99% of Marketers & Copywriters Never bother to Master this Important Skill, But the 1% Who do Are Making a Fortune, while the rest continue to wail and worry about the Competition:

How to Write Emails that LOOK Like Teaching, But are Actually selling And 

Making YOU Money! 

RE: These streetsmart emails easily get opened and responded-to, and they're incredibly hard to resist because:

Unlike 99% of emails out there,

your reader is immediately hooked

And excited to hear from YOU!

Dear friend,

If you want the rare ability to make more sales and close new deals practically everytime you promote something via email.

Start your engines.

I'm going to show you the real art of writing emails that get opened, get read, and get you your desired response

But before I go any further,

Recognise That

I Won't be teaching YOu

Any of The Following: 

  • How to build an Email List and set up your autoresponder series 

    (You don't need to pay anyone for that -You can easily GOOGLE how to do that for FREE)
  • How to set up an OPt-in page that gets you thousands of new subscribers 

    (There are thousands of FREE videos on YOUTUBE that teach you that)
  • How to create products for your subscribers!

    (A random GOOGLE search will give you the answer to that question in less than 5-seconds)

Moving on:

Here's a bitter truth you need to accept if you really want your emails to get results

Bitter Truth:

The money is NOT in the size of your list,

But in the responsiveness of your List.

Doesn't matter if you have a list of 1Million subscribers 

If you can't get more than 40% of your intended target audience to look open your emails with excitement and respond with money or action... 

You're getting it all wrong.

Your ability to write emails that your prospects open, read, and respond to by buying or taking action all begins with learning how to:

  • Make people excited to read your emails even before your email drops in their inbox
  • Put your subscribers in a buying trance where they are HIGHLY responsive to your sales pitch.


And that's where I can help.

So if you want the rare ability to make sales and close new deals practically every time you send out an email...

I'd like to send you a copy of the newly published "Andy Mukolo Letter Book"

It comes in 2 sections,

The first part (section I) is a very short read

At just 48 pages,

You can easily finish it in one afternoon over a bottle of beer or whatever it is you enjoy drinking, 

Then start implementing right away.

In Section one, you will discover:

  • A unique 3-step process for writing street-smart emails that look like teaching but are actually selling and making you money
  • 4 simple ways to write "pattern interrupt" subject lines that crawl right into peoples' "psychology." 

    These types of subject lines extremely hard for people to resist opening.

    Do this right and readers almost cannot resist at least opening your emails ...

    And checking out what you have to say.
  • How to "program" your brain to give you an almost unlimited number of ideas for your emails so you're never struggling for "what to write"

    (This is how I'm able to write at least one email a day to my lists) 
  • An unorthordox negotiation strategy you can quickly use to make your emails more responsive and profitable. 
  • The best way to write emails if you are selling information.

    (And also… the best way to write emails if you are selling a service or a physical product.)
  • Word-for-word, the single most important part of your email to keep testing.
  • A small change you can make in the way you present your emails that can double your sales from a single product
  • A (dignified) way to use foolish talk to make more sales from your emails

  • A secret writing "trick" for getting unusually high readership
  • How to transition from valuable content or interesting story to killer sales pitch [in your emails] without losing your reader
  • The sales-generating power of the soft-sell P.S.

  • And much more....

In Section II, you'll find...

A Collection of 100+ "Streetsmart" EMAILS 

Written by Andy Mukolo:

These emails look deceptively simple, ordinary and even stupid!

Heck, you'll probably wonder why anyone would want to model after my style of writing emails

But my emails have me unrighteous sums of money.

Same as my clients and those who model their emails after mine, 

I've classified these emails into six different email genres


I want you to see the logic behind my emails (so you can easily apply what I'm doing to your hustle)

  • Educational
  • Storytelling
  • Benefit-driven
  • Curiosity-driven
  • Intriguing
  • Dramatic
  • Humourous

You don't have to Copy my emails word-for-word

No bueno.

Not necessary.

All you have to do is look at how my emails are structured and then model your own emails accordingly.

And as long as you have something of value to sell to your list of subscribers or via email, ​and implement what you learn...

You'll easily make 7-figures a year from emails alone.

However, if you don’t study and implement what you learn,

Nothing will Happen.

​​"The Andy Mukolo Letter Book" costs N20,000 only.

That's the price

There's no discount

There are NO bonuses.

And there will be NO refunds.

What I've outlined on this page is an accurate summary of what you'll find in "The Andy Mukolo Letter book",

If you don't believe it's a good investment of your money,

Or you think my own is too much,

Don't buy it.

It's not for everyone,

There's a lot of money to be made online,

And those who know email are making a fortune for themselves.

If you want a copy of "The Andy Mukolo Letter Book",

Click the button below to get yours!

Stay frosty.


What people Are saying 

Behind my Back

I work for an ICT firm  and we had been struggling with closing sales especially with cold clients. Using the tips from your emails, at least 7 out of 10 mails get opened. We closed 10 deals that runs into some cool millions from a sales mail sent to 55 cold clients for a workflow migration. The responses were almost immediate. My team was surprised because in the history of the organization, such a response has never been recorded. We intend to close the remaining 45 too adopting same style in follow up mails. Thanks for all you do Andy, you're a great guy.

I have been taking lessons from your style of emails and I applied it to my coaching. I run a tutorial for Medical Students every month, and each month I get an average 30 students who register for my coaching. Thanks to what I have learnt from you

Does your method work? The bag of rice I bought for my mom from my affiliate commissions is proof. I'm in my village making affiliate commissions with your lessons, taking care of my family and reading the 20 books you recommended in the High income skills master class -UCHENDU OBIALOR

I get few sales anyway not until that day you sent that email on how to sell weight loss products..I realized that I've been doing things the wrong way ..I decided to re write my script using what you sent in that email. Boom! Andy I made 20,000 in a day. A class that contains 67 people and 20 people paid. I always look out for your email everyday at exactly 10:00AM

You inspired me to use a bold title for my email "Who's the fool now?" And I got a 49% open rate. That's my best email till date and thank you Andy. You made me dare the consequences and guess what, no negative consequence at all

I have adopt this style in my content which as result in me getting 5 clients since I come across your newsletter 3 months ago .Thank you Andy.

I can't even begin to tell you how much your emails have helped me! And not just the way I've started freelancing, but it also gives me the motivation I need when I need it. Your personalized style of writing is something I have taken to the heart and it's mind-boggling how many people have loved the content I now produce. Your email subject lines never fail to intrigue and believe it or not, I've noted down every single one of your subject lines in my diary. It's definitely something that will help me when I start my own newsletter someday.

I am a Freelancer and information Marketer.Using your style of email, my open rate is now over 60% sir.I normally get lesser than 20% open rate but here I am today.All because of you and your email.I bless the day I inputted my email on your website. God will bless you.Keep being you Andy.