Dumb and Dumber

I respect you enough not to call you dumb

Or to say you're dumb and dumber

So what I'll do instead is:

Share a simple narrative with you

And then allow you draw your own conclusions

So the thing is...

While you were asleep last night...

People shopped on Amazon, Jumia... Konga.. Instagram.. Twitter... Facebook... WhatsApp etc... (stay with me... I'm going somwhere)

They bought stuff online

Signed up for Courses, Coaching programs... Masterminds etc


Lots of Freelancers closed deals worth thousands of dollars

From the comfort of their homes...

Via Email... DMs ... Or Over a Zoom / Skype Call

Clients and Customers got debited,

Vendors got richer.

Bottomline: Billions and Billions of Dollars exchanged hands between strangers, 99% of who... have never seen or spoken to each other before.

"Andy but...."

I said stay with me.

Now, when you woke up this morning...

Did any of that money ... (no matter how little) come your way?

If no... then the next question is:

How many times a week do you wake up to credit alerts?

Okay, let's say you're a freelancer, and you sell a service

In which case... you can receive only 2 credit alerts in one month

And still have like $10k in cash from just 2 clients at $5k each

So if you sell a service...

How many times in a month do you get credit alerts?

Once? twice?

And how much exactly?

Enough for you to be in position where you don't worry about money like most people do?


I can't tell you exactly how much I make everyday or every week or every month

But take it from me...

Even if it is $20 a day...

You gotta find a way to get richer every day

Or every 48hrs

Or every week...

Or every 2 weeks

The frequency with with you make money shouldn't be limited to one month.

And the way you go about it is by selling something people want

It could be a high-income skill like Sales (Copywriting and marketing)

Heck, you don't even need to have a product or service of your own

You can operate as a middleman

Connect buyer to seller

Walk away with as much as 50% of the sale

Or you can operate as a virtual agency

Connect Clients with Freelancers...

Keep as much as 50% of the payment made to freelancers

Of course, this is ethical

You're spending the money on marketing

You're doing the closing

It's your reputation on the line

And let's say a freelance Copywriter charges $1,000 per project

And you bill the client $2,500

And you spent like $500 on ads to acquire that one Client

You pay the freelancer his/er $1,000 (so they don't swear for you)

You reinvest the $500 in ads (to acquire more clients)

And you keep your $1,000 as profit

Now... here's where a lot of people are dumb

You start making some good money and next thing is

You remember you've always wanted to help everybody in your village

Don't be a fool

And don't buy any freaking thing that's not an asset

Of course you have to buy food and stuff... but you get the point...

An asset is something that makes your money work for you

Stay with me, I'll show you something

Take at least 30% (could even be 70%) of your monthly income

Invest it...

Maybe stocks.. crypto... a new biz... or something in-between

Take half of what's left...

Reinvest it into scaling your primary source of income (so it can bring more meat to the table...)

And if you have people on your team working with or for you

Be sure to pay them first before anything else

It is wicked to owe the folks who pour their heart and soul into making your biz or brand the success that it is...

Hope you're following?

Because you should...

Find a way to earn money everyday

Or every week

Or at least 3 to 4x a month

And as that money rolls in

You should be redistributing it into channels and assets that make you even more money

During my private coaching class yesterday night,

I told my proteges how I only keep 10% of my monthly income

70% is invested.

20% goes into something I call an Emergency fund (in case of incasity)

You don't have to do it like me

But I'm sure my point is obvious

Anyway... it all begins with knowing how to sell

Not just products or services

But yourself

Because people buy you first

Before they buy whatever the heck it is you're selling them


So learn how to sell yourself

And one of the simplest (and most rewarding) ways to do that

Is by learning a high-income skill and selling it to businesses in the following niches

  • Software
  • Men's health
  • Financial
  • Alternative health
  • International living
  • Bio-Nutritionals
  • Ecommerce
  • Info Publishing
  • Beauty and Fashion


I've helped thousands of folks on this path

Many who are now doing nothing less than $3,000 a month in writing fees alone..

And I'm currently helping a few folks get started this January

If you're already in the FCI program

You're in good shape


If you enjoy a bit of writing

And the idea of earning as much as $3,000 or more in writing fees appeals to you

But you' don't already have access to the FCI program

Yet, you're ready to take what I show you and Implement like crazy

Consistently and ruthlessly... (To prove you're not a scummy human being who doesn't desrve to earn those juicy fees)

Go here

Stay frosty.


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