How one Good Client Can Change your Life

Before I say anything else

It makes sense to define what / who a good client is:

A good client is a client who...

Once they see the value in what you're offering them,

Will happily pay your fees.

And they never-ever give you headache.

I was having a chat with Walter, one of my students who recently closed a $5,000 monthly retainer for a sales funnel project

And he said:

One of the things he learned from me, which really helped him was that

Instead of chasing low-ticket clients (who almost always see hiring experts as a cost and can make life unbearable for you)....

He simply focused on working with clients in the $1,000s category



Because like I always tell my students...

Deep pocket clients are easier to close.

All you have to do is....

  • Show them you understand their business model (and the challenges they're dealing with currently...)
  • Quickly (and clearly) explain how they can get rid of this problem, so they can experience their desired results
  • Address their objections...  provide satisfactory answers to their questions
  • Offer to step in and help them create a result-oriented system that solves the problem and delivers the desired outcome...

This is as straightforward as it gets

And all my students who've hit $10,000... $5,000... $3,000.... have used this process to each land one good client that changed their lives

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

It's not just the money they get paid for the project

It's the dividends of that relationship you establish with the client

You know what happens when you astonish a client who's paid you $5,000 for a project?

Here's a few....

  • A raving testimonial (which you can use to land even bigger clients) -

    Few months ago, Bright, one of my students writing in the financial niche, got this raving video testimonial from his Client...

    I'm sure he's already milking it for it's worth
  • An offer to work with them long term....


    More cash-flow from one client and an opportunity to upsell them on a more expensive package
  • An offer to earn royalties from the proceeds of your work.

    Lets say your client pays you $3,000 for the project...

    And now, because your work is making them so much money...

    They offer you 5% of all sales

    So for every say... $100,000 they make

    You get to keep $5,000.

    That's a small example of how royalties work

    And it's very often made possible when you're working with a good client who's been astonished by the results of your work...
  • Referrals to their friends and colleagues looking for solid Copywriters who know how to sell...
  • And so on

One good client can change your life.

And as you might guess...

It all begins with knowing how to catch big fish.

Something I teach in the complete Client Acquistion masterclass inside the new Foreign Copywriting Initiative

There's 3 videos and a 68-page document

The first video is a 2-hour internal video recording with members of my private coaching program (They all paid N150,000 each)

The second video is a 38-minute hands-on waltkthrough on positioning and value-stacking (so your clients see how hiring you is a no-brainer......)

And the third video is a 9-minute session on a simple formula for making clients reach out to you.... and not the other way round


Inside the 68-page document...

There's a section marked:

"Pitch Any Client"


You'll find more than 7 already brainstormed pitching ideas and templates you can use to educate clients into bringing you on-board on a monthly-retainer where you'll be paid nothing less than $1,000 to handle a project for them

And on top of that...

You're getting guidance and support from me every step of the way.


This is just the Client acquisition section alone

There's a whole lot more you're getting inside the second edition of the Foreign Copywriting initiative program

When you look at the offer,

And compare it with similar programs in the U.S selling for $1,999,

You'll understand why the current N35,000 price is a steal.

Anyway, if you're interested...

And you've not already signed up

You can sign up today while the offer is still active

Here's the LINK:



P.S: You know...

I'm always getting new testimonials from folks who ruthlessly implement what I teach and maybe it's because...

Instead of sharing generic information you can find on YouTube and Facebook... 

I only teach practical stuff that's working for me and other well-paid Copywriters doing the work in the trenches every day.

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