There’s nothing you can do about it.

If I could give you a magic pill for this,

I'd do it in a heart beat.

Sadly, that kind of pill doesn't exist (I checked)

The sort of magic pill that -- once taken ---

Puts you in a lightning-fast wayback machine,

That takes you back in time, like flash...

To fix your past and make EVERYTHING right!

But no story is perfect

The past is the past....

And what can you do about it?

Nothing, except.... learning your lessons

And making a mental note of what to avoid or how to do things differently .... going forward.

It's not that simple,

Takes some getting used to

But you should try doing that

The benefits are enormous, and there are no drawbacks.

Plus, the way I see it...

It's a much better option than staying hooked to a past that only serves to steal your happiness and keep you depressed.

Also, if your religion doesn't forbid it...

Try watching lots of comedy...

...and playing your favourite music genre.

As often as your brain allows

It's a great way to keep your heart merry

Helps you brood less,

Lights up your overall mood...

And ultimately makes you a much happier person.

Stay frosty.



P.S: You should really take this advice (and put it to work)

It's coming from a guy who, just a few years ago...

Was eating depression for lunch.

Until he realized -- by pure coincidence...

That he had the power to set himself free.


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