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13 Almost Secret Ways to Write Great Headlines that Sell Like Crazy!

It's really no coincidence that the greatest Copywriters are very often the greatest headline writers!

That's because, in this business of ours..... your headline can either make or break your marketing campaign.

In a moment, I'll reveal....

13 Almost Secret Ways To Write GREAT Headlines That Sell Like Crazy!

But first, before we get into the meat of it, I need you to understand  .....

4 Critical Rules Of Writing GREAT Headlines

First, t​​o make a headline work, you have to make it specific enough to be intriguing but vague enough to provoke curiosity. The purpose of the headline is not to sell the prospect – it is to capture his attention and engage him in the selling process.

Second, a powerful headline seeks to establish a relationship with the reader from the get-go by hitting an emotional button...

Third, a powerful headline delivers a complete message wrapped up in one BIG Powerful IDEA that is easily understandable...

Fourth, one very important piece of the headline puzzle is that for your headline to work superbly well.....  It has to grab attention, provoke curiosity and force (or intrigue) your reader to read the next line....

If your headline doesn't do this, it has failed... and essentially, your promotion will pass like....

A Black Ship in the Night! 

No one will read your sales letter.

And therefore no one will buy.

Okay, we are now getting into the heart of the matter.... 

Following are nine frequently-used types of headlines. Any great sales letter you pick up and read today uses at least one of these headlines.

As you read on, you may recognize some:

13 Almost Secret Ways to Write Great Headlines That Sell Like Crazy!

  1. The "How To…" headline. ​(Most popular, Works almost Every Time)

    • "How to End Your Money Problems Forever"
    • "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
    • "How to get $395 back for every $1 the Government steals from you
    • "How a fool idea made a stupid mechanic $96,576 richer in 61 days!
    • ​"How to have better sex at any age, even if you don't deserve it!"

  2. Use words that portray a new, original, and very unusual idea!

    • "The Greatest Innovation in Tech history (Silicon valley predicts 6.5Billion devices will depend on it in 2026, ......And early investors stand a chance to reap a $764,000 fortune in the process as growth increases 51% this week"
    • "There's a New Railroad Across America ..... and it's Making Some people very Rich!"
    • "Napoleon's military spies discover The Spanish Army's Secret for ROBUST HEART HEALTH! (Find out What it is..... And how to get some for yourself!"

  3. Ask an Intriguing Question:

    • "Do you make these mistakes when having Sex on the first date?"
    • "Did our Creator encode a Corona-virus cure on the 589th page of the Christian Bible?"
    • "Are you unknowingly increasing your chances of PROSTRATE CANCER by eating this deadly food every day?!"

  4. The personal story Headline:
    • "They Laughed When I Sat Down to Play the Piano … But When I Started to Play"
    • After making $88,765 in 10-hours, World's most aggressive investor says..... THIS IS BY FAR THE EASIEST MONEY I EVER MADE!"
    • "Boat captain Navigates rough waters, Finds Copywriting Success at Last!"
    • How I infiltrated the CIA.... And Walked Away with Top-Secret Information that will STUN Americans who are considering voting Trump for the second time!"

  5. Question the status Quo, VIOLATE EXPECTATIONS.
    • "I have not had a Glass of Water in 20-years"
    • "How to make anyone do anything you mentally command, with your mind alone"
    • "burn disease out of your body using just the back of your palm" 
    • "how the french live 43% longer than everyone else even if they smoke like chimney and drink like fish"
    • "EAT Bread and pineapple to lose Weight"

  6. promise the bIG benefit of your product or the end result!
    • "how to use knowledge you already have to make an extra $780 per week, working just 49-minutes a day"
    • "How to Start from scratch and become an affiliate millionaire in 9-months or less (just follow these 7 Simple steps everyday)"
    • "how to sell to more people in one day than you could possibly meet in one year"
    • "New Shampoo leaves your hair smoother.... easier to manage!"

