: Done-for-you Guide on How to do Market Research (The right way) – So you don’t waste time looking at misleading information that could ruin your work and reputation.
  • FCI 112: The Copy Process: A draft-by-draft Copywriting Walkthrough on What Really makes up a Compelling Sales Message
  • FCI 113: ADs and Scripts – Writing killer ad copy that converts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…. plus … Fascinating Scripts for VSLs (Video Sales Letters) and Webinars

  • FCI 114: The Complete 4-part Masterclass on Client Acquisition – The 68-page Client Acquisition Guide, plus…. an in-depth 3-part video series on Client Acquisition >
  • FCI 115: The Business side of Copywriting
    (Go from Freelancer for hire to 8-figure Copywriting Biz)

  • FCI 116: Avoiding Silly Mistakes Copywriters Make That Sabotage their Careers
  • BONUS #1: Big Ideas, Unique Mechanisms, and No-brainer Offers Explained (with Case Studies and Illustrations >>)

  • BONUS #2: The P.I.G technique for telling powerful stories That get attention, inspire action, and increase conversions from COLD Traffic

  • BONUS #3: CAUGHT ON CAMERA – Internal recording with 9-figure Copywriting Genius, Ronald Nzimora
  • BONUS #4: SKIN in the Game – Hidden asymmetries in the Daily life of a well paid, sought-after Copywriter
  • BONUS #5: The Complete AGORA Swipe File – 100 Masterpiece Sales Letters That Built a $2Billion per year publishing Company
  • Guidance, Support and Answers to Your Questions

  • FREE Access to Monthly Private Copywriting Live-Calls and Workshops via…ZOOM, Skype, Facebook or YouTube

    And you’ll be able to TUNE-IN using your device from wherever you are