You can’t stop us

I want to rant a little...

And it's necessary

To pass a simple message:

Here's what my rant is all about:

You see....

It always amuses me when folks in career dev 

Get uncomfortable with this thing of ours...

How we try to teach people (young and old) to think differently....

These corporate men and women get pissed off when we say to folks who suspect the system is designed to make them fail — to make them dependent forever — that...

"Hey look, you have options — you don't have to do things the old hard way — you don't need another degree — you don't need another professional course — what you need is a skill or a business that solves problems — that's where the money is — and you'll make more money and have more control this way — faster!!!! — without the nonsense and overwhelm that comes with being an employee –– or having just one source of income that's capped and that you could lose anytime"

We're preaching freedom

You're preaching slavery

We're selling independence

You're promoting dependence on a system that keeps fucking the masses front and back — with reckless abandon

A system where you can be fired for no reason

A system where it's okay to slash employee salaries with pleasure (while the execs keep enjoying quarterly raises and fat bonuses bigger than what 10 employees earn)

We're saying to people —

—You have the power to get rich young and fast....

Yes!!! in our world, it happens every day

New millionaires are created on a day to day basis...

Not by luck, magic or scam

But through sheer hardwork, discipline and consistency

With a bit of guidance from folks who've been there,

Done that

And worn the Tshirt!

You don't have to wait 40 long torturous years — until after you retire to enjoy the proceeds (determined only by your employer) of your labor and spend quality time with your family...

There's a fastlane...

It's not a walk in the park

But if you put in as much effort into mastering a high-income skill or starting a business that genuinely solves pressing problems for everyday humans... — as you do into passing exams and interviews or seeking promotions...

You will definitely have the life of your dreams

Quicker and faster — with less stress and more control

You 'll live in a world where you alone decide how much money you make and what you wanna do with your time

You'll have the power to make decisions without waiting for permission from anyone...

You'll have the courage and boldness to say fuck off and fuck you to anyone that dares disrespect you

And without worrying how that will affect your earnings

Because you're not beholden to anyone

That's true power and autonomy...

That's what we're preaching

And of course...

Career devs don't like that...

After all, they're paid to get people thinking it's a privilege to have a job or work with private organisations,

Even if the pay is crap

And even if the job is boring and annoying! 

You're even lucky you got a job

Many people are begging to have this opportunity

Just take the money

God damn you!

They're paid to make people celebrate 50k jobs

They're paid to make people think 400k per month salary is only possible after 7-15years of giving your heart and soul to an enterprise that will quickly move 90seconds after you die from the stress they put you through

And that the 400k only comes when you've licked and kissed a lot of dirty smelling bum-bums — plus many nonsense and unspoken rubbish inbetween...

They're paid to make grown men and women beg for jobs that ridicule, demean and enslave them

They're paid to make people think it's okay to spend 6 years in school

Graduate with a first fucking class

Or a bloody marvelous 2nd class upper 

And still have to settle for 50k salary

Or go do a one year internship because one of the criteria for qualification is you need experience

Or forget about it altogether because the age cap is 26years...

And you just turned 27 after you left university at 26

And dedicated one year to NYSC.

So now your chances are limited

And there are millions upon millions in your position

You have no connections and no rich parents

So you gotta go for a professional course

Or go do a masters degree

And still come back to the same demeaning process

Where the conditions may have changed again

And you're stuck

Same cycle of bullshit

That's what they're paid to teach people

And they'll fight to keep things that way

But we're here to change that

That's why I do what I do

That's why we do what we do

With all our heart

And you kent stop us...

We're changing lives for good

Whole families we've never met before pray for us every day 

They ask God to keep us safe and alive so we can do for many others what we've helped them achieve

Total strangers cry tears of joy over the phone when they call to say they're making the kind of money they never imagined they could make...

Thousands upon thousands (young and old) can now live the life of their dreams —— and take very good care of their loved ones

Never having to worry about money again like most people

And all of this...

Because of something they learned from us

And they did it

Without kissing ass and bum bum

Without going through humiliating job hunts

Without needing connections

Without needing to go abroad for another degree

Without needing to japa their motherland

No need to leave where you are

The proof of how we're changing lives is overwhelming

And this fucking crusade is a moving train with lightening fast speed!

The good news must reach all corners of the globe

There's many more millions who need to know they have options

That they can be financially independent very early on in life

And that means we've not even started

We want to take this thing to a level where:

Parents don't even see the point sending their kids to College or University — when they can just learn a skill or start a biz and be financially independent from a very young age

Then — when they're older —

They can decide whether or not they want to further their education

That's the goal.

And neither you nor your paymasters ken stop us!

Stay frosty.



P.S: You read this email and you think I was talking to you


I'm sure you realize it's for anyone who thinks they can silence our voice.

Anyway did you read my email yesterday?

If you didn't, please go read it...

I made a promise I still intend to keep

But that offer ends today at 11:59pm

— check the P.S of yesterday's email to see what this is about.

Morning to you and yours.

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