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Not too long ago, I was thinking about what I'd do with my life when I retire at 30...

Volunteer for humanitarian cause?

Relocate to my village?

Marry one hot igbo babe and raise a family in a quiet, remote village away from the madness and chaos of urban Nigeria?

Run a private, exclusive, Consulting biz ?

Start a farm?

You know...

Just thinking about it now...

I still don't even know what the heck I'll be doing when I retire

Maybe I'll figure out something before I turn 28 (June 26th)

But here's something curious...

A few weeks ago when I said on Twitter that I was retiring at 30 (using Copywriting) 

That bold statement touched a lot of nerves

How can you possibly retire at 30?


I'm going to retire at 30 because I can.

I've mastered the most wonderful money-making skill known to man,

Have you??

I have the ability to generate lots of money with ultra speed...

And in 12 months, I can generate as much money as I need to not work for another 5, 10 years...

Can you?

Your reality is not my reality

I'm not you... and you're not me

When you understand that

You'll see the folly in projecting your mental barriers on other people

So yeah... I'm retiring at 30

And while I may not know exactly what I'll be doing with my life as a retired 30-something-year-old....

I know what I want to be doing before that day comes

Which is:

Show as many who are willing to learn from me...

How to use Copywriting to create multiple income streams that bring in enough money for you to live life on your terms

"Andy How can I learn from You?"

If you're not already in my Copywriting class for 2021

You can start by reading up my invitation letter here

Doing so helps you see if you and I are a good fit for each other

If you read the letter and you feel excited to learn from me

Good and fine.

If not, kosi wahala...

No pressure, no beef

Just do what you think is best for you

And never stop believing in yourself

Stay frosty.


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