I thought to share this with you

I just got back from the Gym and I thought to share this with you,

You can print it out and paste it somewhere (if you like...)

If you don't feel like printing it out, that's fine too

You can just read through and keep a mental note of these words:



The market is the stage...

You are the artist

Your prospect is the spectator

Your sales message is your performance

Except... in this case,

You're not looking for a standing ovation,

You're not playing for the applause,

And you couldn't care less about some stupid award.


You're playing for money.

And for this reason,

You have to bring your A-game

You have to give your audience something they've never seen before

An intriguing stand-out performance that hits all the right emotional sweet spots.


Copywriting is an art.

You're an artist.

And your financial status, (The amount of money you take home....) as a Copywriter is a function of your level of obsession with scoring an A-level performance

Every freaking time.

So are you bringing your A-game and doing the very best you can do???

Or are you loafing around in your comfort zone hoping for the best when you know you could be . . making a lot more money if you raised your standards and instilled more discipline in yourself???

The only person who can asnwer that question correctly is you.

And what you do with your answer is entirely up to you.

Stay frosty.


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