What Others are Saying About Andy Mukolo

I didn't even know who {Andy} was until he wrote me via social media. And his offer was so good I couldn't resist. I have engaged him on a long term basis to create marketing content for my business. And I'm paying him millions for his work. He is that good. 

Ikenna Ronald Nzimora

CEO and Co-founder, Digital Nexus Interactive and Buywell Properties

In my internet marketing career, I have only paid 3 Nigerian copywriters to write copy for me and Andy Mukolo is one of them. He is brilliant and he does a fabulous job of creating amazing copy to meet his client's needs. I definitely recommend him.

Toyin Omotoso

So many people claim to be copywriters but Andy stands out and is worth the tag. A genius that will change your career, (and business) around from average to GREAT. He’s the best of the new generation copywriters from Nigeria

Abdul-Qawiyy Hammed

Seven-Figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur.

Inviting Andy to work with me on one of my projects was one of the best decisions I made in 2019. He is obsessed with getting buyers to take action by focusing his writing on ideas, concepts and proven principles of direct response marketing guaranteed to generate massive ROI.

Oluwole Ogunlade

Head of Growth, VoguePAY

Founder, HackGrowth NG.

Andy and I have worked together on numerous projects and I must say that he truly is a "master copywriter" in every sense of the term.

Benahili Ojeme

Facebook Ads Coach & Consultant,

It was an absolute pleasure working with Andy. I’ll have to admit, he showed a great amount of patience in working with me! Not only is he very knowledgeable, he’s an excellent communicator, due to his responsiveness and deliverance. Every adjustment was made with a logical explanation. Nothing slowed us down or stopped us from creating the best possible product. If anyone ever needs a solid copywriter, I’m going to recommend working with Andy Mukolo.

Matt Stephens, CNS.

Pro Fitness Trainer and Diet Coach

The level of research and attention to every detail in story telling that would convert to sales is what attracted me to Andy in the first place. Then after a couple of meetings and collaborative engagement on a project, I realized he’s not just a Top Copywriter but also a wonderful person

Michael Olatunji

Top Trading Expert and Forex Coach

I have only ever had 2 of my social media marketing tweet threads go viral. One the most successful one which is pinned on my TL is because of Andy!  He tweaked my headline and boom! 300+ likes. 100+ retweets. Not only is he good but his soooooo easy to work with! That’s like icing on the cake for me. I’m about to use another copy he gave me for a sales page. I know I’ll be back here to write an additional testimonial.

Tope Olofin

Internet Marketer and Social Media Consultant.

He helped me light up demand in prospects by creating a one of a kind method to get the attention of the biggest hair salons in my State and they are now begging me to sell my hair products to them. Before Andy did his magic, they never cared that I existed! My business has "turned up" big time. Before I was doing a mediocre 5 figures; Now I am firmly on track to close the year with an 8 figure income. All thanks to Andy's work. I will choose Andy again and every time. He's an all round amazing guy.

Lora Ezeani

CEO, SAC Hair.

If you don't know David Ogilvy and Gary Halbert, you might not appreciate the power that lies in what Andy can do for your business. He understands human psychology and what truly drives people to open up their wallets to buy. Andy Mukolo is the man if you want to open the flood gates of sales for your business.


Jonathan Melody

Founder, 10x Ecom.

By reading his newsletters, consulting with him and implementing the marketing tips he shared with me, I have been able to get more clients for my business, purely organic. Andy is a marketing genius.

Isy Nene

CEO, Brelunds, Author AEGIS.

Andy is so good, his copy made a customer wait for a week to receive the product and the customer called me numerous times to make sure he gets it! That's how convincing his copy was! If you're looking for a copywriter who knows what he's doing. Then you're in safe hands with Andy! He is just too good!

Etomi Okene

CEO, Ice-Clothings, Classic Watches.

Andy, How do I say thank you? You're an amazing person, a well of knowledge. I have learnt so much from you and still learning. You've opened a new world of possibilities for me.  I am grateful our path crossed. Thank you again.

Ogochukwu Okoye

Social Media marketing Expert

You’re a Copywriting genius and I’m so glad to be acquainted to you! I have known you for only a week, but the tremendous impact you’ve had on my Copywriting skill is so amazing.  You’re a good teacher and listener. The applicable knowledge I’ve gained from you within this short while is amazing! 

Jacinta Ebere

Financial Copywriter.