The Difference Between An Affiliate Marketer Who Earns N20,000 A Month...

And An Affiliate Marketer Who Earns N200,000 A Month Is In Their SYSTEMS, DIFFERENTIATION AND POSITIONING...

The N200k a month affiliate marketer understands that you can't get exceptional results by doing the same thing like every other affiliate.

I laugh whenever I see affiliate marketers spamming social media comment sections, groups and pages with their affiliate links,

Or blasting their email subscribers with blatant sales pitches everyday.

No doubt, as an affiliate...you can make a couple of sales this way.


If you really want to make money from affiliate marketing...

Posting links all over social media or annoying your email subscribers with blatant sales pitches won't take you far.

It means you are at the mercy and pity of people to "patronize," you.

Therefore, except you became an affiliate marketer for the fun of it,

There's a lot more you can do to easily make sales organically and earn as much as N100K, N200K, N300K or even more monthly.

Do you think it's impossible?

Well, that depends on your marketing strategy.

The truth is...

As an affiliate marketer, one of the fastest ways to make sales is by understanding your prospects,

And knowing how to speak to them in a way that'd make them listen to you...and eventually buy the products you are recommending for them.

That's where Direct Response Copywriting comes in.

Direct Response is a type of marketing that focuses on getting an instant response from your prospects.

Copywriting on the other hand simply means "writing to sell."

Now, imagine using the power of Direct Response Copywriting to recommend your affiliate products to your EXACT prospects in a way that'd encourage them to BUY from you?

Knowing how to do this will set you apart from the rest and could mean the difference between earning N20,000 per month from affiliate marketing and earning N200,000 monthly...for you

That's like a 10x increase...which isn't bad at all considering that you aren't spending all your time doing this (whether it's your main or side hustle)

And that's why I am hosting this webinar,

To teach you the basics of Direct Response Copywriting and how you can use it to your advantage in your affiliate marketing business.

By the way...

I hosted a similar class for affiliate marketers in February 2021.

Till date,

I still wake up to testimonials and thank you messages from attendees telling me how the practical knowledge I shared in the class helped them become affiliate marketers.

And ultimately increase their weekly/monthly earnings.

Below is a glimpse of what some of the participants said about the class in February:

You see,

The value I shared in that class doesn't come close to what you will be learning from this edition.

To take it up a notch...

I will have a special guest on day 3.

Now of course, it doesn't matter if you know him or not before now

What matters is that our special guest "Andy Mukolo" is a seasoned Direct Response Copywriter/Marketer who is willing to come onboard,

Share his marketing knowledge with you and answer some of your nagging questions about Copywriting, Marketing, and Business Growth in general.

And if you are still wondering who Andy Mukolo is...

Feel free to check him out on twitter @andy_mukolo, or visit his website at andymukolo.com

My aim for this 3-days Copywriting Masterclass is simple:

"To get you pregnant with value."

Apart from learning how to use the SDP approach to 2x, 3x, and even 10x your current affiliate earnings...

You will also learn;

How to use direct response copywriting to sell more affiliate products and earn more commissions...

How to create an irresistible offer...with little to zero money

How to leverage the power of organic traffic to make more sales

I'll dissect current top 5 selling products on Expertnaire marketplace and show you possible ways to promote them.

I'll also breakdown one Facebook Ad, and one Email follow-up to show you "Direct Response" in action...and how you can model it in your promotions.

You'll learn some practical Copywriting/Marketing insights from Andy Mukolo...(There'd be a Question/Answer session with him too)

And so much more....

I've shown you the juicy benefits you will enjoy from this masterclass...

But you will get to savor all of these when you enroll for the class.

No kidding...

I would've simply charged you N15,000 for it...

But because I was once a beginner like you and I understand how hard the economy is..

You'll be paying just N7,500 today.

The class will hold on the 18th, 19th and 20th of June, 2021

Time is 7pm daily.

Will I host this class again?

Maybe or maybe not.

But I'm certain that the recording would be sold at 2x this amount.

It's better for you to be a part of the live sessions, so you can also ask your questions live and direct.


The strategies and Ideas you will learn from this class is highly valuable and evergreen..

That's why we only want people who are willing to use everything we'd share to earn more money for themselves.

So, if this sounds like something you'd love to be a part of...

Click the "Big button" below on the page to reserve your seat.

Jacinta Ebere

Direct Response Copywriter/Marketer.

PS: Just so we are clear...

This is a live event and so payments are non-refundable.

Go ahead and reserve your seat if this isn't a problem for you at all.

See you inside.

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