Confessions — My Neighbour.

If you look at it like most people do

You'll be tempted to say he's not my neighbour

And while it's true...

We don't really live in same building

We do live in the same close

And both our houses are just a stone throw away from each other

So I might as well call him my neighbour

Anyway, here's the story:

I don't know if you remember,

But on Saturday, the 7th of March — that's like 3 weeks ago

I put out this tweet:

He asked with a look of shock & excitement on his face —“Sorry, are u Andy? Like the Andy Mukolo on Twitter? I live on this block & I see u most times when u’re taking a walk — but I wasn’t sure & I wanted to confirm“ I said yea & we chatted a little It was nice meeting u Oge!

As it happened...

Our paths crossed again [2 Fridays ago] or so

We got talking,

And while discussing business...

He showed me a product he was promoting on Facebook,

Said the ad wasn't converting...

So I told him to share the document with me on WhatsApp

That I'd help with a few tips on what tweaks to make — to get the ad converting and bringing in orders

The following Monday — I sent him a little note

He ran the ad again yesterday night (that's what I deduced from his WhatsApp message)

And here's the feedback I got this morning:

"Good morning Andy, I restarted the ad for the [product name] last night. I woke up to 2 orders already. The customers are very eager to get the items. The copy is delivering, I must confess."

What a confession to wake up to

You may not know what it feels like to have a product you're promoting and you're not getting the kind of orders you hoped for

It can be very overwhelming — and frustrating too.

Sometimes, it's your only lifeline

I'm glad my man is seeing returns on his E-commerce investment 

And it can only get better from here

Sure — the ad may fatigue at some point

And he'll have to make a few tweaks to get it converting well again

But for now — I'm just happy he finally got this to work 

Before now, this man was completely unknown to me

But for some reason or by divine providence

He said Hi that Sunday evening

And we'll probably never see each other face to face again (when I'm home, I spend 92.68% of the time inside my house, I hardly come out in the close and when I come out — it's at odd hours)

But what the hell....

None of that face-to-face stuff is even necessary

His ad is converting and he's getting sales...

And that's the primary source of my joy today

Great therapy for my soul.

Anyway, here's something about the ad you may find insightful (I know that's the part you're waiting for, see your eye)

The concept for the NEW AD he's running now: 

The first half of the ad is written in the first person.

Won't reproduce it here,

But here's an example of what I mean:


I don’t know why [Insert customer's complain about her problem]

Eg: I am.... my mouth is.... I feel like throwing up...


2/2 of the ad is written in second person:

This is your [make an indirect promise or frame your promise in the customer's voice] — because of FB's policies

Eg: This ends today. Thanks to .... [introduce unique mechanism behind product or mention product name] ... now, you can say... "I feel better... my business is better...."

You get?

Then say something like:

Click the link below to get started

This concept is the easiest way to fly under FB's radar 

And still get conversions and sales.

That's how I write 90% of my ads

You should try it

And be sure to let me know how it goes.

Evening to you and yours.

Stay frosty



P.S: If you'd love to join my ongoing Copywriting class

Here's the URL:

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