  7. The Testimonial Headline.
    Probably one of the easiest headlines to write … and very powerful too, when done right!
    • "I bought a property in  nevada for just $9,750 and sold it for $75,850 in under 2 Years."
    • "how a fool stunt made me a million-dollar sales man"
    • "how i raised myself from failure at 36 to become a $176,000 per week success"
    • " I Couldn't Believe My Eyes When I stepped inside disney world and neither will you!"

  8. Tell A Captivating story (who doesn't love a bloody good story?)
    • "how a crippled golfer from the streets of rome consistently humiliates the PGA pros in front of teenagers and petite women"
    • "The Greatest Story Ever Told about sex"
    • "boy eats own head at superbowl LVIII"
    • "the untold story of how 14th century egyptians invested with a return rate of 98% every single time!"

  9. The BOLD Guarantee Headline.
    ONLY USE THIS When your market research tells you your prospect wants the kind of product or service you're offering. give him a reason to choose yours over the competition:

    • "Speak Spanish like a diplomat in 30 Days or Your Money Back!"
    • "send me to any city in the united states, take away my wallet, give me $100 and in 72-hours, i'll buy you an excellent piece of real estate using none of my own money!"
    • "if this swedish serum doesn't give you a glowing skin in 45-days, don't pay anything. just send back the container"

  10. make it easy, quick and easily understandable!


    Hate to write, but still want to make $10,000 a month from writing? then check out this one-minute work week Technique!

    "In Just 22 minutes And 17 Seconds, You Can Learn For FREE What 400 Privileged `Elite' Golfers Will Pay Thousands Of Dollars To See This Year...And NO Other Golfers Will Ever Hear About!"

    "melt away up to 45-pounds in 3 short weeks, with zero dieting, no pills, no exercise....."

  11. play the controversy card!


    "Please take the next 5 minutes to read this letter. It could be a matter of life or death for you or your loved ones"

    "award winning bollywood actress swears under oath her new perfume doesn't contain any illegal stimulant"

    "egyptian Weight-loss plan banned from facebook, amazon and youTube, yet, a growing number of men and women over 30 swear this is the only thing that helped them lose weight without pain"

    "china's deadly revenge against americans ..... if you're over 50 as of 2020, and you have a family, you need to protect yourself and your kids now!"

  12. Go for EGO! 


    "How to use diabolical positioning to EAT your competition alive. dominate your market and be the number one solution for prospects"

    "IMAGINE being such a great lover women can see it in your eyes!"

    "If you're a Writer and you're not making $10,000 -$65,000 a month, you are not in the top 1%"

  13. Play the Urgency card! (this works superbly well in the financial and investment niches)


    "TAKE ACTION BEFORE december 31st.... and watch the secret $50 marijuana blueprint turn a single $50 into a massive fortune!"

    "ENDS AT 12:00 MIDNIGHT, JUNE 26TH: thanks to a little-known treasury bill contract, nigerians born after 1980 can now collect up to N650,000 from Petroleum windfalls"

    "an urgent message from a blacklisted scientist: there's a cure for cancer, but the government, big pharma and mainstream media are oing everything to make sure you never find out"


You made it eh?

You must have....

The Patience Of Job!

But I'm sure it was worth the read!

Here's a little trick for ya....

One way you can make your headline writing process as effective as possible is to write at least 4 headlines using any of the 13 techniques above

4 times 13 equals 52.

That's 52 headlines to choose from.

Not bad right?

Now get to work!


— Andy


  1. Thank you Andy.
    Your articles are mind blowing as usual.
    I have a question :
    Can some of these headlines be used right here in Nigeria to write cash pulling sales copies? I mean a headline like…
    “Napoleon’s military spies discover The Spanish Army’s Secret for ROBUST HEART HEALTH! (Find out What it is….. And how to get some for yourself!”

    Will it work here in Nigeria?

    1. Yes.

      It can and should work.

      As long as you tell the actual story behind your headline.

      But it helps to test different headlines and angles, see how the market responds, then know what will work best.

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