Enter at your own risk

"Enter at your own risk ?" said the satanic chief at the entrance

Less than 48-hours before making the decision to visit Hysteria

I had been very reckless riding a jet ski on deep waters around Burj Al Arab with scary waves and the tide rising non-stop

And after Tami told us he thought we should go have the Hysteria experience

I thought “well, I didn’t die riding a jet ski even though I don’t know how to swim — so I won’t die in a haunted house”

Michael said he wasn’t going anywhere lol

So while Tami took Praise and I to the haunted house,

Michael ordered a meal at McDonalds and the last thing I heard him say was:

“Andy you suppose write your will before you enter that place, in case you no come out alive”

Lol, I went anyway

And yeah — it was fun,

But only before we went in and after we got out

Because those zombies make sure you die at least 3 times before you get out (If you’ve ever entered a real haunted house, you may understand what I mean)

But when I got out (alive and well — ah finally!)

I realized the whole point of the Hysteria experience wasn’t necessarily to scare you to death — but instead:

To make you face your fears (or your demons or both)

And see for yourself that fear is really just an illusion

And that it’s okay to take that risk or go on that adventure or start that project

Because life is short 

And you gotta make every minute count

By finding the courage to do those things you’ve always wanted to do 

Whether they’re scary or not.

I was celebrating after we got out of the haunted house and here’s why:

One of The rules at Hysteria is:

“If you’re so scared you can’t continue, or you hit a dead end and you can no longer find your way out yourself — just raise your hands in surrender and you’ll get help”

I didn’t want that

I wanted us (my friend praise and I) to go in and come out by ourselves

Without any help and definitely without surrendering

And we did.

I don't think you need to visit hysteria to see my point

Because the way I see it:

All you gotta do is just start that project, send that pitch, run that ad, launch that new offer, go on that date and so on...

Just do that thing you've been scared to do

And when you do it... 

I'm confident you'll see there was nothing to be scared of in the first place

And maybe you'll end up celebrating like I did after I came out of Hysteria unharmed and feeling triumphant

Stay frosty


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