How to get what you want (faster)

I'll start with something that happened back in July when I was at the beach with my friend Michael Olatunji

He was telling me about a new real estate investment opportunity he had just discovered in North America 

Don't worry, I'm not about to sell you a real estate program (I just want to use this to illustrate something...)

Anyway, his point was:

It's not even about how much you make in returns

But about how "owning a piece of real estate" in said location makes it super easy to access a range of wealth-building opportunities normally only accessible to investors who born and raised in North America

Best part?

The whole thing goes for under $50k

My eyes lit up!

And as always... 

Michale broke everything down for me

And made sure to answer all my questions

And why was he telling me this?

Well, because we're friends... and he knows I have a keen interest in investments as it relates to international living

And he's always sharing amazing info and opportunities with me (that he never shares outside our circle....)

And what if I wasn't his buddy?

And we didn't know each other beyond Twitter?

Well... I doubt he'll be sending me a DM out of the blues telling about real estate in North America.

And it'd probably take me longer to get the kind of quality info he shares with me.... (if I didin't have someone like him in my circle — which is very small btw)

As I mentioned earlier:

This has nothing to do with buying real estate

Instead, it's about the core idea behind today's email:

More on that in a minute

For now, here's another example:

Last weekend...

I was on the phone with a very good friend of mine

And she told me she just got a nice referral that could translate into an extra $1,500 in monthly income (over 6 months) ... just a few days from the time we spoke

As you might guess...

She probably wouldn't have had that opportunity if she wasn't referred by someone very close to the decision maker 

See where I'm going?

Not yet?

Okay here's another example:

A few days ago my friend Abdul-Qawiyy shared a link with me in our private chat... "Hey man, check this out"

It was a link that took me straight to the DM of the owner of an 8-figure firm ... whose attention I probably wouldn't have gotten so easily if it weren't for that link..

Need another example?

Here's one more...

In the fall of 2019, I was writing in the lounge at my mentor's office (Ronald).... when he popped in and said:

Andy, someone from [X] will call you today,

He says it's urgent, so please look out for his call

The call came a few hours later...

And it was from the head honcho of the biggest Direct marketing publishing firm in the country... 

Today, we're very good friends

And I do a bit of consulting for them on several new projects

Of course, they didn't discover me out of thing air

The only reason I got that call was because Ron spoke highly about me... (same way he speaks highly about me to everyone he refers me to... or introduces me to)

Final example:

Every now and then...

I get messages from folks who want to know if I can recommend someone who knows how to run compliant FB ads that are profitable and scalable

And of course...

The first person that comes to mind is my buddy Samuel (who runs — and manages— all my ads on FB)

And when he's not immersed in a campaign for NR

I refer them to him immediately

And if he's busy...

I refer them to the next person I know in my network who's really good with FB ads

And you know why?

It's not because there are no good Facebook ad strategists outside my network...

It's just...

I know these people personally, I've paid some of them to create winners for me... and I can vouch for their work

So instead of sending out an email or putting out a tweet asking good FB strategists to reply...

I look into my network first..

And you know what happens if I can't find anyone in my network?

Well... it's quite simple:

I start asking the good folks in my network if they know anyone... and if they do... they refer the person to me

And if they don't...?

Then I ask someone else in my network...

And on and on...

Until we find someone who's a good fit (and whose social roots you can trace directly or indirectly to my network...)

And if it turns out we can't find someone...

I simply give feedback and say I couldn't find anyone

This is neither a good or bad thing

And maybe it doesn't sound fair....

But it's just how humans function on a primal level

We like to look out for our own — especially when we know they're good at what they do (you, me... everyone)

And here's the rub:

While it's good to work hard and smart...

You still might have a hard time getting what you want (clients, partnerships, biz opportunities etc) ...

If you don't have the right connections.

Or if you don't have a network of folks who won't hesitate to mention your name (or send referals your way) ... once they find an opportunity that's right up your alley... 

And perhaps...

All of this has got you wondering:

Does this mean I have to change my friends?

Far from it.

In fact... in my opinion...

If you have a group of friends that love you to death...

The worst thing you can do is say you want to cut them off

Simply because they're not as rich as you

Or because they don't have any connections that can help you get ahead in life.

That would be a very unwise thing to do

But here's what you can do...

If you're not getting what you want out life...

Or if you think there's a few people out there who can help you move from where you are to where you want to be...

Then it kinda makes sense to start actively seeking out friendships and connections that can help you get what you want... (without cutting off ties from your current circle)

This could mean attending events...

Or buying a course — just so you can have grounds to reach out to that person... and kick-start a rxship from there

Most people don't know this...

But if there's someone you want to connect with on a personal level...

A very effective way to do it is to buy something they're selling.... (if you can afford it...) 

Because they'll happily interact with you versus a random person who just wants them to answer a question...

Of course, I'm not saying buy a course if you don't want to

All I'm doing is laying out the cards...

So you see what options you have

And apart from that....

It can even something as simple as:

Leaving valuable comments under posts or threads (of folks you'd like to have in your network...

But be real – and if possible...

Avoid flattery altogether

In fact, the way I see it...

Disagreeing politely (so long as you ain't faking it) ... when everyone else is agreeing with them ... is very often an effective way to make people want to know you better.

And then there's showing up for their webinars/podcasts 

Or just something else.

Sure, nothing will happen overnight

But you have to start somewhere...

And from personal experience...

I can tell you ... Its worth it.

And one more thing:

A very good way to build a solid network fast (and store up a long list of favours in multiple directions...) is when:

You develop a habit of giving, giving, giving...

Always happy to help —not expecting anything in return.

This is the premise upon which all great relationships are formed... (and all powerful networks, builts)

And it's how you tattoo your name in people's heads

So when the day of reckoning comes...

You'll be first in line — without even trying.

Something to keep in mind

As you plan your next move

Stay frosty.


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