How do I know I’m Qualified?

I'm not sure if you qualify

But here's a simple way to find out:

These are the details:

3pm, Sunday,

31st January, 2021

Topic: Moving the money from Your Client's Pocket into yours (Everything from Acquisition to negotiation, to pricing, to closing to upselling and scaling)

And just like my previous LIVE workshops...

I'll share my screen and show you practical examples of how you can implement everything I'll be showing you that day

You'll be able to ask me any questions you have

Whether it's on the topic of discussion

Or just something on Copywriting and Marketing you've been meaning to ask me or get clarification on...

And if you're struggling with a project you're currently working on,

You'll even get ... LIVE on Screen... practical guidance from me on how you can make a few simple tweaks... to get better results for yourself / your client.

Now, Is this workshop open to everyone?


You only get an invite if you're already in my Copywriting class of 2021

If you've not signed up for the class yet

And you'd love to attend this workshop

Go here

You'll be taken to a page where you can quickly sign up as a member of my FCI Class of 2021

And once you've done this...

You're automatically added to the list of my students who'll get an invite link for my Copywriting workshop on Sunday 31st

I think I've covered all that needs to be addressed on this subject

If you have any questions

Hit the reply button and I'll answer your questions as soon as I read your reply

Talk soon.


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